Vekta Kel


Vekta Kel


Vekta Kel

Who Am I...

Girl with a mean streak

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Of Serbian/Irish heritage, Vekta was the product of an unwanted birth. However, her parents being loyal to the mantra of raising even an unwanted child, did their best to send their only daughter to the schools they could afford. At the age of fifteen, on her way home, she was abducted by men who sought ransom from her father.

When her father refused to pay, Vekta was sold to human traffickers in France. Put into the snuff films and lolita fight pits, where pedophiles got their jollies off watching young girls fight to the death, she endured for two more years until escaping.

Begging for food about Paris, she eventually ended up on the doorstep of a man whom she would call Father, and he ran the private military company, Odin. Seeing a fire in the girl’s eyes, he took her in, and as she grew, she passed the rigors of the trials despite it nearly being written that women are not usually accepted. Having served most of her teenage years and early twenties within the brotherhood of Odin’s ranks, she had become a well tuned and maintained force to be reckoned with. It’s been two years since her leave of that life, and she is now currently a freelance gun for hire.

Rumble, tumble mercenary with a penchant for getting the job, no matter what it takes. She’s scum of the earth, taking any paying job, without remorse for the mark at hand. Vekta has no honor, no mercy. Turning your back on her is a quick way to being stabbed if your on the menu.

Poisons, blades, bullets. A girl’s best friends.

My Appearance

Eye Color: Seawater green

Hair Color: Black

Heigth: 5 feet and 8 inches

Weight: 121 lbs

Measurements: 34C-25-39

Tattoos: Right abdomen

Of: Serpent cradling a pirate styled sun.

Piercings: Ears; tongue; navel


Gear for those professional days:

1x MSG-90 (7.62x51mm)

1x Steyer TMP (9x19mm Parabellum)

1x Garrote Wire

2x Fury Sea Camo Tactical Knife (6in blade)

2x Five-Seven Pistol (5.7x28mm SS190)

1x Smoke Grenade

1x RSP Flare

1x Grenade Pouch

1x RSP Pouch

1x Insulated Canteen w/pouch

1x Triage Medical Kit w/pouch

1x M36 Tactical Vest

2x Five-Seven clip pouches

4x Steyr TMP clip pouches

4x MSG-90 clip pouches

1x OMON Urban BDU’s

1x Pair of Blackhawk Tactical Jump Boots

4x MRE Rations

2x Water Purification Tablets

My Secrets Are...

My own, lest you want a blade in the throat.

I Believe...

That money is the only way to escape a life of dreary



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