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Who Am I...

free spirited

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Teria is a unicorn that has been trapped in human form and was sold into slavery.  Wanted by many for her looks and abilities Teria has been looking for freedom and unlike her true nature will be willing to do anything to be free again. She is currently owned by  Tom Marlow who is trying to help her be free of her human form.

My Appearance

Teria has a long thick mane of hair colored like the dawn that ends at her mid thigh. Her eyes hold the many colors of a rainbow that show off her unicorn origin. her skin has a sun kissed glow that makes her look pure and heavenly. she wears a jewel where her horn should be in her true form. Only a limited amount of people can see her true form. Such as Celestial Beings, mortal children and pure maidens. Demons that are very strong can see her true form if they choose but her true form can be painful for demons or anyone that uses dark magic of any sort due to Teria being a creature of purity and light. The pain on its own isn’t horrible its similar to staring  at the sun for too long without sunglasses. Teria can make this pain greater if she wishes so but this can only happen when she is in her true form. 


a dagger, and a collar

My Secrets Are...

the jewel that she wears has been permanently attached to her magically and keeps her trapped in human form. she is currently searching for away to have it removed. she has many more secrets that will reveal themselves in due time

I Believe...

freedom is a gift that all should have