Intro Video


*The Wendigo girl exhaled a small puff of steam from the jaws of her mask. She looked tired, despite the crackling energy that seemed to originate from her mask. She payed the reader no mind as she wandered through the woods, for she had a job to do. She knew her purpose, and she fully intended to fulfill it.*

Who Am I...

I have learned to be.

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

My story? It begins now.

My Appearance

*A strongly built woman stood before you, her height being slightly larger than an average female. She has long golden hair and bangs that cover her right eye. Her eyes are a sharp amber that glint when light is shone upon them. She wears a deer skull mask with large, strong antlers atop her head as well as a cloak made from crow feathers. Though finding herself too weak to morph in the summertime, in winter she is able to morph into the Wendigo. The creature of legends, and the Ice demon who so terrorized her many many years ago.


*The woman carried nothing with her*

My Secrets Are...

many, but that is not any of your business.

I Believe...

in the strength of my Guild master and lover, LimeLeaf.