Who Am I...

No one special, just another person like you…maybe

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Bio: He was tortured by the demon king himself, as he got older the demon king ripped out his right eye and gave him his eye (Reason….there is know) So know he is a demon, not long after that he was bitten by a vampire so now he is a demon vampire.

Name: Xeno

Age: 17 to 20

Personality: Calm, depressed, sarcastic, ongoing

Powers: He is able to control the energy around
him enabling him use this energy to make ki blast or known as energy blast, teleportation, flying, and transformations such as his demon form and vampire form

Other things: Since he is a demon and a vampire his eyes change with that, his demon form his eye are gold, his vampire form his eyes are red.
He has a eye patch stitch on his right eye because it reminds him of being a demon.

My Appearance

Hair color: Black

Clothes: A all black jacket that extends up to his mouth, has a eye patch stitched on his right eye


A silver sword with black energy glowing in the middle

My Secrets Are...

Nothing….I think

I Believe...

"Like a sexy man once said" "Fight for what you believe in" (By Xeno)