Merric "Minnow" Silvan

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OOC stuffs.

Player is over 18 even if character isn’t.  So 18+ content is fine with good reason.

I’m a friendly guy, feel free to message me if you have any questions or want to start something up.

Bout it really, just have fun that is the important thing.

Who Am I...

Aspiring gunsmith

Romantic Interests

None so far

Relationship Status

Not really looking at the moment

My Story Is...

Born to an Arch Magus,  Merric was destined to be a man of great magical power.  However upon his fifth birthday it was confirmed that the boy had no ounce of magical talents.  Not even able to conjure the smallest shred of energy.  Shunned by his father and family he became outcast.  Locked within his room where he plied away his days learning anything he could.  Arcane rituals, spells and runes.  Even if he could not use them he learned them.  Alchemy became a close friend, finding ways to use his natural intelligence to his advantage.  Through this he was able to branch out and find new means for himself.  When he was ten he made his first ‘gun’.  An object that used an experimental mixture of powders to propel a bullet at high speeds.  After much trail and a lot of error he perfected this weapon.  And thus in his world guns were born.


With the ability to now stand on his own he snuck out.  Taking his meager possessions with him to start the life of an adventurer.  Sure that if he could prove himself this way, then he would be able to prove to his father that even without magic he was still worth something.  Entirely self trained, he learned to shot on his own.  Being a quick learner helped and through math he was able to help learn the trajectory patterns as well as how to balance the weight of his gun versus movement.  Confident in his new skill set he goes. Using both his skill in alchemy and his gun to make a name for himself.


Having landed in a strange new world the teen has shifted his thoughts from adventure to studying once more.  With the fact that the technology of this land is far beyond anything he could have ever imagined,  he now focuses solely on how to better his inventions.   To make something worthy of what he can learn.  And to see just how far he can go using his own two hands.


Time has brought change like it always does.  He has made some friends if not many.  Most of his time is now spent working on the various projects that he finds himself wrapped up in.  Normally these are crafting various types of weapons for himself or others.  As such he tends not to spend a lot of time out and about.  Either spending his time at the forge or in the work shop.  While it tends not to pay the best, he more so uses it for the knowledge that he gains as well as the fact that they are willing to trade time worked for the ability to use the facilities for his own projects.  Each day brings him a step closer to being able to craft something truly unique by his own hands.  Such that even now he has pretty much forgotten about trying to go home.  This is home now.  Or at least till he finds a good reason to go home himself.

My Appearance

Height- 5’0

Weight- 122

Age- 16

Hair- Blonde

Eyes- Jade green


Merric is small for a male his age.  Hence the nickname Minnow.  While not as physically impressive as most of his peers, he is still pretty agile due to his smaller size.  His skin is paler in color then most as he does not usually see a lot of sun light.  Where he is from it is sword play that rules the land.  So armor of leathers and light clothing are the norm for him.


Rail gun hand cannon.  Specially crafted gun.  It’s grip has a DNA reader on the handle which is tuned to Merric’s signature.  Holds eight rounds.  Fires platinum mixed with silver cased shells, tipped with adamantium.  A pain to make but will stop most things in their tracks at 8000 feet per second velocity.


Basic adventuring gear, bedroll, lamp, rope, blanket and rations.


Tool pouch, which usually contains the items he needs to do minor repairs.  Wrench, screwdrivers, hammer and his notebook.


Alchemist pouch.  Holds a few premade potions as well as times such as a thunderstone, tanglebag, and alchemist’s fire.  The outside of this pouch has been refitted to hold ammunition.  Two pouches one for his hand cannon and one for his rifle.


Winchester Model 1894 lever action rifle.  Custom built by Merric himself, his first true success here and he carries it lovingly with him to remind himself of what he is capable of.


Single powder horn that contains an unknown amber colored substance.  Does not touch any surface it comes into contact with but hovers above it.  Yet acts like a liquid when being moved in and out of the container.  When not contained it takes on a spherical shape.


Portal coin


10 inch dagger made from muscle, tendon and bone.  Surprisingly sharp.

My Secrets Are...

I don’t really like the name Minnow.

I Believe...

I can do something that will make my father proud, even if I can't use magic.