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Save the Last Laugh – NECROZOMBIEPROM

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Date(s) - 10/16/2018
9:30 pm-11:30 pm


The NECROZOMBIEPROM Committee needs YOUR HELP! To make the NECROZOMBIEPROM a success, you, our brave definitely high school senior students, must spend the week getting things ready!


Mad laughter has gotten louder from St. Robin’s Home For the Unfunny, where the criminally insane jesters are sent after they flare out and start chopping up families at birthday parties and barbecues. Turns out the patients have overthrown the staff and started to venture out and kidnap nearby townsfolk and force them to do stand-up and party tricks until they aren’t funny anymore, after which case… well… the shortage of red lipstick has been rectified. They’re making too much noise, and need to quiet it down, or else the NECROZOMBIEPROM could be disturbed! Handle it, please, and we’ll make sure the school counsellors count it towards your community service hours!


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