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The Arcade Tournament #001

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Date(s) - 12/15/2017-12/17/2017
All Day

Earl’s Basement is hosting its first Arcade Tournament! Starting this Friday at 12am and proceeding through Sunday at midnight, all Basement members are invited and encouraged to participate to find out who is the best Pacman player of all. That’s right, and  the first tournament is for Pacman!

How to Enter

Step 1: Goto Earl’s Basement and join the group. (All characters all welcome, not just cyberpunk themed)

Step 2: Goto Pacman and play during the event.

Step 3: Submit a screen shot of your highscore to the Tournament Board.

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  1. Author
    Earl Gray 4 months ago

    Attention! There has been a second location created to play the Pacman for this tournament.
    Please note that once you lose your last life, Game Over will briefly be displayed on the screen and then the game will reset itself. You will only have about 3 seconds to capture the screen with the game over and score display.

    May the odds be ever in your favor!

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