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The Ar’Elian Saga

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Date(s) - 01/16/2018-03/18/2018
All Day

Ar’Elis is the most ancient city on the planet Hellifyno, with its founding dating back to one million years ago. In recent times it has been on the wrong end of wars, political strife, and most recently the debacle with the new gods.

Now they are calling on people from across the planet to come and help them rebuild the city. Open a business, help out with the military, get involved in politics, or just help us rebuild and stabilize this troubled realm. We’re not a poor city, we just need your help. So please, come together and let’s build a better Ar’Elis, one the whole world can be proud of.

OOC Explanation

This is an experimental Story Arc event that is a part of the continuing RolePages Main Story Arc. In this event, which will last for multiple weeks, the entire community will come together to help rebuild and rebrand the city of Ar’Elis, and make it a living entity. This will be done in several ways.

The Ar’Elis Location: This is a great resource for everything about the city, including its history, recent and ancient, its current political and social climate, and ways to get involved.

The Ar’Elian Saga Page: This will collect all of the story posts made to “The Ar’Elian Saga” category (which can be set on the post page). That will allow you to keep up with the story as it develops. This page also collects Location activity for Ar’Elis.

Submit a Story: This special form has been setup to let you automatically post a story to The Ar’Elian Saga feeds across the site.

The Ar’Elis Forum: We have some posts here set up to help you get involved and figure out what kind of role you might be interested in.

The Ar’Elis Chat Room: We will have an Ar’Elis chat room setup at times to allow for open play in this fictional environment. This will also be the location for live, guided chat events, which will provide a central theme to the entire story arc and tie everything together.

The Events Board: Check this to keep up with our schedule of live chat events.



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