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The Hellifyno Peace Summit – The Ar’Elian Saga Part 8 – Conclusion

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Date(s) - 03/17/2018
9:00 pm-11:30 pm

Ever since the first armies moved into the city of Ar’Elis, the planet of Hellifyno has been ravaged by a war that has raged across three continents. Now, with Commander Krieger of Olde Watch subsumed by the benevolent goddess Mora of the Weave, there is a chance for peace. Representatives from Twine, Olde Watch, Ar’Elis, Consequence, Persistence, and other locations of interest will gather together at a peace summit, held in the city of Ar’Elis, the place where all of this madness started, and together, they will find an answer, a peace, a conclusion.

Or die trying…

This is an open event that will be very political in nature. Anyone who has been involved in The Ar’Elian Saga story arc thus far can come to the meeting to represent their interests. If you have a character that lives in Consequence, or Persistence, you can also bring them to represent your home cities. We also welcome intergalactic dignitaries, ambassadors, foreign heads of state, and those wishing to take on representation for one of the many other cities on Hellifyno:

Or you can just come and watch! Everyone is invited to this, the climax event in The Ar’Elian Saga story arc.

Location: Ar’Elis Chat

OOC Note: This is a collaborative event that will determine the outcome of The Ar’Elian Saga, and the future course of the planet Hellifyno. Through negotiation, deals, and compromises IC, we will figure out a way forward, and decide on a conclusion through the power of community storytelling.


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