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The Invasion of the Drone Knights

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Date(s) - 01/15/2018-01/16/2018
6:15 pm-8:30 pm




Note: Read!

Listen up!

Guns, spells, swords, spears, cannons, teeth, daggers, poisons, sticks, stones, bones, all of it!

I need as many people as I can manage to aid me: My twisted and contorted view of vengeance has been unleashed! The Knights, they were suppose to be a means of defense, a rightful way as to fight off the gods… they are not what I thought they were. The souls that were placed inside are not what they seem, most of The Knights taking great pleasure in destroying anything that isn’t for their cause of light. I have kept hidden in the light of these events, knowing that they will come for the one who brought them into words on paper. I’ve seen you all fight, some of you use your own strength, some of you fight as a duo or pair. But what you need is to fight as one, ALL of you. It’s impossible for one being to stop them. You must all strike as one blade that Hellifyno unites as to smite whatever inferno, death or oblivion may rear its ugly head into your lands!

Mortal and immortal, I don’t have a firm belief in the gods, but they and all fighting peoples are the ones that I need to stop this oblivion before its devastation follows. More info will be given for the brave souls that unite to this cause!

P.S. There will be some sweet digs for the MVPs of the event, should you all succeed.  Maybe a metal, one of their weapons, their head, or possibly all at the same time!


(Author’s Note: This event will seem difficult, almost impossible and unfair, but know that I am hard but fair. There IS a way to surpass each problem, you’ll just need to read the fine details in order to see what must be done. No running and gunning will defeat this threat, you will need to work together and coordinate to dispell them!)

(IMPORTANT NOTE HERE: The event may span across multiple lobbies at separate times, the starting lobby will be the Blue Moon Tavern!)


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