Hello, hello! xD This is very OOC for sure xD this has nothing to do with my role play but I am seriously wanting some feedback since I know a lot more people online can relate to what I babble on about than I do outside in the real world where the people I work with know little to nothing about the Anime world and my 1 girlfriend from college is the only anime person I know xD so yeah, I'm figuring you lovely members all kinda love anime so here goes my discussion! xD

(Anime gif from my recent fave anime/manga Madoka Magi Magical Girls of Homura - she is bae and she slays.)

So, I have yet dabbed into everything anime has to offer let alone manga but I want to so badly, there are many out there and I have yet to explore them. Listed below are the only ones I have come across so far:

1. Fullmetal Alchemist

This is my all time fave anime and manga, seen both series, own all manga's and movies to even the chibi shows and side shows :D this show I know everything there is to know.

Fave Characters: Roy Mustang, Winry Rockbell, Riza Hawkeye, Lust, Envy and Greed.

2. Fruits Basket

Okay so I really am in love with this, I have the first anime series on DVD and I was really mad when they didn't introduce like the last 2 characters of the zodiac, my year - the year of the horse and the rooster. Recently I have been buying the Fruits Basket Collectors Edition Manga's and I'm nearly finished with the 4th volume and own up to 7, I tend to get at least 2 of the manga series each month since they are a bit pricey. A long time ago I had the original manga and read I think nearly all of them but then sold them because I needed money -_- now I'm re-collecting thanks to this special collector's edition and I am aware of a new anime series that is sticking to the manga called 'Fruits Basket Another' I'm not sure if it will be English dubbed or when I can view this anime because I really want to see it! 

Fave Characters: Hatori Sohma, Tohru Honda, Kyo Sohma, Rin, Kisa, Hatsuharu and Uo-Chan plus Shigure xD 

3. Black Butler 

Now I have just seen what Netflix has to offer which was like the first 2 seasons, idk if they will get season 3 anytime soon or if it is even out, the circus one? I have the first manga but I want to finish knocking out Fruits Basket before I finish this series off. But please do tell me more in comments about this manga/anime!

4. Madoka Magi Magical Girls

I just finished this series and fucking LOVE IT! I really, really, REALLY LOVE HOMURA! OMG she is EVERYTHING. So thank you Netflix for having this series as well as the 3rd movie because its life! Does anyone know if this anime and or manga is still continuing or is it finished? 

I came across the manga's in Barnes and Noble recently and bought the first 2 manga's of Madoka Magi and then found out there are 2 other versions of this, one is Rebellion and then there is another version plus another one I bet. So if there are any fans of this series that have completed it or know a lot about it PLEASE TELL ME!

Fave Characters: HOMURA and Madoka :D

5. Ruroni Kenshin

This was like one of my all time fave manga's I first read next to FMA, I love, love, LOVE AOSHI SHINOMORI OMG but yeah so I see that Netflix has 3 seasons of it and I'm re-watching it. I need to re-buy the manga's, I only have like volume 4. It's been so long since I read this but yeah :)

Fave characters: AOSHI 

6. Ah! My Godess!

I only have the first anime part of this series, I haven't read the manga or finished the anime but I fell in love with it, any fans? I need to finish this series!

7. Asterisk War

I have the first 2 manga's and that's it xD I read part of the first volume in Barnes and Noble then fell in love, I need to collect this series while collecting Black Butler so I'm new to this anime/manga :)

8. DearS

So, I'm not sure many remember this old pervy anime xD probably most boys will but yeah, Alien (sex-ish) slaves. They alien girls are hot and I own the entire anime but it ends on a cliff hanger and I think they have a manga?

9. Gunslinger Girl

I have been touch and go with this, I haven't seen the anime fully through but I own some of the anime's then I had some of the manga's but need to re-collect, this is a very Jason Bourne-ish vibe with Nikita in my opinion :) xD but love it!

10. Nagima!

I forget the rest of the name but this 10 year old boy is a teacher of an all girls school and all the girls are like different species or something, like there is a witch and a samurai and some other things going on and I remember watching quite a bit of the anime and fell in love, my fave character being Evangeline, I think she was a demon? It's been ages since I've seen it. I used to have some of the manga's but sold those and now wanting to re-collect :)

(Anime gif of Shigure and Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket.)

That's pretty much all I have experienced so far in the anime/manga world, I had some minor experiences with DN Angel and Death Note plus oh wait I finished the anime of Vampire Knight! I want the manga now xD 

I heard that Blue Exorcist is really fucking good, is it like Supernatural almost?

Anyways, from reading what I just mentioned about anime/manga's if you know any amazing comedy, action packed, science fiction/horror-ish related anime's and manga's PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING ANIME AND MANGA LEAVE ME A COMMENT OF AMAZING RECOMMENDATIONS! xD

And for the first time ever this Saturday my friend from school has invited me to go with her friends to an anime convention in Greensburo where I will MEET VIC AND GET A AUTOGRAPH :D the voice of Edward Elric! I am SO FUCKING PSYCHED! :D xD

pardon my French - my family is military xD 

Okay well that's that :D please, please, leave me recommendations I would love to have the feedback!

And if you read this all the way through from my crazy ass rambling then I truly thank you! :D 

(Anime gif from Fullmetal Alchemist of Edward Elric.)

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Code Geass. Definetly a good sci-fi superpower anime.

Gurren Lagann. Great start. Decent finish. You'll see.

Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, No Game No Life.
Manga: Berserk, Soul Eater.

Gurren Lagann's about mechs and constantly out-doing itself. I'd say watch the episodes upto the time-skip, and then watch the 2nd movie because there're two movies which basically tell the same story of the anime with some different scenes, and the 2nd movie has a better ending than the 2nd half of the series. Still, freakin' amazin'.
Jojo is...Well, if you think the most flamboyant of flamboyant dudes posing at eachother and then beatin' eachother to hell both physically and mentally sounds fun, then you'll love this. Oh, and it has Two of the best villains ever created, namely Dio Brando. Wryyyyy!
No Game No Life's just pretty damn fun to watch is all I can say, especially from the viewpoint of someone who plays board games and videogames xD
Berserk...If you like Dark Souls, Demon Souls, Bloodborne and stuff then read this because it's where a Lot of inspiration came from. Protagonist is probably one of the most badass guys out there; how can he Not be with a name like Guts? Lots of demons, lots of murder, and a Lot of disturbin' stuff.
Soul eater, read this simply because the manga is better than the anime, and it's freakin' good! People hunt bad people and witches, souls are nommed, some people can turn Into weapons. Fun for everyone!

Lastly, someone else who's read Negima! xD Huzzah!

I discovered an anime called Keijo!!! (with the exclamation marks). It is about boobs and butts being used in fighting in a sport with tight swimsuits trying to knock the other girls into water.

Guilty pleasure.

Can't call myself a junky but I know a few. Unmm Bleach, Deadman Wonderland, Soul Eater, Aaand Samuri Champlue(I think I spelt the last part wrong my bad) are all pretty good. There is also Space Dandy....

All these mainstream anime yeesh..  Try..

Casshern Sins

Concrete Revolutio

Valvrave The Liberator



School Days (BE WARNED)



Some of these titles are not well known and needs more credit really.

Good stuff

One Piece and The Devil Is A Part Timer are good ones

One Piece: Tells the story of a boy named Monkey D. Luffy who ate the GumGum Devil Fruit, which makes his whole body like rubber giving him the ability to stretch, twist, and expand it at will. Luffy is out looking for the treasure of Gol D. Roger known as the One Piece. It's a silly, long anime with many heartfelt, heart-wrenching, action filled, and silly moments throughout the series. It is currently at Episode 789 and running. 

The Devil Is A Part Timer: The story of the Devil (Satan) who travels from his realm to Earth in hopes of escaping a warrior set on killing him. But when he arrives at Earth he notices that he cannot use his magical abilities due to the lack of magical energy. Realizing he has to be able to support himself and his loyal commander, Satan gets a Part Time job. It's a hilarious anime with a funny outtake on Satan if he were forced to be human to some degree.

Both are a Manga and Anime, The Devil Is A Part Timer can be found on Netflix (If you have it) and I typically use Crunchyroll for One Piece

Since you like Kenshin and Fma I'd say you should give Bleach and InuYasha a try I m kind of suprised no one mentioned either of those two to you. I'd also reccomend Fairy Tail it seems to me like a series you would like also another one I'd say is Wolf Rain I will warn you that is does get quite sad in parts but I think you would like it as it's a little bit similar to Fruits Basket with the transformations and it also has lot's of action. Also another one which although is a bit on the old side that I think you would like is Yu Yu Hakusho it has Action, Comedy and a little bit of Drama in almost every episode it is from the 90's so in terms of Graphics it is definitely outdated a bit but it's still a great anime over all.

So incase you don't wanna look through:

Bleach(Comedy/Action/Some Drama)

InuYasha(Action/lots of Drama/little bits of Comedy)

Wolf's Rain(Again Action/Comedy also quite sad in some parts but this series is extremely underrated also be aware the Anime/Manga for this series unlike most others is way different so it's definitly worth Reading/Watching both.)

Fairy Tail(Comedy, Action, Drama, Sorcery/Spell Casting)

Yu Yu Hakusho(Action, Comedy, Drama, Almost every type of fighting I m talking Martial Arts, Sword, Whip there's even a guy with a Yo-yo for a weapon along with another one with Bombs in here, Demons, Humans)

If you want one more then I'd say give D.Grey-Man a try it's also very similar to Bleach/FmA/InuYasha but is very short but still definitely worth a try and if you like intense action from Bleach, InuYasha or even FmA then you could give Attack on Titan a try it was voted the best anime of 2014 and I personally still think it is very good the runner up for the same year Sword Art Online is also very good it's got action, comedy, Sci-Fi also a bit futuristic so definitely worth the watch if you like those things.

I love Negima it was tons of fun. one punch man is great one of the best ive seen in a while shuffle was fun. almost any gundam series is good.

New underrated shows

Katanagatari: A sengoku era epic about collecting 12 cursed swords. Written by esteemed light novel writer Nissio Issin. Probably my favorite anime of all time and it's extremely underrated in my opinion and the last episode is sure to make you bawl your eyes out if you have a heart. Does feature a lot of dialogue but that's expected since this was a novel originally and since every episode is 50 minutes long

Fate/Zero and Fate/Unlimited Blade Works:

Start with zero and the zeros second season after which you can move on to UBW. Also note that Zero has very long episodes since it was also a light novel adaptation

An absolutely brilliant long running series of anime/vns/light novels by Gen Urobuchi (he wrote Fate/Zero and Kinoko Nasu (He wrote all the other stuff in the Fate universe.)
The anime adaptations by Studio Ufotable feature movie level animation in each episode and have excellent and really well choreographed fight scenes.

I have a lot more to suggest btw if you want bull I'll just leave these here and see what you think. Been watching anime for around ten years and I have a lot to share.

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