Captain Steve Trevor / Diana Prince: A New Future? (Alternate Time-Line) (Closed RP With Diana Prince)

They've traveled together from, Themyscira, (Paradise Island), to Mans World.

With adventures, (including, cloak and daggers), and amusements along the way.

By, what-ever mode of travel seemed available to them, at the time. 

Now, with NO real time frame set for their destination.

The Future Is The Past.

The Past Is The Future...

Where were they now?

Of course:

Diana chose a particular location for this rendezvous...

So Steve is just a tad out of the loop with things. Just. A. Tad. "Diana?" 

There were hints that Certain Gods were interfering with this particular...

Locations problems, affairs and nasty hostilities. Which is why...

Steve is waiting for Diana to answer him. For Now, "Diana?" 

Because The Future Spoke of a New Beginning...

Change of Roles. Change of Tolls. 

What did it all mean?

For Their Future?

For Diana?

For Steve?

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Together they've traveled, through adventures of their own. Ones including cloak and daggers, amusement and struggles of their own. The day Steve saved her from her home, her life changed. She did not see it as capture. People were in need of help and so her mind was set - she would leave Themyscira to set off to Man's World with Captain Steve Trevor.

Had Steve been left out of the loop? In a manner of speaking, yes he had. But not intentionally. Diana was just unsure how to word it without it sounding... strange. It was confusing even to her. Her name was uttered by him. Twice. She heard it both times, yet hadn't answered. Not yet.

There were rumors of a new beginning. For the future. A future with changed roles. It made no real sense, yet it peeked her curiousity. According to the tales from her Mother, the gods were dead. Killed by Ares. So them being involved was a cause for concern and curiousity. She would have to tell him about that.

''It should not be too far.'' Diana finally spoke, casting a glance towards Steve. They would have to pass the forest ahead of them first. ''Through this forest should take us there.'' There. Where even was there? She... didn't truly know. Just a feeling. A gut feeling. A strong one, at that.

Diana was keeping quiet. 

Which didn't settle Steve down all that much. 

When she's quiet....

She Worries.

When she worries...

Steve is Restless....

For Definitive Answers...


Steve Trevor...

Is Also His Own Man. 

"Take us where?"

Still...Out of the Loop...


Steve has IMMENSE Concerns about being out in the open...

In these woods...So Far Out In the Open...

With Very Little Information to Go on...



Steve would be right in his thoughts just then. When Diana kept quiet, she worried.

Which made him feel restless.

He knew.

She knew.

Diana knew that Steve wanted answers.

To his questions that he surely had.

But how would she be able to answer them?

If what she knew was limited?

''I do not know.'' That didn't sound promising, now did it? ''But I will know once we get there.'' The look Diana gave him said everything. The confusion, the uncertainty of what awaited them. Yet it was a promise of a future. Possibly a better one. But she could share some potential clues as to what might have happened.

''My Mother used to tell me about the gods.'' Diana said, being wary of their surroundings. ''How Ares destroyed them.'' Ares - The God of War. 


The God That's Been, for lack of a better Word...

REMOVED by Diana, for one of their first adventures...

Unless another God was making his or her move?

On Them? On Their Future? This Location?

And How Many Others Were Affected?



Steve asked,

"...Will you know more? Before? Or, After? We might run into them?"


The God of War had indeed been defeated.

As far as such things go.

Something was definitely afoot.

But what?

By who?

And why?

The battle with Ares was on her mind.

The question he asked would most likely result in the answer he didn't want to hear. ''I have very little to go on, I'm afraid.'' Atleast she was being honest. ''What I have is a... gut feeling. A strong one.'' She had a tough time trying to explain it. Let alone making sense of it all.

''A promise of a future and gods possibly being involved. It is... strange. They are meant to be destroyed.'' There were concerns in regards to it all. ''I have a feeling something is not quite right. Which means we will know more... after.'' And since Steve was her voice of reason, he would most likely offer his imput now. 

Gut Feeling.

Well? Steve had, a Gut Feeling:

When he snatched that notebook from The Germans.

Steve also had, another Gut Feeling

To get the Hell out of Dodge and Fly out of there!

Which Landed him at the Shores of Paradise Island...

Which Led to the God, allegedly, Ares being Destroyed....


"So You Have Suspicions?" Steve coaxed, "If only there was some ice cream out here?"

Perhaps as a means to distract her? As he was distracted by her?

A gut feeling.

Much like him.

Her Steve.

Much like she had a strong gut feeling.

When she told everyone she had to defeat - Ares.

The God of War.

Like she told Steve.

On that boat.

The boat that took them to Man's Land.

Naive, some would call her.

Innocent and young in mind.

They wouldn't be wrong.

Her goal was to defat Ares.

'You'll see.', she had told Steve.

Just as she had showed him the sword - God Killer.

The mention of ice cream made her smile. The Prince loved ice cream and was blessed to have been introduced to this wonder of wonders! ''If it ony it grew on trees.'' Diana smiled at him with the mention of it. Although she then nodded and her smile disappeared somewhat. ''Yes. I do believe that gods may be involved. Which goes against what I have been told.'' She had an uneasy feeling about this. ''Innocents could be in danger, however.'' Gods didn't play nice nor fair.

The Gods Were Involved....


Not In The Way That:

Diana Prince Imagined...


Steve Imagined..


Captain Kirk asks, "Have we found, The Princess and Her Knight yet, Chekov?"

Chekov replies, "No Sirr. Therrrr Siims Tuu Be aaa Sheiiild arround Diss Planitt. They must avvv chosen Diss Planit fur a Reiisson Sir"

Kirk managed to wrap his head around Chekovs response, "Is there any possible way to dismantle said shield Chekov?" 

Chekov again replies, "...That wuuuuld expose our orbital posiiiiiiiiiition, Sir" However, Chekov says, "Weee cuuld usssee the Borg Cutting Beam?"

Scotty walks onto the Bridge and directs his attention to Kirk, "You cannnae just Beam anyone down there Sir"

Those upon the Bridge, were privy to what was on the view-screen:

Which was a Terrifying Hoard of Warriors, Closing in Upon...The Pair. 

Night Was Closing In Upon, The Pair, As Well...Not The Best Odds...


Kirk makes an executive decision, "...Once the Shields have been dismantled. We'll need an expeditionary team on the surface to bring them up here" Guess who that team was going to involve?

Night was indeed closing in on the Princess and her Knight.

Among other things.

Things Diana didn't know of.

Yet she should expect there to be trouble.

Along the way.

''Do you wish to set up camp?'' Diana asked, only now realizing the dark. Not that it scared her but traveling was always trickier at night. They could spare the night, she imagined. ''The dark will slow us down. Unless you wish to proceed?'' She would leave that up to her beloved soldier. Not always was she the one having the final say.

Steve turns around upon the Horse...

And it's only there...

That he hears....

The first trace...

Of a sound...

That isn't....There's

"We're Being Followed"

Steve Demands,

"Where are we? You have to tell me now!"

"So that WE can fight, what's looming all around us!!"

"Tell me what to do! So that we can win this!"


Followed. Hunted. Watched.

Without their knowledge and consent.

Only when Steve mentioned he heard something,

Did she hear it as well.

The forest had been quiet up until now.

Almost deathly so.

Diana stopped and turned as well.

The worry was evident, in both his voice and his features.

Was she worried? Yes.

But she tried to not let it show.

''I... cannot explain it fully.'' Diana was trying, however. ''It is a place. I have not seen it. Ever.'' But they were being followed. Which meant they were not the only ones with this knowledge. ''We must hold them off. If they find this... place...'' Paused for a moment as she looked around. Trees. Many. Could be used for tactics? 

''We could use the trees. To either avoid the enemy...'' Didn't really sound like something she would suggest. ''... or we fight them.'' By now she had gotten off her horse. They had to do something. Guerilla tactics was her idea. Or to avoid. 

Diana alluded to, 'Hiding in The Trees?'

Which made Steve actually consider her thought with a grin, "Setup preliminary traps", he actually points to the area that's around them, "And put them onto a false trail" He's thinking that her idea could actually WORK. Causing Steve to grab some necessary explosives. Not heavy duty, just enough to break down a door for a factory and half the block with it! "Then we'll fight! We'll be ready to fight!" Plans were set! They've got a chance now!


Meanwhile, Hikaru Sulu pointed out, "...The barrier was removed at a direct portion above The Pair and The Warriors Surrounding them Sir. Transport and weapons usage, can now be utilized"

Kirk grinned with the news, "...With this barrier portion removed, can we separate the warriors from the pair?"

Hikaru Sulu agrees, "...We can annihilate them from here, Sir"

Kirk nodded, "Make it So"

Hikaru Sulu, returned to the dash-board to grant access for the weapons to the coordinates upon the planet below.

Scotty was already back in the Transport area, readying possible coordinates for a number of expeditionary teams / rescue teams.


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