Captain Steve Trevor / Diana Prince: A New Future? (Alternate Time-Line) (Closed RP With Diana Prince)

They've traveled together from, Themyscira, (Paradise Island), to Mans World.

With adventures, (including, cloak and daggers), and amusements along the way.

By, what-ever mode of travel seemed available to them, at the time. 

Now, with NO real time frame set for their destination.

The Future Is The Past.

The Past Is The Future...

Where were they now?

Of course:

Diana chose a particular location for this rendezvous...

So Steve is just a tad out of the loop with things. Just. A. Tad. "Diana?" 

There were hints that Certain Gods were interfering with this particular...

Locations problems, affairs and nasty hostilities. Which is why...

Steve is waiting for Diana to answer him. For Now, "Diana?" 

Because The Future Spoke of a New Beginning...

Change of Roles. Change of Tolls. 

What did it all mean?

For Their Future?

For Diana?

For Steve?

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The newly transformed Discord would prove most effective against anything standing in its way. Even with shields up, nothing would be able to stop the ethereal bullets. There was a reason both Strife and Discord were extremely powerful weapons. 

The Star Destroyer was taking heavy and critical damage now. It wouldn't be long now until it would be out of orbit, turned into space dust. It would seem as if their victory was at hand.


Seeing him grin resulted in a smile of her own. They were winning. Finally. The hold of The Associate would be over and they could return to doing what they were doing before all of this. He had saved her, she would never try and downplay that. Yte - maybe she saved him too? Right now she didn't know in what way or how. 

She was just happy.

To be by his side.

Once more.


The Associate seemed to have gone into a calmer state, despite her imminent demise being at hand. Her kind? Every Star Destroyer in the sky? She couldn't help but smile. The Associate even turned in a direction that made her look directly at Kirk and Danvers. A feat that may have appeared small, yet would be impossible to carry out. Yet there she was - as if staring directly at them.

''I assure you, Captain...Doctor...'' That smile upon her face. ''There's no one quite... like... me...'' Before the screens went black and the Star Destroyer being blown into pieces. 

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