"Hi. there my name is Ryuko Matoi and I am the creator of the Fight Club X of Hellfino. I just want to let you know that I am Searching for a challenger Strong enough to fight me. If you are interested, let me know your conditions of the fight and what will happen if I lose. I will accept to almost anything. make it interesting ...I don't wanna fight weaklings..now let the fights begin"

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"Hmph, I can take you on if you like. But, I'm not doing this just for fun little girl, I want some decent reward. Something money related, you get me? We each bet a portion of money and whoever surrenders first loses. Winner takes all."
"Sound fair?"

Rezultat iskanja slik za sakuya ohtori

"I guess I could use some practice. I may have become a bit rusty over the years of peaceful days, but I'm sure I'll still be a good enough opponent for you. Just do not underestimate me because I'm just a human, for a human can be surprising. As for the conditions... Let's say the first one to be in a position which would result in death loses. All weapons allowed. All powers allowed. I need no reward, so you need not do anything if you lose, I am just looking for a good sparring partner right now anyways."

"How disappointing ... All of you are willing to fight me but none of you are willing to take risks ... Staying in your comfort zones of battle training .... you won't be able to fight at your 100 % .... Come on guys I bet you got something that you want ..so just say it "

"I am Immortal never taken by nature but shall you be lucky to have me at the end of your sword? I do not think so. I am a warrior of the German Wehrmacht and any victory for me is a victory for all of Germany. you may try to stop me but the end of an industrial made bayonet is one of the strongest blades of my time.  But I will let you decide on it should you forfeit a challenge in exchange for a fair fight and I will unload my rifle. Or I will fight for Germany and fight like a German. It is your choice what weapon I use I will defeat you who dare fight the Wehrmacht."

"Well, aren't you being a bit cheeky? Fine, you asked for it. If I win, you give me your scissor blade. If I lose, you can have my treasured katana. Will you fight at 100% now, if we're both risking our precious possessions little miss Sailor Uniform? Loser's the first one to be incapacitated."

Rezultat iskanja slik za rewrite 咲 夜

"I feel as if you're missing something. I do not want anything, not from you atleast. Do not worry about me not fighting for real, I'll fight with all I got. However, if you keep insisting on a reward, I guess I'll take your battle equipment in the case of my victory. If you win, it's your choice on what you want. Is that good enough?" 

(Just a small question, who's going first and do we need to make a thing in Fight Club?)

(I'm fine with being last since I also replied last.)

(She will be fighting the one by one in the arena Aka Fight Club I will set the stage there )

(A'right, let's do this!)

Before you now stands a beast who is the manifestation of sorrow. A being born of bloodshed and destruction. A demoniac god of flame in the form of an anthropomorphic wolf. He towers over you at eight feet. His crimson gaze swirling mechanically as he studies your outfit. "You don't seem like a fighter," He begins in a torn and raspy voice. ", but I'd like to propose a battle. If I win, I take that fancy little blade off your hands. If you win, well , I suppose the conditions are your own choice."

A malicious aura of emerald wafts around Qahnaarin's body; lambent and languid, the aura looked like a mist more than anything. A mere show.

"Though I do believe that your itinerary will lead to your doom, I am willing to aid in your fall. Face me, and I will end your little pride boost."

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