There's not too many basic human characters with modern day lives and pasts, or not that I've been finding. I don't mind the supernatural and have played the part myself before, but decided to shift things a bit and bring to life a amnesiac man that use to be a bad cop. A really bad one. As Chief of police, he was pulling all the strings but after an accident and a seven month long coma, he's a new man fighting an old battle that's threatening the city and his personal life.

If you're into that dark themed sort of thing, maybe your character has been affected by a bad cop in some way, or maybe was married or dated one, a child of one, or just one yourself. Or maybe you're a good cop, looking to bury this empire six feet under and that can create some heavy tension too. Looking for a more human play, but if you're a supernatural and work within the modern times, i don't mind opening that door to my character 

-Also looking for some characters to be filled in:

The Originals

( this is basically the people he started this whole thing with. Friends from his childhood. Only three are alive now, Jameson and two others. )

Second in Command: This guy ( or woman) was essentially trusted the most to Jameson and took his commands and carried them out, distributing them to all the others lower in the ranks. Up to you who they are, their personality, face claim ( someone at least older than their 30's to make sense age wise)  though if you want them to be a supernatural ( I don't know, maybe they got bit and turned into a vampire or something) i mean, i'm willing to work with that somehow. 

The third: with this one, anything goes. Make it your own. We can discuss their shared past. Same thing about the supernatural thing too.


His Son: Not picky about this either, so anything goes for your choice of creating the character, but i'm more or less looking for his son to have getting involved in the empire, having joined the police force too to follow in his father's footsteps, which means the face claim can any 20 year old looker of your choice. ( if you like playing bad boys, here ya go! lol)

Lover: this person wouldn't be the mother of his son. The mother of his son despises him and has failed at keeping his son away from him. Instead, this woman could be someone ordinary, or a cop herself. She could have a part in the whole empire, or she could be a good cop trying to infiltrate it through him which means after the accident, this would create some tension because he's a different man now.

Those are just some main ones i'd love to create some threads with. And of course i'm open to other types of role play ideas!

Comment if interested or just add me!

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Interesting idea

Birdie's very much human with a very human past. Feel free to look over her page and send a request if interested. If not, hope you find what you're looking for!

I would be interested in working something out with you, if you would be cool with it. 

Synaelia is originally human with a few magical tendencies, but her magic makes her semi-demonic, even though she ignores it for the most part. If you wanted, I could rp her without the magic at all(whether she's just entirely ignoring its existence or it just isn't there) and she could be a past friend of his, since she's the sort to help someone get ties to people who don't line up with the law. Hell, /she/ doesn't line up with the law, and if she heard(one way or another) about a cop with amnesia, she'd jump on that opportunity for an ally who might have friends in high places, so whether or not she already knew your char could be up to you(if you're interested). She's about twenty five, and is friendly enough at times, as long as you don't touch on a few certain subjects. She's only stabbed three people in the last month, though, so social skills are improving! haha (sorry for the long thing, by the way... I ramble sometimes...)

This does seem interesting, my char's father is a police officer but she lost her memory (long story short). Anyways, I be interested in doing a RP with ya.

I would love to work something out. I really like your ideas!!! :) 

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