Rewriting my original seeking dark, mature & frequent roleplay partners. I have five original characters, that are somewhat different in origin. All are supernatural species, and ranging on a spectrum of good to downright deviant. Below I will include a brief of each character and active roleplay count. If any of them take your fancy feel free to inbox/comment/or add me to begin a plotting thread before sending a starter. 

Xander Blake Holmes

Twenty Four

Sexuality- Pan-Sexual/Fluid 


Xander is challenging, the son of a greek god, he holds wrath and a passion for war and violence close to heart. He also enjoys the simple things in life like a good and frequent sex life. He doesn't care who he does it to just as long as he gets it and he's in charge. He is very dominant and stubborn and will fight until he gets what he wants. He is also a highly decorated Ex English Service men, due to the passion for wrath he inherited from his father Ares the god of war. 



Dante Killian McGregor

Twenty-Six '455'

Sexuality- Bi-Sexual


Dante is vampire dating back to the Spanish invasion era, being turned in Ireland weeks before the attack on Britain. Dying of Spanish influenza, and being one of the only doctors in his town he was turned to preserve him as a life force of good. Upon turning he became hostile, resistant and turned on the Spanish and slaughtered many that had survived the influenza breakout. He holds himself responsible for his actions and now prides himself on being a pacifist, charming and a suave gentleman. 


Phoenix Ember Rouge

Twenty Three

Sexuality- Fluid 


Phoenix who prefers her alter ego's name 'Ember'.Ember is quite a deviant both sexually and criminally; Ember is a crossroads demon and a succubus feeding from sex and sexual energy that is oozed from individuals. Choosing her shell from ideals she herself was attracted too. Ember is a smart business woman who owns a stripping/escort/prostitute empire running from a five-story building with the level of deviancy shifting depending on the level. 

Current Roleplays-

Moulin Madeline Rouge

Twenty One

Sexuality- Straight


Moulin is a conflicted Angel hybrid, whose mother was cast from heaven due to her forbidden love with a phoenix. Moulin is struggling with herself and finding who and what she is. Moulin is an artist and that explains her love for body modification and the number of tattoos that sprawl across her body. Her wings begun to show at age sixteen when feathers pierced her skin and folded back into a rather large tattoo of wings on her back, her wing span is about a metre and half with a gradient of fire at the tips a nod to her phoenix heritage. 

Current Roleplays-


Florence Cecilia Graves

Twenty One

Sexuality- Fluid 


Florence is still under work, but for those interested, she was a young girl sold by her family to a man who was interested in her rare lack of pigmentation or albinoism. Soon being turned into a curiosity of sick deprived men, she was shortly murdered in an accident when she was performing for a freak show. Her neck snapping when she went to perform a back flip, given the chance by death to become a reaper, she chose to decide to usher the dead from earth to purgatory where she would put them through trials to see whether they belong in heaven or hell. 

Current Roleplays-


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Iam interested in ember

is there anything in particular that you would like to role-play with Ember??

Clarke Valtori said:

Iam interested in ember
Looking for a long term rp, romantic/fantasy/adventure if possible

that could possibly done.. did you want to send a request and we can talk there

Clarke Valtori said:

Looking for a long term rp, romantic/fantasy/adventure if possible
A friend request? Sure^^
I'mI'always on the look out for decent players/writers ^.^ feel free to Browse my page and see what you think of my character.

enjoyed your concept c: i've responded to your comment on my page look forward to plotting something 

Meadow the Black Rose said:

I'mI'always on the look out for decent players/writers ^.^ feel free to Browse my page and see what you think of my character.
I am still waiting if you are still interested.

i may of accidently thought i already sent you something >->

Valno said:

I am still waiting if you are still interested.
Hm,I think Florence sounds interesting enough.
Well then did you wanna talk some more c:

Jesse Hart said:
Hm,I think Florence sounds interesting enough.
Ah yes. Since my character is a spirit who uses magic to remain in the mortal world. It's clear that there are many different sorts of interactions that kind of character can have with Florence. Besides, I'm also new here so it's a good way to get more involved.

ѕαиιту said:
Well then did you wanna talk some more c:

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