In this past few days ive been thinking on starting a group of Olympian Gods and i just wanted to know if there a people interested in R playing as one of Gods Like Zeus, Hades, Poseidon and the others besides Aphrodite since is already taken obviously. I dont have a plot right now but i guess we can figure out a plot once there is enough people....anyways thanks for your small piece of your time :)

Roles still missing

Poseidon: god of the seas 
Hermes: messenger of the gods 
Demeter:goddess of agriculture 
Athena : Godess of war and knowledge 
Artemis : goddess of the hunt 
Dynosous : God of wine 

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Interesting little thing to start up!

Hmmm very interesting.. Of course Enyo is here

Ohhh hooooo, so I can watch you cheat on me all over again?!  I keed.  I keed.  Sign me up. <3

Well now. This is something I have been waiting for ever since I made my posting to find other Greek/ Roman, Norse, etc. God and goddess roleplayers. Count me in!
"HMmm. Well mother did say some of the gods survived the Twilight of the Gods and now here we are."
For those who dosent know I made a froup with the same name as this post you can go there and join in :)

By the gods..

By the Goddesses

Everest Panhellenios said:

By the gods..

" Ooooooollllymmmmmmpppiannnnnsss. Come out and pllllllaaaaayyyyyy.!"

She said in a singsong voice with a twisted grin.

(Callisto here. Now the party can begin. The resident insane psychotic goddess. Pretty Little Psycho)
❤️I am sorry about that dear Husband ....❤️She is not sorry
I am interested.
Sorry but already there is a Hades still we are missing Zeus, Posseidon and a couple of others

ᗅ ζὼεєԏ ӤᓰʛႹᖶოɕɾҽ said:

I wouldn't mind adding Hades to the list of my characters. He's actually one of my favorites. :D Let me know if you are interested.

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