Hello all of you lovely people. I was just wondering what the official rules for the Persistence Government was. I remember we did that a while back (some time during winter?? Not this winter, but the one before.) If some one has a word document with the rules of election and who was currently in office, that would be amazing if they could share it down in the comments! If no one has that, or if there is really no government, maybe there could be events to figure that out again?

Also, I realized that maybe there could be more land marks added to Palisade, officially. I was looking at the Persistence page ( ) which already has a volcano, swamp, mountains, jungles and ports. Maybe lakes? New mountains? Official names? There is also the Magi Castle, and the original sites (like the memorial site for all the old wars, and the old noble houses!)

Soooo.. comment ideas, if that's alright? I have no clue!!! I just think some more could be done, since recently there hasn't been a lot going on plot wise for the Persistence country state. 

(Also I saw this, and I had to share it with you guys. This is awesome: )

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Well mousey. When someone finds something or somebody comes up with something. Aero would certainly like to run for something. Anything. He is rich. Just let me know when you get your conclusion on this matter. Thank you.

  So to begin with, I’d like to address the timeline of these blogs in a short outline. After this, I will explain each event in the order of which happened. I’ll probably come off as aggressive, or biased, but I’m telling it as I experienced it.- Letta's player

  1. The First Government

  2. The Reform

  So when the bomb dropped on Providence, and the Rogues emerged from the ash, they decided that monarchies were not the way to go, so they decided on a democracy. When everyone was settled in Persistence, they held an election to choose 1 President (who had his/her choice of VP), 1 Judge, and 4 Senators. All smaller positions such as Attorney General, were assigned by the government after a group vote. This worked relatively well for a few reasons, firstly that we had all had experience with war plots and would do anything to keep Persistence untarnished. Secondly, we all communicated on a regular basis and would RP with each other, even if one person didn’t generally associate with a group. It also worked well because even if a few dropped out (which they did), no one would have absolute power.

  Then in Spring of 2016, Banshee posted a blog (which he intended as a joke, and later apologized for), insinuating that he declared himself king of Persistence due to a brief absence of the President and other political powers due to RL constraints that could not be helped. This was meant as a joke, but sparked a greater debate as to whether the then current system was really working. Under the pressure, the remaining political leaders (being the President, the Vice President, and the Judge), resigned and were temporarily replaced by a manatee, until the government could be reformed.

  Narrator held an OOC meeting to discuss the issue to see if a system could be made that would please all parties. The meeting itself was so loaded with people that the website lagged, but otherwise it was civil and a compromise was reached. They decided that there would be a Day court and a Night court, each having 1 Chief Executive, 2 Senators, and 1 Judge. This was to give equal representation during the day and night, for those who lived in different places with difficult time zones such as Australia and Europe. The people were pleased, an election was subsequently held, and people were chosen. It did not go well.

  There were several issues with the Dark and Light court. The groups, while wonderfully diverse, did not talk to each other at all. Some misunderstood the position they were granted, and others just vanished While it is understandable that OOC issues can lead to absence, it only took a month for most of the government to dissipate, and it has not been repaired since. In any case, it appears that only one of the both governments combined acknowledges that they are a leader, although there are a total of four characters that still actively write in chat.

One person cannot run a government alone. This is the whole reason we created a democracy in the first place.


So, I want to clear up also, what the government actually was intended for when me and others crafted it in the beginning of Persistence:

First of all, it controlled what kind of storylines could and could not affect the island. Back in the times of Providence, you could drop a nuke on the city and millions would die, but people would still drink happily. But to make it as realistic as possible (realistic being that a dairy farmer can't make a profit if his damn cows keep getting eaten by a squid monster), and to avoid doing the same thing over and over and over again, it went through approval. If the government was all right with a world war, then we'd enter a world war. The government also worked together on social issues in Persistence. Should cold blooded murder be legal?

For some reason or another (and I put this in bold because it's important), people thought that getting elected made them Head DM, or an administrator of Rolepages. This is absolutely NOT true.

I'd like to apologize for the strange formatting. This damn website kept refreshing, and autorecover isn't an option for whatever reason, so I put it on a word doc instead.

John Hancock said:

  So to begin with, I’d like to address the timeline of these blogs in a short outline. After this, I will explain each event in the order of which happened. I’ll probably come off as aggressive, or biased, but I’m telling it as I experienced it.- Letta's player

-Mousey's player
яσѕα нαℓє said:

So we have no government. Lit. That's one of things I was wondering.

Also, Aero, if there was an election, unless you broke some rules in the election, you could probably run for office. But even then, there is no sure expectation that you would get into office unless there was no one running against you.

Also, it would be really preferable if one was active and in main quiet a bit, since the government is for the main chat room. 

Also, I realized that maybe there could be more land marks added to Palisade, officially. I was looking at the Persistence page ( ) which already has a volcano, swamp, mountains, jungles and ports. Maybe lakes? New mountains? Official names? There is also the Magi Castle, and the original sites (like the memorial site for all the old wars, and the old noble houses!)


Okie dokie, so, the old map of Persistence that had been decorated isn't a working link anymore (but I might have it saved on my computer if I really look when I go home tonight). But I will do my best now to fill you in on all the deets of what I can remember until I can make a new map or find the original.



The island is tropical, and very humid. Because of this, there is a great growth of greenery (which is great for farming), and results in lots of humid yucky swamps. A few daring residence seek solace in the swamps, as it's mostly uninhabited, save for enormous insects and the Swamp Monster. The Swamp Monster does not attack outside of the swamp, but has been known to strike unwanted intruders. Those that have seen it, have compared the Swamp Monster to a giant, although no one has ever been able to get photographic evidence of the Swamp Monster.

There are indeed quite a few mountains, east of the swamp, north of the actual city of Persistence. The mountains are steep, and can be dangerous, but are otherwise a wonderful adventure for the residents and tourists to enjoy, both from the ground and on the peak of the mountain. Some are bigger than others, and few are more like big rocky hills than mountains.

The Volcano rests north of the mountains and swamp. It's enormous, and is quite active although it hasn't erupted in a long time. On the east side of the volcano, a destination spa has been built along with a resturaunt that overlooks the island. This resort can be reached by skilift.

On the west side however, are the ruins of an ancient temple from the civilization that once ruled this island. The temple was the first thing that the Rogues discovered. On the inside, the walls are decorated in beautiful glowing emeralds, alters, and benches for some bizarre ritual that have yet to be researched. On the walls, and made in statues, are the idols they worshipped; frogs. Some parts of the temple are open to the public, while other parts are locked magically. (I'll write more on the temple soon.) Anyone who takes an object from the temple is cursed with salmonella until they return the stolen object. Through one passageway in the temple, is a tunnel system that leads underneath the swamps to the main city of Persistence, located near the east coast of Persistence.

The city of Persistence is spread out for the most part, with the exception of the Trader's Post (just a local gathering for people to trade their wares, aka marketplace). There are a few places that were built by the first government leaders, free to the public to use. We'll talk first about House Lannister.

House Lannister is the dedicated home for the President and Vice President, enormous in size and guarded by dedicated soldiers of Persistence. Within the center of it, is the Garden of Betrayal, aptly named as a reminder to the government leaders to be wary of corruption. The Garden of Betrayal is mainly used as a gathering place for parties and political meetings without the risk of assassination.

House Krieg is the second building, made by former senator Mick Rawson. The building is primarily a gymnasium for every person of every shape and size, and for every lifestyle, including combat (the first recreational facility built). On the top floor, restricted to the person who keeps it maintained, is a bedroom, kitchen, living space, and bathroom.

West of House Lannister and House Krieg is an obelisk made of black stone. It was dedicated to the many heroes that gave their lives to defend the city. The names so far engraved on it are Petyr Baelish, Blaze Grim, and Jaime Lannister.

On the west coast of Persistence, there is a docking port for ships of all kinds of shapes and sizes. Maleficent currently runs them. This is the primary source of income for the city of Persistence, since the population is relatively small (compared to enormous cities like Olde Watch and Consequence).


That’s all that I can currently think of. I apologize if I missed any (actually, if I did miss them, please tell me what I missed so I can include them in my upcoming blogs)  

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