Just read through the comments.

Please don't troll.

And figure out where you want the discussion to go.

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Hehe Teers...sorry mate but i have ab ego the size of the national debt of a small african country. I dont think its possinle for me to be bullied..lol

Okay I am saying this one time. Read it. You do not what is happening to Mouse outside this or how she really is. Leave her alone. Do you guys even think about how your words could hurt someone before posting it? No? Well maybe you should actually try. Because even though you think it won't hurt someone it actually does. Actually think for a second. Maybe say to yourself "Would I want this said to me?" And if you answer no, then don't say it. Grow up. That is all. 

*Totally lightens the mood with comedy*

I reiterate, this is an argument about a fake government that will run a made up city. All I am saying is maybe it's time to end that conversation and move on to something fun, like roleplaying about getting dental work done, or maybe a storyline involving cleaning your character's bathroom. 

Of course, if the trolling is too harsh I could always just close the conversation myself. I'm not entirely certain why it's still open in the first place. Obviously we aren't going to get anywhere at this point and everyone's just getting pissier and pissier. 

Maybe I should, maybe I should end it all now, once and for all. Close all comments and archive or even delete this conversation.... 

You know what, fuck it, that's what imma do. We can continue this delightful discourse over here http://www.rolepages.com/forum/topics/positivity

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