Hello all! I know... I know it's one of those 'looking for active role play Discussion'. As much as I didn't want to post one of these I really do need people to write with. All the people that I used to write with have either deleted or just don't get anymore. 

So I guess I'll tell you about Phoenix. Her back story is pretty cool if you ask me.

(If anyone wants to just go to my page and read the bio that's cool but I'll give you the short version in case it's too long for someone to read.)

She's an assassin who ran away from home when she was 13 then was adopted and raised by a well known assassin and the Leader of the Italian Mafia. They taught and trained her to be an assassin. Later down the line she got recruited into an agency where she was the best soldier. They sent her on a mission but it was a trap and she was blown up. They gave her enhancements so she's stronger than the normal human. When she broke away from the agency she started her own group of assassins called The Fraternity. She doesn't kill innocent people, only people that have done wrong to the innocent and the members of The Fraternity are suppose to feel that way too.

I would really like to build up her Fraternity.. (Literally have one member right now). But I mean your character doesn't just have to be an assassin for us to write. You could be a client hiring Fox, or a doctor who works for The Fraternity or even someone who wants to be an assassin, anything like that will work. I'm just looking for people to write with. Fox is too good of a character for me to retire... and that's where I'm headed.

I do prefer multi paragraphs when writing. I'm a veteran, been writing for 8 years now so I'm pretty good at this haha. Um..I don't really know what else to put so, I'll end this here.

If anyone has any questions or whatever feel free to ask!

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Yes, Fantastic! The Fraternity needs more men!

Marik Vahromov said:

Well now, if this isn't right up Marik's alley I don't know what is.  If Karina's in, I'm down!

Hi! I'm not able to get on often, (even though I want to try and get back to writing here) and haven't written with someone else before, really, so no guarantees on quality. Despite that, Jade is a somewhat cynical person who is willing to do anything, if you pay her well enough. She sort of weaves in and out of various organizations, depending on how well things are working for her and everyone else. She wouldn't ever admit it, but she gets really attached to people, despite her efforts otherwise, and might get a little carried away with a few of her jobs. She's not very special, just a human who has worked with knives for longer than she can remember, and has only lived this long because she's short, slim, and quick. 

Interested, but I won't be around much till I get net at home. Would love to RP with an assassin group.

I'd love to write with you if you're still accepting threads.  My guy is pretty much a secret agent but there's many options to take in how these two could cross paths whether it be she discovers aliens are real and finds one of her targets had been one this whole time who V was monitoring and they get pinned in working together or she posed instead as an enemy. Either way, would be interesting I think. Add me and send a comment if interested.

Vekta and I are always down, although she tends to lonewolf it at times. However, I just managed to bring a bloke a I play with into this place, and he's expressed some interest as well. 

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