So, people. My rp has dried up once more and i'm back in the field looking for interested participants. I have several different ideas that have been bubbling around in my head recently and i'd like to know if anyone would be interested in trying them out with me.


Dystopian America. Dried planet style. Sort of a Mad Max kind of thing. Only it's from the beginning of it all. How it started. It would be starting in North Carolina and following the story of a group of people who were together at a restaurant when on the many television screens there suddenly cut to the news where it talks about how the government had started denying people passage into the northern states. They don't say why. They just start blocking roads. The military is brought to the north. Military people and their families. Brought to the northern states for whatever reason. Some get left behind or choose to stay behind for whatever reason. But it gets all gritty and chaotic after that comes out. Fun stuff. 


ANOTHER Dystopian America. Only this time, it's the cold. A nuclear or volcanic winter. Just wrecks everything. Underground cities and such. The people on the surface are like feral ghouls only they look and act like the monsters from I Am Legend. Animals are the same way only they have adapted to the more hostile environment. So, their pelts are oh so warm.  Fun.


America again. This time, there is a rebellion within the country. One that succeeds and establishes an absolute monarchy in place of the current democracy. Corruption is oh so apparent and people are sick of it. In the beginning, it will be slow and gritty. Full of battles and small politics. But in the middle of the rp, it will quicken up and things will get quite boring from there on out for most of you, I think. 


It's the future. 3248. Earth has expanded into the entirety of the Sol system. However, they haven't figured out hyper drives yet. As such, the system gets smaller and smaller as the population grows. Shortages of every resource wreck the system. But the government has a genius idea on how to deal with the food shortages. Let's build prison camps and send even the most petty criminals there. Every crime is punished by a life sentence in one of these prisons. However, one can argue that life within these prisons is easier than the ones they had. This rp takes place on Earth. Where one of the largest prison camps in the system is set at. It's basically a floating collection of junk. There are waste trucks that come by and drop tons of garbage onto the prison. That is how people survive. Eating the leftover garbage. VERY gritty. Although I am inexperienced in the darker side of rp, I will do my best in this one. Do a degree. 

BUT YEA! Those are my ideas for rp. Some of them have had more thought put into them than others, obviously. But I think they are all interesting nonetheless and am hoping that some of you do as well. Any questions concerning any of these rp's can be directed into the comments below. Or through PM's. Thank you, dear readers and writers. And I hope to hear from you soon. 

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No worries dude! Cole (Guy) can definitely be depowered. Or I could just use a different character (I have many to choose from) for the RP.

That reminds me. For this rp, I'll be playing as myself. Putting myself into the rp worlds. And I also just realized that you wanted to do the second rp. I was thinking of the first rp that was popular. My bad. But still. It can be done. When it comes to characters, I also have many. Though others have much, much more than I do, I'm still classified as a multi character account.

Johnny Fisher said:

No worries dude! Cole (Guy) can definitely be depowered. Or I could just use a different character (I have many to choose from) for the RP.

I have returned my fellow writers! The rp world has been created and is now pending members. So, this is the last call for anyone who is interested in these rps. So please, PLEASE let me know. And for those of you who are interested still, leave a comment on this page. Just one. It can be anything. Just to let me know that you are, in fact, still interested. Thank you all for showing interest in my rps and I hope to get in touch with you soon. 

ready and waiting

Looking forward to it :) Also, Fiachra would comment too if he had gotten his tech back haha

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