I have posted about this before in the past and really did not gain any feedback so I am hoping this time I will? 

I am searching for an enemy to my character, a fatal one at that as well. My character is a demon with some magical abilities (a cross over between Supernatural and Harry Potter universe) and I am in search of someone who either hunts the supernatural, hunts demons or has a grudge against demons in general. 

My character has befriended an enemy but now I am searching for one he cannot befriend and they will remain enemies for life. If anyone is interested please comment below about your character's species and why they despise Demons and would kill them without remorse.

Anywhere's from a witch, a hunter, a werewolf or something else that kills and hunts demons.

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I have someone who might work. He doesn't necessarily hunt demons, but he's not fond of them.
His name is Ulysses, brand spankin' new, never used before yet, would love to start breaking him in with a good storyline if possible. :D 

I might be interested.. My character is a Hunter in a sense

I have been told I am good at making villain's or enemy's and my friend's say they give them nightmare's so I will be interested just give me some more detail on what your looking for and I will get started on making that character though I have a character that despises demon's but is hunting angel's because he's trying to save his family's soul's from the Devil. Note with my lore I have a hellish family tree so Lucifer Satin and the Devil are not all the same character's they are all different.

Thane is a fairly biased hunter of... just about anything supernatural He's a bit of an asshole, and would definitely be willing to go hunting someone new

How about the reverse. Instead of someone wanting you dead because of your nature, how about you want someone else dead because of theirs?

Draco is a horror constructed from the combination of Gaia/Cthulhu=Pheonix and Lucifer+Mania=Beelzibub and then those two mating to form a Mozirek, a kind of creature that literally has no other members of it's species.

He would be interpretted by anyone with literally any sense of special identity as a monstrocity that must be purged, and he's also kind of budging in on demonic terf by taking over the Christian underworld with the power of the 72 pillars.

I think he'd make a fabulous enemy, if your character could handle that kind of power. Draco isn't divine, so he's not going to obliterate you instantly and he doesn't have the raw destructive potential of many gods, but he's a bitch and a half to kill and isn't going to try and talk it out or become friends with someone who attacks him.

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