Ever since his mother was killed by a demon, he had known the truth: that one should always be afraid of the dark. Supernatural creatures were out there, and most of them were unfriendly, or at least all the ones that he had experience with. He had made it his business to hunt down these threats and rid the world of them. He wanted to make sure that no little boy went through what he and the rest of his family had to go through when the poltergeist took his mother away from them. Sworn to protect humanity, he made that his entire life, driving around the country to hunt down supernatural threats to protect mankind. 

And then...he found the motherload. It was a small town in Maine called Storybrooke. To the world it looked like a meek little town that always slept. It looked like the small town that every suburban dream looked like. But rather than just a city by the docks full of lobster and maple syrup it was the motherload of supernatural activity: witches, werewolves, goblins, dwarves, even gods. It was every kind of hunt he had ever done, but he wasn't stupid. He couldn't just go into town and start shooting up every immortal that lived there. He decided to see if they were truly a threat or not. And if that wasn't enough, the previous sheriff had died a very mysterious death which he definitely wanted to investigate.

No one else should have been able to see the town line once he had driven up there, but Dean saw things that no one else could. He could see the town line and the town itself in the distance very quickly, even though a curse shrouded the rest of it from the eyes of other strangers. Dean drove into the center of town, and so far everything looked normal, but something told him that things were far from normal here. Who that he saw on the street could be a threat? Was it that girl dressed in red? Was it that old woman talking to her, was it the mayor? Or were all of them disguised as humans? 

He had spoken to a little girl(she was a teenager but was tiny as hell and dressed as if she was still two years old) on the street who pointed him to the direction of the diner. The hunter walked into the diner and sat at the counter, casting nervous looks at all the people around him as he ordered a piece of pie from Granny. Maybe he should have gotten a normal dinner but...there was pie. But as he devoured it he had a feeling that there was someone here that he hadn't seen in a long time. 

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Ruby immediately fascinated by the new handsome faces, leaned seductively across the diner counter. "You here on business or pleasure?"
Sam, Dean's younger brother and hunting companion, answered for him. He knew that if Dean fell into the pattern of flirting with the waitress then they would never get any work done. "Business actually. Do you know anything about Graham Hubert?"
Ruby froze at the name. Why would they be asking about Graham? "Yeah, I knew him. Not as much as some, but he was the sheriff."
Sam nodded at this information,"So we heard. Do you know anyone who might know something more about him?"
Ruby bit her lip. Emma's name coming into her mind instantly. She felt bad for her. Emma had just moved into town weeks ago and already she had to deal with the aftermath of Graham's death, both emotionally and work related. "Emma. She's new here, but she worked with Graham. She's probably at the station now."

Even though Ruby was hot, there was only one person whom he could think of that was hotter than her..a lot more attractive. After all these years, he still couldn't get her out of her mind. The blonde locks of hair, the bright green eyes. Being a hunter as he was, he saw a lot of weird and wonderful and terrifying things, but Emma was just one of those that he could never get out of his head, no matter how hard he tried. But when August told him to back off for her own good,  he knew that he had to do what was right for her..even if it hurt both of them. He knew damn well that the right thing to do was never the easy one. Take it from the man who went up against the devil himself on a daily basis. 

Dean was shoveling pie into his mouth but as soon as he heard Emma he looked up in alert. "Did you say Emma? As in Emma Swan?" and his heart was in his throat and his stomach all at once. He had been up against a lot but now he was truly panicking. If he saw Emma now, it would just be way too much, all at once. Storybrooke...oh gods...was that the town that August told him about?! He didn't even think! That was the problem, he didn't think! He never did! Town full of supernatural...what the hell?! Why didn't he think?! 

"Sam, comon', we need to go to the station." he took him by the sleeve like a cat grabbed a young brother kitten by the scruff and lead him to the car. "Like, now." and once he got into the car, he turned to him with wide eyes. "Um...remember that girl I was seeing? The blonde one? The one that I said was the future Mrs. Winchester and then I..umm...dumped her...and let her go to jail.."

{Cas the angel took the place of August, so he's the one who told Dean :) I will clear it up in flashbacks}

Sam rolled his eyes at his brother's sudden nerves. The duo with the occasional addition of their angel friend, Cas fought ghosts, demons, and other supernatural creatures for a living and not once did Dean back down. Now, his brother sat in the impala with his hands visibly sweating and clenched on the steering wheel, and Sam thought it was the funniest thing he seen.

"Dean, first off, a blonde girl that you called the future Mrs. Winchester isn't really a good indicator of who you are talking about. That describes 90% of your hookups." 

He looked over to Dean in the hopes that his comment would inspire a smirk, but Dean was still visibly shaken. Sighing loudly, Sam touched Dean's shoulder gently. "The waitress just gave the name Emma. You added the last name Swan without it being denied or accepted. Besides, if it really is Emma Swan, you told me Cas handled it."

Noticing that Dean was not in the state of mind to see the logic in what he was saying, Sam turned back around and looked out the impala's window as they drove. Truth be told, Sam remembered a lot about Emma Swan, probably more than he let on to Dean.  Sam's relationship with Emma hadn't always been pleasant. In fact, he down right hated her at first. 10 years ago, they had been working a simple salt and burn case in Boston when Emma Swan had made her first appearance. Dean had brought her back to the hotel room and introduced her to him without so much as a blink, which was red alert number one for him. Dean never introduced girls to him. Sure, he had accidentally caught Dean with a girl in their hotel room, but Dean never said anything about it, and then they moved onto the next town. It got worse when Dean insisted Emma was staying and that she knew everything about their lifestyle. They had only just met when Emma tried stealing the impala, but Dean claimed he was already "falling for her," and she was a hell of a fighter who could handle the truth. He immediately thought Dean was crazy or under a siren's spell. There was just no way that Dean could freely be in love and willing to subject Emma to their lifestyle when they both knew as hunters that wasn't an option for them. Still, Emma stayed and participated in the research and theft aspects of a hunt. Months into their relationship, Sam noticed Emma's sorrow and frustration. Dean refused to let her actively participate in a hunt, and while Sam understood that Dean didn't want anything bad to happen to her, he thought that if she was going to be a part of their lives then she needed to experience hunting first hand. That's when his relationship with Emma took a turn for the better. At nights when Dean was sleeping, he began training Emma in what he called "hunting 101." It started off small-how to load and shoot a gun and then slowly progressed to how to kill various monsters. Dean never expected a thing, but if he ever did, he would have just chalked it up to Sam "finally getting laid." To this day, Dean still doesn't know he trained Emma, even after he had brought her home bloody and broken from her first solo hunt with a djinn. 

When they finally arrived at the station, they noticed "Emma" was turned away from her desk and quietly examining something in her hands. Sam rolled his eyes at his brother, who was looking at everything but the woman at her desk. 

Sam cleared his throat rather loudly, deciding he would have to take the lead this time. "Ma'am, Agents Manson and Halen. We are here to discuss Graham Humbert." 

Emma turned around at the mention of Graham's name. Her eyes wide as they locked onto Sam. He looked aged, his hair slightly longer since the last time she had seen him, but he was still as tall as she remembered and had that sad but adorable smile. Oh God, that meant Dean was also here, and the realization had her heart thumping so loud in her chest that she swore she heard it in her ears. What if he found out that just minutes down the street was their son? Shaking her head at the thought, she stood up, clipping Graham's badge onto her jeans and gave Sam a weak hug. 

After a few seconds, she pulled away, her eyes slightly glassy. "Sam," she said in a broken whisper.  

She glanced around the room for Dean, who was not looking at her. "Dean." Her hands shook, and she found herself longing for him to turn around so she could see the eyes of the man that once meant the world to her. 

"Whose Agent Manson and Halen?" she asked them, knowing fully their last name was Winchester. She had just caught them in their first series of lies. 

When his brother cracked that joke, he would normally give a shit eating grin right back, make another crack at him in return, or possibly punch his arm. But he did not move, his expression did not change. All he could hear was the alarm bells going off inside of him, ringing in his ears. Several thoughts went through his head as they drove to the station...what could he possibly say to her? After all these years, after he had left her behind like that...how could he possibly explain his actions now?! Maybe he was just panicking for no reason, but it all made so much sense..a town full of supernatural activity...magic? And where she was really from? It all made too much sense. 

He practically had to drag himself into the station, afraid of what she would possibly think once she laid her hazel eyes on him. He had faced terrifying things before which were the stuff of nightmares for most people. He had faced all of them fearlessly, charging into the fray with an almost suicidal thrill, challenging whoever was in charge of this vast universe to try and kill him. But nothing had terrified him more than facing the woman whom he had once loved...and abandoned for her own good. Crossing the threshold into that sheriff's office was the hardest thing he ever had to do, other than the time he actually left her. 

Once he heard her voice, his heart both leapt against his chest and stopped at the same time, the man whipping his head around to look at the woman that he had always loved. He knew that even now the chances of being with her ever again were narrow, if not nonexistent, however, he had to look into her eyes, if only for one final time. While he had aged a bit, she didn't look a day over 18. She didn't look any older than when he had met her. She seemed a lot more confident now, sure of who she was. Dean, a man who had literally faced hell, looked like a scared rabbit. 

"Emma.." he spoke, his eyes fixed on her as he tried to come up with something that he could say to her, something that didn't make him sound like too much of an idiot. "Emma...please...let me just explain." he said to try to ward her off from getting too angry. She had every right to be angry, but he was just doing whatever he could do to quell her anger to try to get a word in of his own. He wanted to apologize to her for what he did, but he didn't know how. 

She instantly regretted her decision to look at him. His hunter green eyes made all logical thinking go out the window, and then he began speaking to her, which she couldn't quite comprehend over the sad melodies playing in her mind. It was at that moment, she knew she never stopped loving Dean Winchester.

The fear of that realization caused her to back away from them, clutching the swan pendant that he had given her as an reminder of the damage he had done. "There's nothing to explain. You left...and let me go to prison when I loved you." Feeling like her heart was betraying her, she looked out the window and noticed the shiny black impala parked outside the station, which sent her into a reverie about the past.

~10 years ago: Boston, MA~ 

An eighteen year old, Emma Swan approached an impala parked in a dark alley. The car appeared to be abandoned, which Emma couldn't understand because of the car's appearance, but she was pleased with her luck nonetheless. Looking over her shoulder, she pulled a crowbar from her sleeve pocket and began jimmying the door open. It opened without a creak, and she slid in silently. As Emma began hot-wiring the car, a man in the back seat leaned forward and pressed the barrel of a gun to her head. Emma gulped in fear, but she would not give this man any indication of it.

"Going somewhere? You could have just asked for the keys," he said while looking at her through the impala's front mirror. 

Emma scoffed at his rather calm demeanor despite having caught her stealing his car. "I just stole your car. Your life could be in danger."

He gave her a wicked smile, (to this day Emma cites as the moment she lost all rational thinking when it comes to Dean)"Oh, sweetheart you're the one that has a gun pointed to her head."

Emma decided to do something completely reckless, but she couldn't let this man possibly kill her, not if she had anything to say for it. In a quick flash of adrenaline, Emma elbowed the man in the face behind her. The impact caused him to drop the gun and clutch his nose in pain, which gave Emma enough time to grab the gun and point it towards him. 

Despite the pain, he was impressed by Emma's strength. There weren't many people who could say that they bested him, but here a tiny blonde woman did, and he couldn't help but think it was attractive. "Dean Winchester," he told her through a muffled clutching of his nose. 

Emma rolled her eyes at him, not lowering the gun, "yeah, I am not telling you my name."

Dean chuckled at her spunk, "no, I don't need it to have you arrested for assault."

Emma frowned, "Emma...Swan."

He remembered the day that they met very well. She may have stolen his car but she had also stolen his heart. He had been through breakups and fallouts just like everyone else, but the first time he saw Emma was different. It was like a moth being drawn to a white hot flame, a fire beginning to burn in his heart that was hotter than the fires of Hades. He dreamed of meeting someone who was just as spunky as he and Emma definitely met this challenge. She may have just been some chick who tried to steal his car, but she had stolen something else. 

It broke his heart to leave her, more than seeing his mother die before his young eyes in an explosion. He felt disgusting...he felt like a coward. He didn't want to leave her, all he wanted to do was to stay by her side. But in the end, Crowley was able to talk some sense into him, even if this was an emotional decision for him. But as the years passed, he actually questioned himself...was he doing the right thing? Maybe she didn't want to be the savior...maybe she could have been a lot happier with him. In the end, he knew that she could no more choose a different fate than he could quite hunting. 

Now as he looked into her eyes, his own held grief, guilt, anger at himself. How could he possibly look this woman in the eye and tell her that he did it for her own good? The curse that the angel was talking about possibly hadn't even broken yet, he knew that she wouldn't believe him if he told her the reason. Even after he went on hunts for witches much like the mayor he knew she wouldn't blink an eye at his possible explanation. A lump began to form in his throat and he opened his mouth for a minute to try to worm his way around her disbelief. 

In the end, he knew that this couldn't be a thing that he could be truthful with her...not right away. He simply lowered his head for any admonishing that might come. He deserved it. He knew he deserved it. "I have no excuse. All I can say is that I'm sorry and I regret it every single day of my life."

The curse that Castiel had warned Dean about was far from broken. As fate would have it, Dean Winchester was the missing piece to Emma breaking the curse. It would take big discoveries, a great sacrifice, and true love's kiss to finally break it. Now, the arrival of their son, Henry would set the path in motion. "Come on, you and I both know that I can tell when you are lying to me."

Before Dean could respond, Henry walked into the station and slung his backpack over a chair. "Mom, what's going on," he asked looking between the trio. "Who are they?"

Emma turned around and froze in fear. "No one, old friends. Why don't you start your homework in the office? Come on." Emma began leading Henry into her office, her eyes not looking at the Winchesters.

Sam, sensing Emma was hiding something, leaned into Dean and whispered, "Dean..."

In her office, Emma pulled up a chair beside her desk and sat beside Henry. Besides the sheer panic of Henry's arrival, Emma was once again thrown back into the past.


After her failed attempt in stealing the impala, Dean and Emma began dating. Months into their relationship, Dean began pulling away from her in an attempt to protect Emma from the truth. Knowing that he was running out of fear, Emma stubbornly pushed back towards him. "Happy birthday. I got pie," she said tossing a bag onto the hotel bed.

Dean looked down at his feet. "Sam and I have to leave. We need to finish something up."

Emma frowned at him. "I can help..."

Dean ran his fingers through his hair and shook his head. "It's too dangerous."

Emma lifted his chin, so she could glance into his emerald eyes. "There's something you aren't telling me. Please, Dean."

Despite the alarm bells going off in his head, he couldn't deny the pleading in her voice. After sitting her down on the bed, he told her everything: his mother's death, pulling Sam from Stanford, and their current plan to hunt down the yellow-eyed demon that killed their mother and Sam's girlfriend, Jessica. He opened up to her completely and when he was finished, he looked down at his hands, silent.

"Okay then...just call me Emma Swan, demon hunter. "

Dean looked up at Emma in confusion, "Emma..."

She put a finger to his lips to silence him. "Emma, nothing. I love you."

It had been the first time, Emma confessed her feelings to Dean. Before he could further protest, she had pushed him down on the hotel bed and crashed her lips onto his in a heated kiss. That moment had also marked the moment Dean Winchester took her virginity, and Henry was conceived. 

When Henry came in, his concentration was completely derailed. Where the hell did the kid come from? Whoever he was, he certainly seemed to be attached to Emma. And then he uttered that one word that would make his life change forever. Mom? Emma? Before he started panicking, he started to rationalize(or try to) why Henry would be there without his creation. Emma must have been with other guys since he had showed up, but...she was in prison for about two years and that kid was at least ten years old. His heart started to race. 

Of course he could never forget that one night that happened between them ten years earlier. That was actually the night that he admitted that he loved her. And it was because he loved her that he left initially. But now looking back on it...had they used protection? He couldn't even remember, it was all a blur. And as he looked at the world around him, everything was a blur too. Everything would seem like a blur until she answered that one particular question. 

He would definitely not wait until she came out of that office. He had to know that answer and he had to know before he went anywhere else. He had always promised his father one thing, that when he had a son or a daughter that he would look after him and protect him from the evils of the world just as he had done. And now he might have already failed that promise. Crowley had told him that this was the best for Emma, but was it? Had he ruined one more life other than hers? He knew that he had to step in so this all could stop. If she would not take him back, perhaps there was someone here who would be close to him. 

All he knew was that he had potentially really screwed up and he had to start fixing it before it went any further. "Emma, wait!" he exclaimed, following her into the office and gazing right into her eyes. "Where did he come from..." he asked with bated breath, his chest puffing in and out from how nervous he was to hear this answer. "Is...this my son?" he asked in a whisper, his nervous eyes passing in between them. "Kid, how old are you?!"

When Emma finally was released from prison, her first instinct was to rebuild the life Dean had destroyed. The pain that had kept her company for 11 months was sheer motivation to throw herself into her work as a bails- bonds person. The lack of free time and the walls she put up effectively shut off any possibility of a romantic relationship. Not that Emma wanted one, she didn't trust anyone, and if she had to be honest with herself, she wasn't completely over Dean. Would she ever be?

Then, Henry came knocking on her door, and she was forced to face the hard reality all over again. The man that she had loved beyond all logic had left her with nothing but a broken heart and the constant reminder that she would probably always love him, a reminder that was now eleven years old. 

Now looking into Henry's eyes, a mirror of Dean's, Emma knew what she had to do. Her armor was only effective against the hurt Dean could cause to her, and she be dammed to allow Dean to do the same to Henry, who was very much unprotected. "Well Dean that would involve a lesson in sexual education, and I am not having that talk in front of my kid," she spat as she stood up from her chair. She turned back towards Henry, "don't answer him. Henry, I will be right back. Continue your homework." 

In a fit of rage, she slammed open the door and pointed at its opening. "Out, now," she commanded Dean. She slammed the door behind both of them. "How dare you," she snarled at Dean as she jabbed her finger into his chest.

Sam pushed Dean out of Emma's grasp, "Whoa guys, can't we talk about this without a brawl?"

Henry not being able to concentrate because of the noise came out of the office, "why is everyone yelling? I am eleven, happy?!"

He understood that she was hurt. God did he understand. He wouldn't blame her for actually ending his life if she was able to do so. The hurt that he had caused her warranted that fit of rage that had come over her. It was the reason why he didn't struggle when Emma practically grabbed him by the scruff and stsrted poking him in his chest. He deserved to be punished. He didn't even attempt to fight her back but just stood there like a submissive dog when she assaulted him.

But there was one thing that would not happen. She could not keep him from his son forever. Henry deserved to know who his fsther was and to meet him. What else could she have told him when the kid asked who his father was or where he was all these years? He wasn't about to lose to someone else who should have trusted him. This had been the biggest mistake that he had ever made, and he was determined to make up for all those years without his father.

"You're my son..." He said under his breath trying to let that register in his mind as he looked into the eyes of his newfound child. Whatever truths he wanted to tell him to give him comfort, they would always end up in a lie. If he told him that he could keep him safe, that he would never leave him, it would surely be deceitful to do so. He knew that there were threats in this world that he couldn't control, especially in his line of work.

"I can't leave Emma. We have to at least talk about this." He said with a wild plea of panic and grief, looking into her hazel eyes with his own deep ones. He wouldn't walk away like that ever again..he just couldn't.
Despite trying his best to mumble under his breath, Henry could still clearly hear what Dean said. He shook his head wildly and took a step backwards, “no. My dad was a mechanic. He... died on the job. That’s what you told me. You said...,” he nervously said looking at Emma. What Henry said wasn’t quite a lie on Emma’s part. With Castiel’s memory erase, she really did believe Dean was a mechanic and not a hunter. The death part of Henry’s statement, well that was a lie that Emma told Henry and herself because she didn’t want to deal with the emotional fallout of Dean being alive.

Sam suddenly took the lead. He took a step forward and looked at Emma with pleading eyes, “Emma, is this Dean’s son?” She let out a sigh that she didn’t know she had been holding. She couldn’t lie to Sam of all people. At one point, Sam had been the best friend, the brother that she never knew she needed. Emma didn’t owe Dean anything, but Sam after all that he had done for her, deserved better. She looked Sam firmly in the eyes and gave a small nod, “yes.”

With wide eyes, Henry ran out of the station. Emma turned away from the brothers, ready to follow Henry. “Why don’t you leave? That’s what you do best after all,” she bitterly directed at Dean and then ran out of the room after Henry.
Dean had always been the strong one among his brother. He had never told Sam but the memory of his mother haunted him from that day on. He felt like that lost little boy every day of his life. And now as he looked into his son's eyes, he saw the exact same thing. And all of it was his fault. When he had a kid, he didn't want him to have the same life he had to live. And now he hasn't been with him five minutes and he had already ruined his chances of a father son relationship.

"Oh..man..." He sighed and he buried his head in his hands as Emma swept out of the room. Of course he didn't blame her for lying about him. He would do the same thing if he were in her place. He was ashamed of himself. All he had ever done was make things harder for the both of them. "What the hell did I do.." He sighed to himself as he watched over to where they had fled. They were fading from view, fading from his life.

*The Next Day*

He had a collosal hangover. After he had gone to his hotel room he had drowned his sorrows. He had been ordering something from Granny's. "Gravy." Granny quirked an eyebrow. "Do you want that gravy on something." He sighed, holding his head. "Surprise me." He kept the sunglasses over his eyes and sighed with a heartbroken crack in his voice, laying back in the booth.

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