Ever since his mother was killed by a demon, he had known the truth: that one should always be afraid of the dark. Supernatural creatures were out there, and most of them were unfriendly, or at least all the ones that he had experience with. He had made it his business to hunt down these threats and rid the world of them. He wanted to make sure that no little boy went through what he and the rest of his family had to go through when the poltergeist took his mother away from them. Sworn to protect humanity, he made that his entire life, driving around the country to hunt down supernatural threats to protect mankind. 

And then...he found the motherload. It was a small town in Maine called Storybrooke. To the world it looked like a meek little town that always slept. It looked like the small town that every suburban dream looked like. But rather than just a city by the docks full of lobster and maple syrup it was the motherload of supernatural activity: witches, werewolves, goblins, dwarves, even gods. It was every kind of hunt he had ever done, but he wasn't stupid. He couldn't just go into town and start shooting up every immortal that lived there. He decided to see if they were truly a threat or not. And if that wasn't enough, the previous sheriff had died a very mysterious death which he definitely wanted to investigate.

No one else should have been able to see the town line once he had driven up there, but Dean saw things that no one else could. He could see the town line and the town itself in the distance very quickly, even though a curse shrouded the rest of it from the eyes of other strangers. Dean drove into the center of town, and so far everything looked normal, but something told him that things were far from normal here. Who that he saw on the street could be a threat? Was it that girl dressed in red? Was it that old woman talking to her, was it the mayor? Or were all of them disguised as humans? 

He had spoken to a little girl(she was a teenager but was tiny as hell and dressed as if she was still two years old) on the street who pointed him to the direction of the diner. The hunter walked into the diner and sat at the counter, casting nervous looks at all the people around him as he ordered a piece of pie from Granny. Maybe he should have gotten a normal dinner but...there was pie. But as he devoured it he had a feeling that there was someone here that he hadn't seen in a long time. 

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Emma finally found Henry brooding in his “castle.” Without a word, she slid in to sit beside him.
“So that’s him,” he asked with a sigh.
She remained silent for a few seconds, completely lost in her own thoughts. “Yeah.”
With that nonchalant answer, Henry turned around to face her. “Why didn’t you tell me?! He asked in frustration.
Emma pondered that question. Why did she tell Henry that his father was dead? Did telling Henry that Dean was dead somehow protect him or was she just merely protecting herself? As she thought over this, she looked out to the horizon. “Because I never thought I would see him again. I never wanted to; he was a liar, a bad guy, and he... he broke my heart,” she said shamefully.
Recognizing the remorse in his mother’s voice, Henry’s anger softened. “I could have taken it, you know. The truth.”
She nodded her head slowly at his response. “I know. He was just a part of my life I wanted to forget. That’s why I didn’t tell you. I was thinking of me, not you. I am sorry.”
Henry shook his head in disbelief. He knew his mother was sorry, but she still lied to him and for what? Because she was afraid to admit to herself that she was probably still in love with his father. She never stopped to ask herself what he wanted, and to Henry that was childish. “I want to meet my dad.”

The next day, Emma was on her way to grab a cup of coffee before taking Henry to school. She noticed Dean sitting in a booth and with a sigh, headed over to him. She owed this to Henry after what she did, so she decided no matter akward or painful it was, she would tough it out for him. “I thought you said the only people allowed to wear sunglasses inside were people who needed them or cops on those procedural shows you hate,” she said to Dean in an attempt to make small talk.
Did he want to meet his son? Of course the answer was yes. Dean may have been a badass hunter of supernatural threats, but he was still a man who wanted to be in his son's life. He had accepted that he was a grown man and that he had a responsibility to his boy. No child should ever be without a father. He knew this pain better than most when it came to not having a mother. When you were missing the presence of one or both of your parents it was a living hell on earth. And he should know, he knew what hell was actually like and that was it. From the sad pathetic looks to the teasing, he couldn't even begin to fathom what Henry was going through.

But what scared him was the time that had passed between the time that Henry was born until the time that he had actually found out about him. After ten years and so many miles apart, would he actually have a chance at having a relationship with his son? Even Dean admitted to himself that it might not be possible after all that had happened. Emma wouldn't even let him look into his eyes. He couldn't just leave him behind, now knowing that he was here. He derseved both his parents.

Of course, when Emma walked into the room he could feel that knot in his stomach tighten. He was always alert when she walked in. Her beauty hadn't changed since then. He felt his cheeks get hot. Was he...blushing? No...he couldn't do that. After what he had put her through he couldnt dare try to repair their broken relationship. It woukd be like trying to revive someone, trying to bring back a past that was already long gone.

He a really gave a smirk at her joke and took the sunglasses off, placing them on the table. "I was totally right about that. But. I forgit about the provision for hangovers." He sighed for one awkward moment before making eye contact with her. Those green eyes of hers still had the power to intimidate him into doing anything or being scared stiff. "I thought you wouldn't wanna see me after last night."
There was that smirk, the adorable and infuriating smirk that got her into trouble the first time with Dean. Seeing it now made her heart thump against her chest and a heat slowly rise throughout her body. She shifted nervously on her feet in an attempt to get rid of the feeling. “Henry wants to meet you,” she said matter-of factly.

She neeed to keep the conversation on Henry because falling back into a comfortable conversation with Dean was only going to break her heart again. As she looked at him, she had to keep reminding herself that Dean abandoned her, and if Henry wasn’t in the equation now, he probably do the same again. “I thought we could walk him to school together...if you want.”

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