This is a character I created awhile ago, but I haven't been able to return to her until now. She's a modern day D'jinn captured by a mob family that she's constantly trying to get away from. I've had plenty of amazing plots and stories in the past with this character, but unfortunately they were left prematurely due to an emergency that took me away from my writing for awhile. When I returned, those I role-played with either do not plot with those character anymore or have deleted their accounts. So onto making new stories.

I'm not picky, all I ask is for more than three sentences. I'm a para-role player and I do enjoy details. If you're describing your sock in three paragraphs, that's a bit much, but I do enjoy plenty of details about surroundings and situations. I like to be immersed in my plots. Whatever effort you put into the plot, I'll put in just as much. If you want to know more about my character, feel free to poke and prod your way through my page. Any questions? Ask away. Guy or gal does not matter. Just looking for entertaining stories. 



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I am interested in possibly roleplaying with you, can you please add me as a friend so I may look through your character Page? Thank you signed, Joseph/ also known as harbinger.

Well I would love to try to RP with you and if you are interested let me know. I cant say I am going to be the best you have ever had but I can tell you I will do my best to write enough to keep your interest. I have been known to do anything from a Para-novella so for the most part I will normally at the very least match your post unless I am on my phone which is not very often and even then I still try to at least match posts. So If you are interested hit me up. also for the most Part I have over 50+ characters for you to choose from and have no issues making a new one for anything specific you wish to RP out.    I have done it all so I like to RP a bit of everything so for the most part I am a very open and versatile  RP partner. :)

Definitely interested!

I've recently created a character that could work well with such a unique idea. I'd be interested for sure! 

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