Fairy Tail Character Role Call!

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     S p o o k y ?? 

    (Forum by Pyrrha Lyonhart moved to this Account!!)

    I’m currently working on an Original Character for Fairy Tail and was wondering if anyone would be interested in creating characters from the anime!

    Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet, Etc etc!

    I’d like to roleplay with any and all of them! I’m looking for a Gray for a friendly rival role, and then a Natsu for more of a best friend / romantic interest role – at least to my character Pyrrha!


    Please message this forum or simply just create an account and add me!!

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     Akito/Agito/Lind Wanijima 

    I might wait till others respond as like I said before I wouldn’t mind doing Jellal/Mystogan/Seigrain, Grey, Natsu or Loki/Loke.

    Although Jellal is probably my favorite male character because I enjoy characters like him that can be very versatile, personality wise hense the Lind/Akito/Agito and why I rped Solomon Goldsmith on the old site & Natsu Tanimoto on FB, as they also have personality switchs depending on who is around.

    The other’s would be cool too though Loke/Leo being my favorite Spirit and one of the few character’s I can relate pretty well too in rl, the other being Grey aside from the stripping problem that is.

    Grey I’ve rped before on FB along with Jellal which is still quite fun but for Grey you really need a Natsu and Erza to really get his personality down same for Loke having Lucy & Jellal having an Erza. So that’s the other reason why I want to wait for other’s to call there character’s.

    I’d also be quite active on which ever one could even do two as well.


    Out of curiosity though let me get this straight you wish to ship your character with only Natsu? Or….? I mean that kind of means you need someone active or semi/active.

    Also are those the main characters you want or are looking for? Or all of them? Happy, Jellal, all the spirit’s, Gajeel etc?

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       S p o o k y ?? 

      That’s awesome! So I guess you can be whoever you want to choose to be!

      I’m honestly looking to ship Pyrrha(my female OC) with anyone like Natsu, Gray, Jellal. and for my male OC Percival I’m looking to ship him either with Juvia, Erza or Lucy. I’m not really picky lol. I just wanted to get it out there my intentions for relationships with certain canon characters.

      And I’m looking for any character at all, really! All of them if people would wanna take roles!

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     S p o o k y ?? 

    Still looking! 😀

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    May I join?

    Ill  u my character later ounce I know what kinda of fairytale this will be

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       S p o o k y ?? 

      It’s Fairy Tail, an anime. If you’d like to join, that’s awesome! But have you watched the show at all?

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    Kinda I have seen parts of it because my roommate watches it


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       S p o o k y ?? 

      Netflix has the first 48 episodes in English Dub,  and Hulu has more. But Animefreak.tv has all of the episodes, and most of them up in English. I say watch some, you might like it! :DD


      But that’s awesome! Would you want to roleplay any Canon characters? Or something OC wise? If you watch more of the show, you could probably pick someone or figure someone out.

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     Sofia Falcone 

    I could totally make a Lucy account…I love Fairy Tail

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       S p o o k y ?? 

      I have a friend currently interested in Lucy. But if you don’t mind an extra, then go for it! Unless you have anyone else you’d be interested in playing!


      But please. Don’t hesitate to join! 😀 The more the merrier! <3

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    If Erza is still open I wouldn’t mind doing Erza please respond with answer (I sound like someone’s actually patient lol I’m not really)

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