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    Over the next few weeks we’ll be hosting regular events which will string together into the next movement in the Main Story Arc, and in order to make that as epic as possible we need you!

    Have you ever wanted to run an adventure? Play a villain? A Hero? Or have a character die or change in an epic tale of infamy and fortune?

    We’ll need people to DM missions, play characters, and take on roles in these stories. We’re also interested in working with pre-existing stories in order to expand the main story arc we are developing.

    Are you interested? You can message me directly, or comment below and I’ll contact you with options and details. We may have a public open OOC meeting soon to go over some ideas as well.

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     Kortar Mayr 

    Erm…I have an idea for something I could DM? Maybe something seasonal? A spooky corn maze where the characters fight monsters and that kind of stuff. Maybe? Just an idea that I hinted at the night before the site change.

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