Nazi Germany Victory? (Sensitive Topic, I know.)

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     Random Characters 

    Just hear me out. What if Nazi Germany won WWII? And NOT because of any crazy luck with the troops or if things had gone differently. But because Hitler did not put all those people into prison camps. And instead, was convinced by one of his commanders to use them on the front lines as a buffer for the main German army. The story takes place on the front lines, of course. Not on D-Day. But in the attack on France. I don’t know jack shit about this timeline, really. And I know that you’re probably thinking (Then why the fuck did you even suggest this?). But i’d like to maybe try this out with someone. If you are interested, please either message me through PM or through inbox. Or whatever this new system calls it.

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     Dumb Crumb 

    If the German’s had won, would we have wiener schnitzel instead of pizza?

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       Random Characters 

      I have no idea, man. I wouldn’t go that far as to change so much about our own history. This rp would be mainly battles and gritty soldiering bits.

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     Anders Of The Blood 


    Well…three fronts didn’t help.


    Not giving free rein to Rommel.


    Micro managing and sadly, not taking advice from advisors who admittedly, probably would have ended the war sooner…  still.


    Nice uniforms.

    Got to love a Stormtrooper.



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     Maiden Company Mercs 

    I really like how the new wolfenstein games did the whole what if the Nazi’s won. If you hadn’t played the new games, I highly recommend them!

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       Random Characters 

      I have not. But I wasn’t planning on going into the years after the victory. Just one, big battle.

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