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    Hello everybody! This is Chris here, with a entirely new list I got!


    For the first time since the practice matches are going well, I’m experimenting and updating some stuff, including the factions and characters I use that are involved in the story of Finite Wars and some more characters!


    There will be 10+1;

    (It’s really 11 genres in total, man I can’t count. XD)


    (It’s really and honestly Factions made that each character i make to join 10+1 specific genre factions.


    From then on, that faction will have a specific faction leader. All characters from the faction will  follow that faction leader until he dies and then a new one takes the place of another. Also stronger AI will be implied upon roleplay and in the tournaments/practice matchs.


    This is an entire genre list of 30 character per genre

    (Disregarding the ten only for the random genre/OC AND 100 for Undertale)

    (It least for now)


    That will be listed and used in chat roleplays and other such role playing activities per genre.


    The leaders are the first to be made and are marked with (*) Those Made are marked with a (#) with a link to their page. And for those I’m going to make I’ll put another monthly list of the current ones I’m making on there.

    Now why 30 per genre you may ask? Well I plan to have plenty of fighters ready. And again this doesn’t count the ten only for random genre and Undertale’s 100, those were decisions I made personally.


    So..Here we go!

    ((Current Accounts will also be apart of this 30 maximum list.))


    ((List will not change once selected, all things are final.))


    ((Unfortunately, due to my idiotic ways of counting numbers, 9 and 10 are now 10 that is in the place of the 9th, meaning the 9th was miscounted so it’s 9/10. Man I’m dumb..))


    Bonus Genre: Extra

    Duel Masters

    Faction Name: The Dueling Creature Brigade/T.D.C.B

    Faction Leader: MasterMind

    Members: 30

    List of People (List Is Final For Now)

    1: MasterMind (LEADER)

    2: Adventure Boar

    3: Alice, Codebreaker/Alice, Chaos Witch

    4: Aquan Mercator

    5 Aqua Wizard

    6 Aqua Jack

    7 Aqua Librarian

    8 Armored Warrior Quelos

    9 Bad Tambourine

    10 Batrevenge, Passion Dragon

    11 Bagarn, Passionate Soldier

    12 Bachichi, Misfortune Demon 73

    13 Batias, the Patroller

    14 Bell Hell De Skull, Moon Reaper

    15 Bronze Chain Sickle

    16 Bronze-Arm Tribe

    17 Bruce DEAD, Megadeth Size

    18 Burning Dead Sword

    19 Born Killer, Masked Mecha

    20 Box, Invader

    21 Brad, Super Kickin’ Dynamo

    22 Chokirabi, Scissors Phantom

    23 Colonel Koala, Forest Commander

    24 Concone, Master of Hiding

    25  Cosmo Politan

    26 Dead, Zombie

    27 Death Hunter Dragoon

    28 Dark Lucifer, Demonic Eyed Gunman

    29 Deis Clown, Ranger of Gaia

    30 Draglide






    Genre: 0

    Ape Escape

    Faction Name: Pipo Ape Empire

    Faction Leader: Specter: Pipo Monkey Supreme King

    Members: 30

    List of People (List Is Final For Now)

    1  Specter: Pipo Monkey Supreme King (LEADER)

    2  S.A.R.U 8 Member 1: Commander Yellow/Yellow Minion #1

    3  S.A.R.U 8 Member 2: Captain Aqua/Teal/Aqua/Teal Minion #2

    4  S.A.R.U 8 Member 3: Lieutenant Blue/Blue Minion #3

    5 S.A.R.U 8 Member 4: Colonel White/White Minion #4

    6 S.A.R.U 8 Member 5: Major Black/Chase/Black Minion #5

    7  S.A.R.U 8 Member 6: Sargent Green/Green Minion #6

    8 S.A.R.U 8 Member 7: General Red/Red Minion #7

    9 S.A.R.U 8 Member 8: Staff Officer Pink/Pink Minion #8

    10 S.A.R.U 8 Soldier E/Extra/B-934

    11 S.A.R.U 8 Extra Backup Private Veteran Leader E-1/Back Up Extra-1

    12 S.A.R.U 8 Extra Backup Guardsmen Brothers E2/E3/Back Up Extra(s) 2/3

    13 Champion of Specter/Mong PoPo

    14 Dark Specter/Brother of Specter

    15 Dark Jake/Secret Weapon/Avatar of Specter

    16 Pipo-Snake/The Gorilla Soldier/Solid Pipo Monkey

    17 Metal Banana Overseer Jaguar/Trigger-Finger Jaguar

    18 Mima/Black Guard of Specter/Specter’s Hit Woman/Hit Assassin

    19 Nidia/Wife of Specter

    20 Pipotron Blue

    21 Pipotorn Red

    22 Pipotron Yellow

    23 Dark Master: Sake Maker And Ninja Shadow Warlord

    25 SAL-1000/SAL 3000

    26 Doctor Fred The Wise

    27 Frankie/Daughter of Specter

    28 Ukino/Clone Daughter of Colonel White

    29 Arthur: Sir Banana Knight

    30 Songokou: Ultra Primate P-Fighter







    Genre 1


    Faction Name: Monster Maulers

    Faction Leader: Dark Magicican

    Members: 30

    List of People (List Is Final For Now)

    1 Dark Magician (LEADER)

    2 Kurama

    3 The Furious Sea King

    4 Dragoness The Wicked Knight

    5 KamionWizard

    6 M-Warrior Brothers 1#+#2

    7 Man Eater

    8 Mavelus

    9 Spirit of The Harp

    10 The Bewitching Phantom Thief

    11 Armed Ninja

    12 Drooling Lizard

    13 Eldeen

    14 The Wandering Doomed

    15 Witty Phantom

    17 Ancient Lizard Warrior

    18 D. Human

    19 Dark Assailant

    20 Dokuroizo the Grim Reaper

    21 Dharc The Dark Charmer

    22 Neko Gal #1

    23 Wethra

    24 Pragtical

    25 Water Girl

    26 Crow Gobin

    27 Toad Master

    28 Burglar

    29 Hero of The East

    30 Harpy Girl






    Genre 2

    Mega Man

    Faction Name: Robot Masters 3.0

    Faction Leader: Dark Mega-Man

    Members: 30

    List of People (List Is Final For Now)

    1 Dark/Evil/Corrupt Mega Man (LEADER)

    2 Elec Man

    3 Time Man

    4 Metal Man

    5 Quick-Man

    6 Flash Man

    7 Gemini Man

    8 Snake Man

    9 Shadow Man

    10 Pharaoh Man

    11 Ring Man

    12 Skull Man

    13 Wave Man

    14 Gyro Man

    15 Star Man

    16 Crystal Man

    17 Flame Man

    18 Knight Man

    19 Plant Man

    20 Tomahawk Man

    21 Yamato Man

    22 Freeze Man

    23 Slash Man

    24 Shade Man

    25 Tengu Man

    26 Clown Man

    27 Galaxy Man

    28 Fuse Man

    29 Magic Man

    30  Sniper Joe (0)-1







    Genre 3


    Faction Name: Rescue Team Rainbow

    Faction Leader:  Missingo OC

    Members: 30

    List of People (List Is Final For Now)

    1 Missingno OC (LEADER)

    2  Charizard OC

    3  Wartortle OC

    4 Rattata OC

    5 Ekans OC

    6 Pikachu OC

    7 Raichu OC

    8 SandShrew OC

    9 SandSlash OC

    10 NidoQueen OC

    11 NidoKing OC

    12 ZuBat OC

    13 Meowth OC

    14 Abra OC

    15 Kadabra OC

    16 Alakazam OC

    17 Machop OC

    18 Gastly OC

    19 Cubone OC

    20 MarowWak OC

    21 Vaporeon OC

    22 Aerodactyl OC

    23 Articuno OC

    24 Zapdos OC

    25 Moltres OC

    26 Dratini OC

    27 Dragonair OC

    28 Mewtwo OC

    29 Murkrow OC

    30 Blaziken OC







    Genre 4

    Fire Emblem

    Faction Name: The New Beginion Trade Federation Company

    Faction Leader: Queen-Class OC: Naukri-Tishomingo: The Elder Priestess of  T.N.B.T.F.C

    Members: 30

    List of People (List Is Final For Now)

    1 Queen Class OC (LEADER)

    2 Manakete OC

    3 SwordMaster OC

    4 Myrmidon OC

    5 Hero Class OC

    6 Sage OC

    7 Soldier OC

    8 Mage OC

    9 Thief OC

    10 Paladin OC

    11 Great Knight OC

    12 Villager OC

    13 Dark Mage OC

    14 Assassin OC

    15 Mercenary OC

    16 Bow Knight OC

    17 Sorcerer OC

    18 Fighter OC

    19 Trickster OC

    20 Great Lord OC

    21 Lord OC

    22 Sniper OC

    23 Knight OC

    24 General OC

    25 Archer OC

    26 Cleric OC

    27 Priest OC

    28 Druid OC

    29 Bishop OC

    30 Emperor OC







    Genre 5

    The Legend of Dragoon

    Faction Name: The Monsters of Old World/United Feral Fighters

    Faction Leader: The Great Commander of Sandora

    Members: 30

    List of People (List Is Final For Now)

    1 The Great Commander of Sandora OC (LEADER)

    2 Puck OC

    3 Berserk Mouse OC

    4 Knight of Sandora OC

    5 Trent OC

    6 Goblin OC

    7 Hellena Warden OC

    8 Senior Warden OC

    9 Fowl Fighter OC

    10 Vampire Kiwi OC

    11 Crescent Bee    OC

    12 Commander  (Seles)  OC

    13  Commander (7th Fort) (Marsh)   OC

    14 Crocodile OC

    15 Gargoyle OC

    16 Baby Dragon OC

    17 Plague Rat OC

    18 Beastie Dragon OC

    19 Crafty Thief OC

    20 Cute Cat OC

    21 Dark Elf OC

    22 Dragon Soldier OC

    23 Dragonfly OC

    24 Flying Rat OC

    25 Forest Runner OC

    26 Frilled Lizard OC

    27 Gangster OC

    28 Land Skater OC

    29 Sandora Elite OC

    30 Succubus OC






    Genre 6


    Faction Name: Mercenaries of The Digital World/Digi-For-Hire Heroes And Those Who Fight For Coin

    Faction Leader: Death-Killer The Legendary Mercenary War-Lord

    Members: 30

    List of People (List Is Final For Now)

    1 Cherubimon (Vice) OC

    2 Agumon (Black) OC

    3  AncientWisemon OC

    4  Bancho Leomon OC

    5  Bancho Lilimon OC

    6  Bancho Mamemon OC

    7 Bancho Stingmon OC

    8  Beel Starmon OC

    9  Belphemon: Sleep/Rage Mode OC

    10  Bemmon OC

    11 Buraimon OC

    12 Bushi Agumon OC

    13  Ceresmon Medium OC

    14  Chaos Piemon OC

    15  Charismon OC

    16 Commandramon OC

    17  Dark Superstarmon OC

    18 Dark Lizamon  OC

    19 Death-X-DORUgamon OC

    20 Dezipmon OC

    21  Devidramon OC

    22  Drawmon OC

    23 Duftmon OC

    24 Fakemon  OC

    25  Fla Wizarmon OC

    26 Floramon OC

    27 Hackmon (Appmon)OC

    28  Black Impmon OC

    29 Black Renamon OC

    30 Wisemon (Shadow) OC







    Genre 7

    Kingdom Hearts

    Faction Name: The Shadow Legion/X-Horanort’s Death Army of Soulless Malice

    Faction Leader: Dark Supreme Shadow Emperor X-Horanort

    Members: 30

    List of People (List Is Final For Now)

    1 Lord X-Horanort (LEADER)

    2 Shadow OC

    3 Neo-Shadow OC

    4 Shadow Witch OC

    5  Shadow Magician OC

    6 Shadow Sora OC

    7 Anti-Sora (Boss Version) OC

    8  Ansem: Robed Figure OC

    9 Soldier OC

    10 Pumpkin Soldier OC

    11 Diver OC

    12 Air Soldier OC

    13 PowerWildOC

    14BouncyWild OC

    15 SniperWild OC

    16 Wild Shaman OC

    17 Cheery Ape OC

    18 Bandit OC

    19 Red Bandit OC

    20  Swordsman OC

    21 Search Ghost OC

    22 Gargoyle OC

    23  Wight Knight OC

    24 Pirate OC

    25 Air Pirate OC

    26 Wyvern OC

    27  Wizard OC

    28  Mushroom XIII No. 1 OC

    29 Book Master OC

    30  Mysterious Sir OC







    Genre 8


    Faction Name: Royal AU Kingdom/The United Unification Unit of Monsters And Humanoids

    Faction Leader: King Sans/Royal Sans

    Members: 100

    List of People

    (BECAUSE I LOVE Undertale, this listed has been extended to 100, yes 100!)

    (Don’t like it? Bite me. ;3)

    1 King Sans/Royal Sans (LEADER)

    2 Abysstale Asgore

    3 Abysstale Asriel

    4 Abysstale Flowey

    5 AlterFell! King Asgore

    6 Alterfell! W.D Asriel Dreemurr

    7 Altertale “Paps” Asgore/The Awesome Asgore

    8 Altertale Toriel

    9 Angeltale Asriel

    10 Apprentice of Doom (Unknown-Tale Chara)

    11 AssassinTale A’zio Dree’mator’i

    12 AssassinTale Toriel

    13 Axetale MadJick

    14 BadTimeTale Asriel Dreemurr

    15 Bright Shine (Future-Falling-Fate Asriel Dreemurr) (Son of Light Teen)

    16 Coat (Dark Kid Asriel Dreemurr’s Second Son)

    17 CrystalTale Mad Jick

    18 Dark Kid Asriel Dreemurr (Child)/(Mid-Final Reaper Form)/(Final Reaper Form) (DeltaTale Second Brother)

    19 Melvin (Dark Kid’s Light Side) (Servent Underling Form)

    20 DarkTale Asgore

    21 DarkTale Asriel (Kid)

    22 Death Shadow-Ling (Dark Asriel Dreemurr’s First Son)

    23 DeltaTale Cosmic Judgement King Asriel Dreemurr

    24 DemonTale Asriel Dreemurr/Seed

    25 DemonTale Toriel

    26 Doge: Long Lost Captain of The True Dreamer Royal Family

    27 Cyclone-Tale Alphys/Dr. Cyclone The Master of Chaos

    28 DukeTale Asriel Dreemurr

    29 EgyptTale Pharaoh Asriel Dreemurr

    30 EgyptTale Queen Cleop-riel

    31  ElementalTale Asriel The Wind Denity

    32 Emotale Asriel Dreemurr

    33 Error!Tale Glitch CyberLord Asgore

    34 Error!Tale Toriel

    35 Error!Tale Asriel Dreemurr

    36  Faded Dreemurr (Third DeltaTale Brother)

    37 FallenTale Asriel Dreemurr

    38 Falling-Future-Fate Asriel (Covert Spy-Resistance Outfit)

    39 Freakazoid Frank (HeroTale)

    40 Future-Falling-Fale Asriel/Axel (Cloned Brother)

    41 EaterTale Asriel Dreemurr/Grell Alonzo Dreemurr (God of Glutton Form)

    41 Futuretale King Asgore

    42 Futuretale Asriel

    43 Futuretale Asriel Dreemurr

    44 FutureTale Toriel

    45 GenderbentTale Madam Jinx

    46 GenderBentTale Aeriel Dreemurr

    47 GongInk!Tale Sans/Air-Paint Greg

    48 Goretale Dummy

    49 Grim: Void Herald

    50 GaurdianTale Toriel

    51 GZTale Asriel Dreemurr

    52 H.A.T.E (Revenge Tale)/Rage The Fury Asriel Dreemurr (Evil Light Kid)

    53 H.A.T.E (Revenge Tale) Rage The Fury Asriel Dreemurr (Evil Light Adult)

    54  Heart/FlirtTale Asriel Dreemurr

    55 HopeTale Frederick De’ The Frank

    56 HopeTale Priest Queen/Mother Toriel

    57 HopeTale Undyne TheCheerful True Water Warrior

    58 Host (PROJECT-MONSTER:INCOMPLETE) (Goat/Sans/True Form)

    59  HostTale Asriel Dreemurr/Mr. Smooth The Narrator                                       (Alternate Multiverse Version) (PROJECT-MONSTER:COMPLETE)

    60 Humantale Asriel (Child)

    61 Humantale Asriel (Adult)

    62 HyperTale True Hyper God of Cosmic Devine Wrath/Tal’Kull StarWing

    (Refined Form)/(True Hyper God Form)

    63 Hypertale Demi-HyperGod Asriel/Kid Prism (Son of The Hyper God)

    (Chibi/Teen/Adult/Hyper Adult Forms)

    64 Hypertale Az-KILL (Corrupted Hyper Death-God Form)

    65 Jazztale Asriel Dreemurr+Asriel (Mini-Summoned Minion)

    66 JobTale Asgore The Janitor

    67 JobTale Asriel The Accoutant

    68 JobTale Sans The Sales-Skellig-Man

    69 JokerTale Mad Jick

    70 KH.VerTale Asriel Dreemurr: Aroa The Chosen

    71 King Light Kid (Adult)

    72 KotoTale Asriel The Dynasty Warlord

    73 KhronoTale Time Breaker King Asgore

    74 Light As-Birel Dreemurr (Light Kid Alternate Version) (Angel Form)

    75 Light Ray Lenny (HeroTale)

    76 Little Red Slicing Hood (Canon Version)

    77 Little Rude Baby Red: The Future Hunter (Future-Falling-Fate LRSH)

    78 Future-Fell LRSH/The Un-Lawfull Royal Baby Red (Grown/Adult)

    79 LittleTale Prince Asgore

    80 LittleTale Asriel

    81 Love-Lost-Tale Fallen King Asriel

    82 Lust Tale Asriel Dreemurr

    83 Monster Adult

    84 Mr. Patriot (HeroTale)

    85 NegaTale Asriel Dreemurr

    86 NexTale Asriel The Sykoin Hunter

    87 OuterTale Asgore

    88 OuterTale Asriel

    89  OuterTale Toriel

    90 OuterTale Mad Jick

    91 PaladinTale Asriel (Destroyer of Heavens)

    92 PilgrimTale Asriel

    93 PonyTale Spiriel Dreemurr

    94 Prince Light Adult Asriel Dreemurr (Hyper LightMonk Form)

    95 Prince Light Kid Asriel Dreemurr

    (DeltaTale/Ultra/Prince/Teen/Pure Original Forms) (Delta Tale’s First Brother)

    96 Prince Light Chibi-Baby Prince Asriel Dreemurr (DeltaTale Era)

    97 Ray The Bracer Halfling

    98 RoyalTale Flowey/Gold Pollen Lord/Fool’s Golden Dandaline King

    99 RoyalTale Mad Jick

    100 SwapFell Alphys






    Genre 9/10/Final Genre

    Random Genres/Random OCS

    Faction Name: The Ran-Dummies

    Faction Leader: Phantom Chaos

    Members: 10

    List of People

    (List Is Final For Now) (Reduced To 10 For To Many Accounts Already)

    1 Phantom Chaos (LEADER) (OC)

    2 Karl/Arma (Law of Talos)

    3 Captain Mailman (Infinity-Cord)

    4 General Blue (Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z)

    5 Lord Enerjak (Sonic OC)

    6 Fang The Sniper/Nack The Weasel

    7 DJ Hakiki: The Beat Battler (Furry OC)

    8 Koal The Tiamat Kobold Pristess (DND)

    9 U.S.S.R Lieutenant-Conscript Soldier Ricky GoSuv’Doove Jorudan

    (Young/Older Forms) (OC)

    10 Captain GlockenSmurt The Stable Crazed Commander (OC)





    Thanks for taking the time to read this, now I need to go jump into a lake of acid and die for so many characters.~


    Infiniate List: Multiple Possibilities

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