The Commission

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     Imperious Rex 

    This cult, it’s wrong. They’re killing people, twisting others, the whole city is a mess. We were on the path to rebuilding after the fall of the SS empire and now, everything is just going to shit.

    I’m going to stop that.

    I’m calling for people who are willing to get their hands dirty. People who don’t mind using persuasive means to take down a nefarious force. These people are crazy. Ripping open pregnant women, you just, you can’t do that.

    I’m willing to pay. There is a fund and trust set up and any who joins will be handsomely rewarded. Sign up sheet is attached. Just leave your name and we’ll find you.

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    Rewarded you say? Sounds very interesting. I usually don’t mind getting my hands dirty for a little pay. Where do I sign up?

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