The home of the norse Gods. where the brave comes after they dies.

king: odin

Queen: Frigga

the princes: Thor, Balder and Loki

soliders/ Guards:


Website: http://Asgard
Location: Only way to asgard is to use Bifrost
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Asgard, Valhalla

Forum Roleplaying

The Tavern

Started by thora odinsdottir. Last reply by Leah of Hel (and others) Aug 24. 174 Replies

is a lace where people comes and goes to have a few glasses ales, listens to stories from the worriors three or have a party who can stay for weeks. everyone are welcome here…Continue

Training Grounds

Started by Lyall (Daenerys), Queen. Last reply by Loki Aug 23. 1043 Replies


Akero's Chambers

Started by Akero Karga. Last reply by Akero Karga Aug 21. 68 Replies

In a room above Raen's, very simplistic with not much except a bed, curtains, and a series of training equipment including a mook jongContinue

Raen and Aura's room

Started by Raen Lokisdottir. Last reply by Raen Lokisdottir Aug 21. 1156 Replies

The room was completely black with blacklights all over.There are five bookcases crammed with books of various genres on the north wall. One carries fantasy novels. ONe carries the horror Genre.One…Continue

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Comment by Raen Lokisdottir 8 minutes ago

Oh, you get to meet my son now."

A GIANT black and blue dragon landed beside them.

"Tony, this is Drogo.''

Comment by Tony Clock & Paige Notepad 9 minutes ago

*Tony smiled and hugged Her back and spun Raen around in a spin Hug before setting Her down.*Oh Timeless....what about You Love?

Comment by Raen Lokisdottir 13 minutes ago

''Aye.''She threw her arms around him.''How've ya been?"

Comment by Tony Clock & Paige Notepad 15 minutes ago

*Tony smiled and fell form the tree onto His feet.*Been a long Time hasn't it Raen?

Comment by Raen Lokisdottir 16 minutes ago

Hello old friend.''She called up to him.

Comment by Tony Clock & Paige Notepad 18 minutes ago

*Tony smiled and held His index finger to His lips as if telling Her to relax.*

Comment by Raen Lokisdottir 20 minutes ago

She whirled around and her eyes widened.''.....Fuck."

Comment by Tony Clock & Paige Notepad 23 minutes ago

*It was out of nowhere appearing in a tree sitting on a branch was Tony the Clock, His ticking noise echoing.*

Comment by Raen Lokisdottir 47 minutes ago

She pulled away from Akero and walked to Katja.''...Welcome to Asgard. You're not really stealthy."

Comment by KatJa LefayDahtr 1 hour ago
*The young Frost Giant would look around,her eyes gleaming with curiosity* "Woah....So this is Asgard...." *She then threw off her hood so her black hair and face could feel the warm sun* "It's so....Different...."

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