The home of the norse Gods. where the brave comes after they dies.

king: odin

Queen: Frigga

the princes: Thor, Balder and Loki

soliders/ Guards:


Website: http://Asgard
Location: Only way to asgard is to use Bifrost
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Asgard, Valhalla

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Akero's Chambers

Started by Akero Karga. Last reply by Akero Karga on Wednesday. 33 Replies

In a room below Raen's, very simplistic with not much except a bed, curtains, and a series of training equipment including a mook jongContinue

The Gardens

Started by Lyall (Daenerys), Queen. Last reply by Loki Laufeyson on Sunday. 435 Replies


The Tavern

Started by Tarene odinsdottir. Last reply by Raen Lokisdottir Jul 25. 99 Replies

is a lace where people comes and goes to have a few glasses ales, listens to stories from the worriors three or have a party who can stay for weeks. everyone are welcome here…Continue

Ava and Dessa's room

Started by Ava Lynn. Last reply by Fagan Star(and others) Jul 24. 12 Replies

this is where Ava and her snow leopard Dessa stay while in Asgard

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Comment by Raen Lokisdottir 4 hours ago

Raen silently hugged her father from behind*

Comment by Loki Laufeyson 6 hours ago

*loki was with their coffins. was ordering how their boats should be. it was easly seen he was in pain*

Comment by Ava Lynn on Wednesday

((I won't be on much for awhile so much has come up...and school too so that's why okay? :( sorry...))

Comment by Ava Lynn on Tuesday

*Ava sighs softly and runs her hand through Dessa's white spotted fur* all we know is that they were in another realm and some fighting broke out... which is when they died...*she offers softly* we don't know why or where though..the guards never said...

Comment by Raen Lokisdottir on Tuesday

She snarled at the guards passing outside the door''KEEP WALKING."

Comment by Greg on Tuesday
His aura began to change slowly from a bright blue to a more passionate and sad blue color as he received the hug from Aric. His family along with Raen being there were the only two things that were keeping him from going postal.

The guards and even a few honor guards gave the room a wide burst of space as any guard could set Greg off in an unstoppable rage. His very life seemed to be shattered by this loss and secretly his own black cross Templar guards were doing their own investigation into their deaths. If they were murdered, he would know soon and them heaven help the people or creatures that did this.

Comment by Raen Lokisdottir on Tuesday

They never told me. But the guards who failed to save them had to be jailed, else Greg would have killed them."

Comment by Amora The Enchantress on Monday

Amora's eyes got widely opened in shocked and a sharp pain tore her heart. Valia? Dead? and Dae too? "What do you mean? How?" she tried hard to not freak out still remembering who Raen was. "Raen please tell me, I besheech you" she asked terrified

Comment by Raen Lokisdottir on Monday

They died.'' She said softly.

Comment by Akero Karga on Monday

+Walks over  to raen and pats her shoulder, kissing her head, telling her that she should be with her family, and I walk over to my room+


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