The home of the norse Gods. where the brave comes after they dies.

king: odin

Queen: Frigga

the princes: Thor, Balder and Loki

soliders/ Guards:


Website: http://Asgard
Location: Only way to asgard is to use Bifrost
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Asgard, Valhalla

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The Tavern

Started by Tarene odinsdottir. Last reply by Fagan Star(and others) 13 hours ago. 97 Replies

is a lace where people comes and goes to have a few glasses ales, listens to stories from the worriors three or have a party who can stay for weeks. everyone are welcome here…Continue

Ava and Dessa's room

Started by Ava Lynn. Last reply by Fagan Star(and others) 14 hours ago. 12 Replies

this is where Ava and her snow leopard Dessa stay while in Asgard

Training Grounds

Started by Lyall (Daenerys), Queen. Last reply by Akero Karga on Tuesday. 1017 Replies


The Gardens

Started by Lyall (Daenerys), Queen. Last reply by Lyall (Daenerys), Queen on Tuesday. 432 Replies


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Comment by Raen Lokisdottir 13 hours ago


Comment by Loki Laufeyson 13 hours ago

*placed a hand on raen's shoulder*

Comment by Greg 13 hours ago
Tears continue to fall like rain as he fell to his knees. His eye dim down as the air around him seemed to be filled with sadness and pain. His aura changed to a sad blue color as his aura changed to dark sad color blue. "Vallia and Dae, were everything. Without them, I don't know how to go on." He says to Ava while her friend would feel the sadness of a pure hearted spirit in pain of loss.

Comment by Raen Lokisdottir 18 hours ago

Raen walked past silently

Comment by Ava Lynn 20 hours ago

*Quietly Ava walks over and Dessa rubs her head on him, she did not know what to say but she wanted to try to be helpful if she could in any way* I'm sorry...*she says softly as she looks at him*

Comment by Raen Lokisdottir yesterday

She hugged him from behind tightly.

Comment by Greg yesterday
His eyes wide as a mix of anger and pain fill his eyes when he heard the news upon entering the main hall area. "No, the love of my life and my daughter dead?"

He search around and tried to find out everything while tears begin to fall down his face. He felt so alone, the deep pain felt like his every soul was being ripped apart. "I failed, all my strength and power were useless as i couldn't protect them."

He could not even think as more tears ran down his face while still searching for anyone who will inform him of all that had happened. The guards that were assigned to protect Vallia and Dae were quickly arrested and confined to their quarters for their own safety as Greg would have ripped their head off if he saw them.

Comment by Raen Lokisdottir yesterday

She kissed his forehead.

Comment by Aric Lokison yesterday

*nods alittle and look up at her* i...i know, but..i ..i miss them

Comment by Raen Lokisdottir yesterday

She wrapped her arms around her brother tightly. ''Shhhh Shhhhh's ok.. They're in a better place."


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