Blade Temple

This Temple is owned by Lord Danteus Dragule. This is a Temple of Learning.

This is the Front Gate that you would see before even getting close to the Temple itself.

These are the views you would get as you would be climbing to try and get to the Temple.

Information of the Temple.

The Way of the Blade is taught here. For people that wish to learn the Way of the Blade. The Sensei are highly skilled in the Way of the Blade. Students will also get a personally forged katana by Lord Danteus Dragule, himself.


Danteus Dragule -Head Sensei-

Vincente 'Vince' Dragonheart -Second In Command-

Drakos Darkheart

Hassani Shomo

Micky Dragule

Katara Darkheart

-Medical Staff-

Tablei Zagurian

Micky Dragule -Head of Medical Staff- 

-Tea Room Staff-

Katara Darkheart

Aurora Falcon

If you would like a Job at the Blade Temple. See Dante. If you can not find Dante. Get hold of Desideria and Vince. Giving them a message as they will pass on the message to Dante.


  1. No Firearms. (Unless Dante says we will start training in Firearms)
  2. No Hostility.

Location: Near the Dragule Mansion.
Members: 120
Latest Activity: on Tuesday

Forum Roleplaying

Temple Tea Room

Started by Katara DeMoreso. Last reply by Aurora Falcon Stein on Monday. 214 Replies

This is the Temple Tea Room. This Tea Room is open to anyone if there training sessions are over or if they are having a small break from the session. There is a wide selection of tea's as well. There are no chairs, but there are cushions which you…Continue

Sensei Katara's Dojo

Started by Katara DeMoreso. Last reply by Aurora Falcon Stein Aug 13. 150 Replies

Just off the beaten path of the Temple's main walkway, you see circle stepping…Continue

Temple Garden

Started by Danteus Dragule. Last reply by Zen Aku May 9. 726 Replies

This is the Temple Garden where all the training will take place. It is a very big garden with amazing views of the calm lake and the early Japanese styled building, which would be the Temple.…Continue

Sensei Vincente's Training Dojo

Started by Vincente "Vince" Dragonheart. Last reply by Vincente "Vince" Dragonheart May 6. 163 Replies

This dojo is a little different from the rest, because once you step through the doors your instantly teleported to the inside of active Volcano. Suspended by magic with no where to go but back out the doors you came in. Here in the dojo students…Continue

Council Hall

Started by Vincente "Vince" Dragonheart. Last reply by Vincente "Vince" Dragonheart Apr 2. 31 Replies

Here off to the west of the Blade temple the Council hall is being constructed.…Continue

Drakos' Library

Started by Drakos DarkHeart. Last reply by Shiver Mar 15. 26 Replies

"The Library.""Rather than an office Drakos can usually be found within his…Continue

Dante's Office

Started by Danteus Dragule. Last reply by Akasha ♰The Queen Of The Damned♰ Feb 2. 285 Replies

*Knock before entering, unless pre-invited*This is Dante's Personal Office. Where he keeps track of applications to the Temple. All of the students and Sensei. Also Dante keeps a hidden stash of Whiskey in the office for when things get too…Continue

Hassani's office

Started by Hassani Shomo. Last reply by The Past & Future Rper Girl Jan 14. 31 Replies

This is the Office of Hassani Shomo (Sensei).  past the door is a room with furnishings of cherry wood, the desk, the chairs, the book cases... all cherry wood.his office chair is upholstered with a black leather form a strange creature from his…Continue

Temple Meditation Garden

Started by Danteus Dragule. Last reply by Talin Gael Dec 30, 2013. 50 Replies

This is the Temple Meditation Garden, this is open to everyone. It was very nice and close views of the lake. You can come here if you feel stressed or don't want to go to the Tea Room, but want to relax. This is a quiet place. Please remember to…Continue

Sensei Vincente's Office

Started by Vincente "Vince" Dragonheart. Last reply by Danteus Dragule Jun 14, 2013. 4 Replies

~knock before entering~Senei Vincente's office in the blade temple act like a…Continue

Comment Wall


You need to be a member of Blade Temple to add comments!

Comment by Zen Aku on Tuesday

*Sensing a different type of energy approaching I slowly move my head to the side seeing the stranger with silent steps. Interesting, there much to learn about the creatures in this world. No longer orgs and rangers, clear to the eye there is much more, making it even more important to keep my skills at their peak.*

Comment by Rekol on Tuesday
*walks into the main grounds not making a sound*

Comment by Zen Aku on August 12, 2014 at 9:00pm

Greetings, I believe we have not met. I am Zen Aku, duke wolf org. I came here to maintain my skills.

Comment by Hollow on August 3, 2014 at 2:56pm

Looks at Zen, strangely unfazed about his eyes and energy. Probably because I was not used to my powers y et with my memory gone. I knew that he wasn't Dante. According to the book, I would know Dante right off the bat.-

Comment by Zen Aku on August 3, 2014 at 2:49pm

*Sensing another nearby I came to a halt, standing only a three yards away from the lady holding the book. My gaze was not hostile yet my stare seem unpredictable. Yellow eyes were not the only thing that gave a bad vibe, the energy around me would make most nervous or on guard.*

Comment by Hollow on July 27, 2014 at 6:41pm

Sits on a boulder waiting for Dante to appear. Needing his help as I clutch a leather book in my hand.-

Comment by Zen Aku on July 24, 2014 at 8:25pm
** with subtle steps I walk through the path that lead to the blade temple. Once I near the gate I came from hair length away from crossing it, before coming to a halt. I bowed my head yet kept my eyes forward. Done with paying my respects to the temple I step forward. My gaze unsettle as the energy around me.**

Comment by Rekol on July 6, 2014 at 3:42pm
*nods as he starts walking his knees already bent when he walks just in case he is attacked*

Comment by Astrid / Arkham on July 5, 2014 at 1:26am

"want some company?"

Arkham asked 

Comment by Rekol on July 5, 2014 at 12:40am
Just going to go look aroubd

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