Crescent Moon Pack

The home of Cerberus' daughter where her story shall unfold. The Queen of the Hell hounds much like her birth father when she is in her true form she stands nearly as tall as ancient dragons baring three heads fur laced with something so dark it would suffocate you. This is where she builds her empire a place for all that wish to be a part of her story.

Location: Hidden deep in the thickness of the forest
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Krissy's Herb Garden

Started by Miranda Valentine ( and others). Last reply by Krissy Wolfefang Valentine on Sunday. 1 Reply

( here you go Krissy list your herbs )

Positions in the pack

Started by Miranda Valentine ( and others). Last reply by Beretta on Sunday. 47 Replies

AlphaThe alpha is the leader of the pack, they try their best to keep up with the going on within the pack. They see each of the pack members as family and make important decisions that reflect the growth and welfare of the pack. The alpha creates…Continue

Occ room

Started by Miranda Valentine ( and others). Last reply by Sakura Abernathy on Sunday. 66 Replies

Plot for role play here or just hang out here out of character. Or for any questions you may have.


Started by Nikita Wesker (and others) on Saturday. 0 Replies

Rule #1 and one I can not stress out enough, do not and I do mean DO NOT come waltzing in posing as the real life thing or asking to becoe whatever it is your little heart desires. This is a roleplaying site and world meant for ROLEPLAYING and NOT…Continue

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