Mosd 'a' Ses

Who would have thought that other life existed... that were so comparable to us... well... almost comparable.

Mosd 'a' Ses is a world just like Earth, inhabited by demons, angels, humans, hybrids, anything you can name off the top of you're mind, yet every single one learns to get along with each other despite the differences, and history between themselves.

But this was all before she came into existence.

Calibraya, almost like the witch in every fairy tale story... wait no. She isn't even close to these fairy tale witched. Calibraya, almost like the story of Medusa, used to be a young and beautiful girl, until her life was ruined by the death of her parents. On an attempted suicide, and failure, she gained abilities she never thought she could obtain.

And she wanted more.

It only took her a few months to literally create a powerful army, the 'Constitutionalists' they would call themselves. A pack of demons that, under fear after a few weeks took control of Mosd 'a' Ses, creating it to be a land ruled by fear, and sitting on the Throne, a girl who only wanted a decent life.

The Abandoned Isles: These used to be one of the best trading posts anyone could find around, yet once Calibraya came into power, over her greed, of course she literally created it to be a dangerous area full of crashing waves and cycles of destruction in massive waves that would carry out someone into the sea, to never be seen again...

Raichen: The only city Calibraya's forces cannot touch, due to the fact it literally floats. But due to it's population it's forces are a threat when together, which sets Calibraya back a few steps.

Calibraya's Wasteland: Ho-Ho. You're either incredibly stupid, or brave to enter here. It looks empty at first, but once you enter, along the way, the strongest demons of the army, the General's, the Captains, any kind of strong demon will tear at you're bone in malicious scent and anger.

If you make it past them, good luck finding another exit out of the place, as the only path you can take is to Calibraya herself... either you can pledge you're allegiance to her, and prove you are strong to join her, or die right in front of her, on your knees. 

The Rules here are pretty simple folks.

1.No God Modding

2.Be fair in Rp.

3.Have Fun!

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Comment by Jared Malachai | Jack the Ripper on August 3, 2014 at 11:10am
When his eyes opened a surge of energy took place as the Malachai shot up against his skull in a mental fight. Was it already that time?! And now of all times?

Jared screamed out stumbling back as he fell, his power increasing majorly as to let his body slam so hard into the rock wall that it created a flattened indent. With each surge of power, it was like taking a hit to the head with a giant pole. 'Don't you think fighting is useless at this point, filth? You cannot beat him, and most certainly, you cannot defeat me. Inevitability is a flaw in life, and I know it isn't easy to accept, but just let me out. I will solve all your problems for you... You won't have to worry about this kind of stuff ever again.'

"..." Jared simply stood there as the silence slowly shrouded. 'Human? Is there dare a reason you choose to igno--',

"Stop. I am not just going to let you out... For all I know you could forget all about Calibraya and give up on this world... And yet here you are now. You always used to make my life a burden as a child... Nobody liked me, I never had friends, I always got into fights. Most of all... Even my folks were scared of me... And now you are asking me to let you out? I wasn't born in a zoo, Caiton, and more or less you are mine. I am not yours. I am certainly not filth. I am not your impudent slave to be barked orders at, and I most certainly am not just your calmer side. You are 'MY' demon side. You live inside my body, you inhabit m soul, and you are part of my destiny. And you have no right too--" Jared started to go on until the Caiton yelled at him.

'Disrespectful piece of shit! You're only alive because of me! It's because of me that that girl is still Ali--' Jared yelled out again. "And it is because of me you live' do not forget Caiton that as long as I'm alive, you are alive. No more or less are you in control than I am, but if you want to step out of line, screw fate or destiny. Your death won't mean anything but at least a little happiness from everyone... And don't think... Don't think K won't do it." Jared already had a blade up to his neck, a slight golden glow placed in his right eye to mark his natural aura. Suddenly his voice became more raspy, his left eye glowing a crimson and dangerous hue of red. "And if he won't do it, I will. I would rather live a life in the footsteps of this trash then dare let you use my power to do your own stupid useless shit." Caiton was now stunned. 'Jack but you hate the human! How can you possibly even consider--' Jack cut him off just as Jared had been doing. "What? Expect me to take orders from you then? I wasn't given this opportunity to become a soul in this boy's body jus so I could kiss your filthy ass. Get in line, bub. At least Jared has a sense of mind and the ability to know what cause he can fight for. Now what will it be Caiton? Loyalty, or death!" Jared and Jack's voices echoed over each other as the blade they held to Jared's neck started to slowly cut into the flesh.

The Caiton cussed. "My hate lasts until the ends of time and matter child... You have my loyalty... But if you let your guard down and die... I will be sure to torment you in the next life." The Caiton's essence, including Jack's disappeared as Jared slumped down onto his knees. Step one was finally complete... Much easier than normal.

Comment by Shiver on August 2, 2014 at 6:30pm
(Got to bed at 4 am. Gimme a break.)
Comment by Ashlynn DarkShade on August 2, 2014 at 2:26pm
5 hours later....))

Comment by Shiver on August 2, 2014 at 2:21pm
Shi Zhu didn't hesitate to gather his weapons, putting the gloves on, and tossing the Bible aside. Quickly, he summoned the magma from deep within the core of the planet. It immediately began rising out of the ground ahead of the demons, causing major earthquakes anywhere that wasn't burning.

Comment by Divine Monsters on August 2, 2014 at 12:42pm

(three hours later) 

the male looked at her seeing the serious look on her face. He didn't why but felt a new presence in the room then sat up looking at her with burning red and blue eyes." 6 o'clock door should take you there." he then had the door open up for her to exit through. " Take care and use the tunnels your find as you please." he said wanting to stay bit longer but these energy started to cause to feel uneasy, the pit of his stomach felt like erupting which meant something bad was happening top side.

Comment by Shiver on August 2, 2014 at 8:49am
(I don't wanna pooooost. Gimme like 3 hours. Yeah.)
Comment by Ashlynn DarkShade on August 2, 2014 at 8:02am
'Ah yes, these?' He pulled Shi Zhu's weaponry out from a pocket void, tossing everything to Shi Zhu in one bundle. He eyed the male warily, he was hoping.he didnt have to.put this one down as well like the Malachai pest. But he wouldnt hesitate.

'What do you want. Demon?' Ashlynn snarled as she felt Jared reaching out to her.mentally. She furrowed her eyebrows, feeling his light go out and shaking her head. Demons...
'Thats convenient...' she muttered aloud to Mal. She hesitated for a moment, feeling.such an ominous dark presence. And she still hasnt found her damsel...
Shit. Something /was/ wrong.
'I..I have to go.' She stood back to her feet and leaned against the wall,.grimacing slightly. She pressed her arm over her midsection, taking in a slow deep breath. She concentrated on Jared's presence, not feeling Shiver anymore, which scared her. a brief picture.of where Jared was and looked up ay them both.
'Is there a...passage to the mountains....?' She asked slowly.

Comment by Jared Malachai | Jack the Ripper on August 2, 2014 at 6:39am
"Someone... Please..." reaching out to anyone, even Ashlynn's mind point, suddenly his body went instantly limp within a moment, his body slumping against the ground as dust and clouds of leftover smoke burrowed around his unconscious body in which he ever so did not blame for falling. He was weak at the beginning of the fight to begins with, and Calibraya... Was possessed by something more vulgar than he ever imagined.

Comment by Divine Monsters on August 2, 2014 at 12:39am

Its one of tunnel systems my people built" he said to her as he looked around each of the thick iron gates blocking the entrances to other pathways all around lands or at least till lead to other safe houses." We used protect as I told you, in order to travel we used this undergrounds, but the queen made sure destroy all the ones she knew about." he said with deep sigh as he laid on his back." If your lucky you find more to use on journey. It may not be class but unless you fly without being attack it's the fastest way around."

Comment by Shiver on August 1, 2014 at 11:32pm
Shi Zhu smirked. "Good. I'll need my weapons, then those demons will have little more than plants in their path to be killed." He said confidently.

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