Mosd 'a' Ses

Who would have thought that other life existed... that were so comparable to us... well... almost comparable.

Mosd 'a' Ses is a world just like Earth, inhabited by demons, angels, humans, hybrids, anything you can name off the top of you're mind, yet every single one learns to get along with each other despite the differences, and history between themselves.

But this was all before she came into existence.

Calibraya, almost like the witch in every fairy tale story... wait no. She isn't even close to these fairy tale witched. Calibraya, almost like the story of Medusa, used to be a young and beautiful girl, until her life was ruined by the death of her parents. On an attempted suicide, and failure, she gained abilities she never thought she could obtain.

And she wanted more.

It only took her a few months to literally create a powerful army, the 'Constitutionalists' they would call themselves. A pack of demons that, under fear after a few weeks took control of Mosd 'a' Ses, creating it to be a land ruled by fear, and sitting on the Throne, a girl who only wanted a decent life.

The Abandoned Isles: These used to be one of the best trading posts anyone could find around, yet once Calibraya came into power, over her greed, of course she literally created it to be a dangerous area full of crashing waves and cycles of destruction in massive waves that would carry out someone into the sea, to never be seen again...

Raichen: The only city Calibraya's forces cannot touch, due to the fact it literally floats. But due to it's population it's forces are a threat when together, which sets Calibraya back a few steps.

Calibraya's Wasteland: Ho-Ho. You're either incredibly stupid, or brave to enter here. It looks empty at first, but once you enter, along the way, the strongest demons of the army, the General's, the Captains, any kind of strong demon will tear at you're bone in malicious scent and anger.

If you make it past them, good luck finding another exit out of the place, as the only path you can take is to Calibraya herself... either you can pledge you're allegiance to her, and prove you are strong to join her, or die right in front of her, on your knees. 

The Rules here are pretty simple folks.

1.No God Modding

2.Be fair in Rp.

3.Have Fun!

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Comment by Agent L on June 22, 2014 at 10:19am
These probabilities coming to mind, Shiver sighed internally. "There is always a way out. Those who don't believe that are merely too unobservant to see their way out." He thought to himself. Then he realized that though he may not physically be capable of escaping this dungeon, he had a friend who had escaped far worse. Shiver closed his eyes, and prayed internally, as he was unable to speak. "Jesus, I know you're seeing my situation, and I don't think you want me here, but I'll go where you lead me. So if you want me here, I'll stay...but as of right now, I'm giving you permission to do what you will with this demon, who seeks to torment this world." He said in his mind, not changing expression on the outside. All that was left now was to see how the king of the universe felt about what was going on.
Comment by Ashlynn DarkShade on June 21, 2014 at 1:27am
Unless Shiver wanted to pass out from blood loss and have his muscles torn to shreds, his idea was next to the worse possible thing he could think of. Also. Next to that, His stuff wouldnt even be found in the, so muscling over to where it was would be quite.amusing to /him/.
/he/ wasnt.stupid, nor was he oblivious. He was watching Shiver with amusement.

Comment by Agent L on June 21, 2014 at 12:07am
Shiver made a muffled grunt as he was slammed against the wall. He had just about had enough of this. But there was no feasible way out, save figuring out where his gear was, and muscling his way over there, while ignoring the pain being inflicted by the tendrils...actually, that didn't sound like a bad plan.
Comment by Ashlynn DarkShade on June 20, 2014 at 10:39pm
'Cat got your tongue?' He tilted his head to the side, a sly smile curling upon her face as the tendrils would dig deeply into his skin, slicing away layers and layers and slowly devouring his blood. The tendrils did indeed cut into the corners of his mouth before slipping inside.
If he was outside of his cell, the tendrils would wrap like a vice around his body and slam him against the wall,.keeping him there, their hold on him tightening like a vice everytime he would move and..if he could talk.

Comment by Agent L on June 20, 2014 at 10:10pm
(Dang it! Good compromise.)

Aside from most illnesses, Shiver had two immunities: fire, and magic; his immunity to magic coming from his Christianity. Thus the barriers had no effect on him. The tendrils however, took him by surprise at their clinging to him, and his words came out quite muffled, no doubt getting cut and tightened upon as he spoke.

(Sorry I'm late. Got in a wreck on my way home from work. *eyeroll* merely an inconvenience.:)
Comment by Ashlynn DarkShade on June 19, 2014 at 4:59pm
Shiver wouldnt make it out of the cell. Instead it would be like hitting a wall and getting electrocuted, only that wall was the entrance and exit to the cell, and there was only one person allowed in and out.
'He' knew that Shiver was not a mere human, and put Magick barriers all around the cell to prevent any way of getting out, shadows, teleportation, hell, even if he shapeshifted.into the smallest living organism, he'd be trapped nonetheless.
Even if he did make it out of the cell, by some freaking miracle, the tendrils would stay attached to his body and start to dig into his skin, slicing and taking his blood as they would tighten their hold on him.

Comment by Agent L on June 19, 2014 at 3:42pm
Shiver rolled his eyes, and with a dim flash, teleported out of the cell, and behind "him". The tendrils were left in his form, but the chains and cuffs remained attached to him. "I think you and I have different definitions of the word amusing." He said with a bit of seriosity.
Comment by Ashlynn DarkShade on June 19, 2014 at 2:33pm
'Ya know. It'd be actually amusing to return you to your Love...yet you wouldnt be able to see her face ever again..' He clicked his tongue and shook his head back and forth, the tendrils slithering up his face and teasingly, attempting to dig their tips into his eye sockets.
'That would be quite tragic...' He mused quietly, turning his head to look back at Shiver with a sly smirk on her face.

Comment by Agent L on June 19, 2014 at 12:55pm
Having experienced these tendrils before, Shiver knew not to oppose their will. If only he still had his gloves on. He looked to Calibraya, assuming it was okay to move his eyeballs. Smirking internally, he crossed his eyes at her, showing his amusement at even the littlest lack of control she had over him.
Comment by Ashlynn DarkShade on June 18, 2014 at 11:09pm

He arched an amused eyebrow before a dry laugh escaped her lips, an inhumane laugh to match an inhumane voice.

'I dont think you're in the position to do anything. Especially since our little hero is on his way.' Dark tendrils would rise from the ground around Shiver, climbing up his legs and intertwining around his body until they latched over his mouth and dug into the corners. If Shiver tried moving, the chains would get heavier around his hands and feet. If he tried talking, the tendrils would cut into his mouth, deeper and deeper every time he made a sound.

Then of course, there's the consequences of Jared coming to rescue Shiver, any attempt to rescue him would make matters worse, especially for Shiver. The tendrils wrapped around his body would dig into his skin, drawing and taking blood more and more every time an attempt was made.


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