::Ears flick as black socked limbs carry the vixen nimbly over the vast lands. She still wasnt exactly sure where she was..or where anyone else was for that matter but felt safer in fox form for the moment. Nose twitches as a huge beast flies over head...was that a dragon!?!..

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*Yes, Dragons. Great winged serpents that destroy towns and eat innocent people. And with them, came the Dragon Cults. Followers of The Great Serpent. A powerful religious leader in former Brazil. The empire spans all the way down to Peru and into Mexico. And this is where our story begins. Settlers and religious men and women made the journey through The Great Desert and made their way into North America. Their mission: Discover new peoples to trade with and convert them. Whether or not they will succeed is another matter entirely. Several large groups had been sent out by The Great Serpent and few made it out of the sands alive. But those who did were just now taking their first steps into the great forests of a foreign land.* YAAAAAAAWN. How much longer do we have to walk? *A young man would ask. Looking to be no older than 17. An older, scruffy looking man with a thick beard would answer.* Shiryan will show us the way, son. Have faith in our protectors. *He would look back and grin at the boy before stepping up onto a rock and looking through the woods. In the distance, he would see something none of them had ever seen before. A savage creature was sprinting through the trees ahead. And the moment this happened, the Dragon soared overhead. Moments later, letting out a resounding roar that could be heard all the way to the Ice Kingdom perhaps. The older man would cheer and the young man would sigh exhaustedly and drop his pack, setting it down on the ground.* Ugh! Finally! *The older man stood atop the rock with his arms outstretched and a face full of zeal and would shout.* We hear you, oh great one! We shall settle here by your divine mandate! *There were warriors in this group as well. Men and women with blades and bows. Wearing pelts. Likely from humanoid tribes that refused to worship the same gods. Or slaves. One of the warriors was a tall, strong man with snake tattoos all over his bald head and body. Obviously a warriors priest of some kind. There were 8 women and 10 men. The group had significantly diminished in the desert but they survived and now find themselves here. And so it shall be.* Can you feel it, Gor?! The great one is with us! *Another roar in the distance heading west*

::Yup deffently a dragon, great just what the shifter needed. Leaping over another felled tree and franticlly contuined to surch for others, only to find herself faced with a large group of.. warriors?..where did they come from. Slinking into some underbrush the shifter moved closer thankful again she had decided to remain in foxform. As she neared the group she curls her form along a tree and waits, hoping to catch some valuable intell..or mabey some of the others had crossed this bands path?..only ne way to find out..wait.
-Far north from where the fox and dragon clan Sat thier was a slue of tribes mingling, moving preparing. For what one did not know but they were from every clan even skycru. "Octavia, come we leave with the commander" Indra spoke with urgency to her secondx grabbing her pack, weapons and suppiles. "Indra..i cant i need to find Clarke and Bellemy" Octavia looks up at her mentor, knowing deep down shed never be allowed to go she was bound to her as much as she was to clarke and her brother. Meanwhile further apon the ridge that held this mix of clans inside sat Lexa, the heda of the clans, pacing and tapping as her mind races with the possibilites of what whould come next, she had convinced some of the sky people to join her...yet ier leader was missing and war whould soon be apon them. "Ieka, fetch indra now!" She shouts at one of her attendants before contuineing her pacing.-

*The tattooed man would smell her strangeness. Something foreign to all of them. She was nearby, he knew this and so did the other warriors. They had to be such keen trackers and spotters to protect the groups they were assigned to. They were the best of their people and they would make it known. The tall bald man would take out his large axe and motion for 4 others to follow him.* Set up a perimeter! Search for threats! *And the other 4 would indeed walk off on patrol, looking for any signs of tribes nearby that may become an issue in the future if they were to stay there. The tall, bald man would go towards the north. However, it would be a long, long time before he even got to the tribes there. He was here instead. And so, he would make the decision as did the other warriors on patrol. The older man would speak to the boy and the others there.* Come, come. Let us setup here. Tents and a firepit.

::Well time to go, if she didnt move know they would surely find her. Good thing foxes where quick. Leaping from her hidden vantage ears fold and tail furl as paws carry her north...if only she knew that was exactly where she should go.::
-Indra eyes Octavia, "O,..we must" She says with conviction just in time to see ineka seeking her. "The commander wishes to see you now." Is all she says before turning to head back up to the ridge. Octaviva sighs, "i know ill be ready, go" Turning she begans to pack and prepare. Indra nods, rises and moves to follow ineka as the ridge draws nearer head bows. "Heda, you asked to see me?" Lexa still pacing turns to look indra in thee eyes, "go take octavia find clarke, hurry." Her words are simple yet a harsh command. Turning again back to pacing. Indra nods, "as you wish" She then turns to head back down the ridge, "Octavia! Come we leave know it seems the heda wishes us to find clarke." Octavia..blinks momentarily caught off guard. "She commands this?" She wasnt one to question useually but this wasnt what she had expected. Rising she falls in step with indra headed for thier horses.-

*Hm. Something was definitely here. The bald man would sniff the air and smell it. Standing right where she was before, he'd look around, peering through the woods. And he did indeed see the rustling of fauna leading away from the camp. Cowards. In any case whoever they were, it was likely just a tribesman. One of the savages. He did not doubt the possibility of them being in this land. He would whistle to the other warriors on patrol and would return to the camp, talking among themselves once again. Doing dragon cult stuff.*

-At the horses indra mounts and heels the beast, "yes know come" She looks to Octavia before leading the way from the triku lands and headed down the ridge. Octavia mounted her own horse and follows indra, "i hope your out thier clarke." She says to the sky, before heeling her horse into a faster gate.-


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::Ears flick as black socked limbs carry the vixen nimbly over the vast lands. She still wasnt exactly sure where she was..or where anyone else was for that matter but felt safer in fox form for the moment. Nose twitches as a huge beast flies over…Continue

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