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Party monster's apartment

Started by Party Monster. Last reply by Rayvn Moon May 31. 13 Replies

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Comment by Freya Silverhart on October 9, 2017 at 3:07am

*Freya walks into the club just wearing a tight little black dress that hugged her body perfectly. she smiled as she looks around while stepping out of the bathroom and not the front door. she looks around at the lights and the people before sitting down near the dance floor and just watches*

Comment by Party Monster on May 17, 2017 at 5:47am


It was a new night Elizabeth was dressed in some way that she thought it was simple but very effective to jump around in the dance floor and have some fun tonight. 

Once she came down she could see from the stage at the people going wild at the beat of the loud music. Every one was dancing and pushing each other under the flash led lights. The DJ was standing next to her moving his head up and down with his head phones on. Eli gave him a small curve on her lips at him as an approval of what he was doing. The guy jut smiled back at her and gave her a thumb up before Eli went down from the stage. She walked herself inside the jungle of people and started to move her body slowly with her hands up on the air and a soft smile on her face. 

Deep inside She hoped that someone interesting jumped in to dance with her since she was tired of all this normal people. While she continued to dance Eli could feel the eyes of some people on the crowd looking at her but no one was brave enough to approach and speak. That sensation made her move her body a little bit more teasingly as she continued to dance at the beat.

Comment by The Lost Engineer on August 3, 2016 at 7:29pm

The Engineer stumbles into the club drunk and says "I've seen a lot of shit today that I want to forget. so I have 10 million on me so drinks on me now where are the... who owns this place"  he stubles to the bar tender where he orders the strongest stuff they have. He takes a really big drink then hands the expensive drink to someone then he goes to sit down with the other bottle he ordered and drink.  

Comment by Azula on March 1, 2016 at 4:54pm

Azula enters the place to have some entertainment. Or more appropriately set aside her inner stress and concerns. But the place was too overcrowded, so she head into the Top Floor and sat into one of the chairs to look at the sky of the night. She contemplated as a whole recognizing that this was a good night indeed.

Comment by Party Monster on February 18, 2016 at 7:33pm

Had been some time since Party monster has enjoyed her own club. She dressed up ad went down the stairs. She had one black shirt showing her belly button on top of that Party monster was using one violet jacket with violet led lights, Shorts showing her beautifully soft and thighs and a pair of Adidas shoes. She slowly move up to the stage "Let's turn up the party" She screamed as the crowd screamed back at her. Quickly she began to play the music and the jam. Making everyone dance and jump 

"Let's turn up the party" She screamed as the crowd screamed back at her. Quickly she began to play the music and the jam. Making everyone dance and jump. She took the headphones and put them on listening carefully her next jam

Comment by Gaela, The Bio-Boosted Soldier on January 18, 2016 at 11:57pm
"Rock, hardly, if only. Like two trains passing in the night. Missing one another before the day goes bright." She finishes the rest of her drink and sets the empty glass down. Her body was free of ink. Mainly cause she never had the time or patience to sit down for an ink session. Many of her friends got tattoos but she didn't see the point. Since she was use to mostly bring in full dress uniforms. Most of the time there was not much skin exposed.

She failed to see the point of getting a tat for decoration or whatever without anyone being able to see it. Unless she dressed like she is now with clothing showing more skin then a nun's uniform. She was not going to bother with one. Why get it if you can't show it off. There was something to be said about the commitment part of it. Since inks were rather permenant unless you blocked it out or lasered it off.

"Party monster to one who throws a monster of a party, woohoo." She said slightly tipsy or just saying due to lack of anything else meaningful to say.
Comment by ѕнαωиєє ωιℓ∂є on January 4, 2016 at 8:58am

People seemed to flock around the bar as time passed. Not so odd, really. It was logical. Everyone needed and wanted a drink once in a while. Shaw more than anything. Actually, no... that was more a want from her side. With the excuse I need it!

''Oh... well ain't that a killer.'' Shaw forced a smile. Tactful, really. ''I'd pat you on the shoulder but something tells me your shoulders are hard as rock. So I won't. Might hurt myself.'' Shaw rambled. Hint; she was tipsy, borderline drunk. Making sense is limited.

''Party Monster was here a moment ago. Yada... yada... I forgot what she said but she's here. I think. Unless she poofed!'' Shaw replied to the woman who had asked for Party Monster. The tattood female caugh her interest (not in that way!). Because she had tattoos. Shaw had two currently. One on her right hand and one on the left side of her neck. Reason? Because she could. And she always did so when angry or sad. Not the strangest thing she's done.

She could agree with that. War was hell. Shaw had lost her right arm, elbow down due to it. And she was a field mechanic! At the same time, it was the reason she was now working with bionics. To succeed, one must pay the price. Or something. ''Yup, wars suck.'' One of the reasons she became Iron Woman was to prevent such. 

Comment by Gaela, The Bio-Boosted Soldier on January 4, 2016 at 12:12am
The bar certainly was filling up. It was like something her mom told her once. About every time they went someplace, a large crowd of people will arrive soon after. Her face took on a pained expression by Shaw's words. She was silent for five long minutes before she spoke.

"That would be very difficult. Since my friends are all dead." She said with a sadden look upon her face. Her attention turns towards the woman who just approached them. " I have no idea who is monster of party is that you speak of. This is my first time here."

She took a sip of her now refilled glass and looked at the others who came to the bar. Taking note of the woman with tattoos. She remembered one of her friends who had a lot of ink work done and was told that every single one had a story behind it. Initially Gaela thought they were just for show until her friend gave a detail story of the accounts that lead to the creation of each tattoo upon her pretty flesh.

"No cliches from me. Not unless you want to use the same ones people tell to Vets or soldiers who just returned home after a terrible war that they never should have been involved in. War is hell, indeed it truly is. " Going out to drink and get laid was the last thing on her fragile mind. It was hard to enjoy life after returning from mutiple funerals within the span of a single year.

Comment by Brookheim on January 2, 2016 at 2:36pm

Brookheim stopped a couple yards away from the entrance, scratching the back of his head lightly. {Why was i even invited here? I don't think i've ever danced in my life. Well, there's alcohol to relieve myself.} He sighed lightly and fixed his sleeves on his black buttoned down shirt before opening the doors and walking inside. 

Seeing all of the happy people dancing, drinking and having fun with others, it was very warming. Though his face retained its stern look as he walked towards the bar, knowing what he was going to order. The rest of his outfit consisted of black slacks, polished black dress shoes, and a red and black stripped tie, all going smooth with his well fit body.

Comment by ѕнαωиєє ωιℓ∂є on January 2, 2016 at 10:21am

Huh... well I am too. Sort of.'' Shaw said to that, glancing at her for a moment. More like drowning her current sorrows. Perhaps she was overreacting. Or maybe this was just her way of dealing with it. Hard to say.

The next comment made her chuckle. ''And here I thought you were going to go with the old cliche of your friends telling you to 'Get out, get laid! It always helps!'' She smirked then. Shaw didn't say anything regarding never having seen a shrink. That would indicate she may have problems in need of solving. Something she ouright refused to admit. To herself... and others.  


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Forum Roleplaying

Party monster's apartment

Started by Party Monster. Last reply by Rayvn Moon May 31. 13 Replies

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