Aura sighed as she sat in her felt more like a prison cell than a room. She sat in the corner of her bed, staring at the door, thinking of a way to escape from this hell hole. She had thought of a few ways but they ended up with her getting caught. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the wall, then opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling.

Suddenly, something pounded against the door and she quickly looked, growling and glaring at the figure through the window. "Damn humans..."

The door was unlocked, then opened, two guards coming in first, armed with tasers that would paralyze her. Aura got of the bed and stood up, watching calmly as they restrained her paws, putting silver cuffs on her wrists with chains linked together. The silver burned her but it didn't bother her. She had learned how to get used to the pain.

Her ice blue eyes watched as a female staff member came in, holding a clipboard and a small plastic cup with two pills in it. "Time for your medication." she said as she held out the cup to Aura.

Aura rolled her eyes and took the cup, putting both the pills in her mouth but didn't swallow them. She did a fake swallow and hid the pills under her tongue. "Very good. Now it's time for breakfast. We've decided you're much more behaved after what happened last time.

Aura couldn't help but smirk at the thought of what she did the last time they let her out to have breakfast. She attacked the staff and ripped out a guards throat until they had her knocked out and taken back to her room fully restrained.

"Whatever." she said as they led her out of the room, making sure to be behind her and watch her carefully.

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They heard someone else coming. It sounded like there was more then one. A boy the age of 15 in a guard uniform. The other guards never seen him before. There were two girls behind him in guards uniforms also. One girl was looking in every cell curiously while the other was talking to the boy.

Aura noticed the new guards and glared at them, hating any guards that worked in this hellhole. She growled lowly at them, her ice blue eyes flashing in anger. She tried staring at the concrete floor, not wanting to blow her chance on getting a chance to stay out of her cell and go eat with other patients in the asylum.

He looked back at her pass. Kid: "Well looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the concrete... hehe baby..." He continued to walk down the hall looking at the other creatures.

She resisted the urge to bite at his neck, growling as he passed. Aura looked up and glanced at the new guard, her ice blue eyes glowing. She wanted to say something but held it back and continued walking, entering the cafeteria/living room. The guards took her restraints off and left, locking the doors shut from the outside. Aura then spit out the pills in the nearest trash can and sighed. "Finally."

Kid stopped and felt her soul change moods. He went over to the cafeteria. He and the girls peeked through the small window in the door and they watched aura do whatever she did. He was letting off a odd energy that was like a beacon for something over someone. Kid: "Yes father... I have already found five kishin here... I made sure to but them near each other so you can find them easier....yes father." Kid seemed to be talking to himself. He looked back up to see what Aura was doing.

Aura went over to the self serving bar, looking at the food in distaste. Sometimes she ate the food, sometimes she didn't. Other times she forced herself to eat when she had to. Grabbing only a plastic bottle of water and an apple, the only food she really liked, she walked over to a chair near the window and sat down, setting the bottle of water on a table in front of the chair. She opened the bottle and took a small drink, then started eating the red juicy apple.

Kid: "I guess not all of them are like monsters or psychos they make them sound." Kid thought about opening the door but decided not to. He would not know if she would attack him. He did not want to take the chance. He kept watching her and started to think.

Once she finished eating the apple, she looked out the window, staring at the green grass and trees. She missed the feeling of the smooth grass beneath her paws, the cool fresh breeze flowing through her fur. When she thought of how trapped she was in the Asylum, she growled her paw curling into a fist, then she hit the window, a small yet visible crack forming where her paw had hit the glass.

Kids eyes widened and he went to go tell the other guards about the crack. He did not want to screw up on his first job so he asked the girls to watch her. Kid came back to see what happened after he left.

Feeling the anger and frustration inside her, Aura stood up and grabbed the chair she had been sitting in, lifting it up and throwing it at the other few windows that were there, causing several more cracks. Then she grabbed the table and threw it across the room. She grabbed several other chairs, throwing them at the walls and doors, then started clawed and kicking at the window, the small crack growing bigger and bigger.

The doors flew open. Guards started running in surrounding Aura. Kid: "See I told you! She needs to be restrained! Quickly!" The guards pulled out there tasers and pointed them at her.

She looked at Kid and snarled, blue electricity could be seen sparking on her paws, then she closed her eyes and calmed down, the electricity disappearing and her anger being settled. Aura opened her eyes and held her paws out as she was quickly restrained, the guards keeping their tasers pointed at her in case she lashed out. Surprisingly, she never acted this calm when being restrained, Aura usually tried killing the guards when being restrained but now she seemed too calm.


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