The Divine Council


The Divine Council

The realm eternal, the divine planes, heaven. The world of the gods has been called many different things by many different peoples. Each one costumed to fit the cultures from which they originated from. However, Hellifyknow has never really fit with any traditional belief. A nexus point in the Omniverse, it exists everywhere in every universe at the same time. This allows entities from every possibility and world to interact with one another. As one might imagine, this is a recipe for chaos. Enter the divine council. 

Established by the Old God of destruction, Raziel of Ethos Prime, the divine council serves as a meeting place for the godly entities that inhabit Hellifyknow. Primordial, Titans, Old Gods and new, whether they meet to express concerns of the planet, or to take action against those that they feel have disrespected them. 

Location: The Realm Eternal
Members: 1
Latest Activity: Apr 19

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