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The Longsword Mountains((18+))


The Longsword Mountains((18+))

The homelands of the Longsword tribe of barbarians and the site of their village, deep in the mountains.  Once before the village was destroyed, but has now been rebuilt by the last remaining member of the previous tribe, Bretta.

The village itself is a simple place with dirt roads, wooden huts, and a wooden palisade wall encircling the entire place.  A larger and more elaborate wooden hut is where Bretta herself resides as the chieftain of the village and tribe.

Location: Longsword Mountains
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Latest Activity: Oct 12

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Shelob's Lair

Started by Shelob. Last reply by Bretta Longsword Oct 12. 9 Replies

A deep cave system running through the mountains opens up with a large, rocky mouth within sight of the village. Though the entrance ceiling is low, inside it is wide enough for people to stand up at full height without fear of bumping their heads.…Continue

The Chieftain's Hut

Started by Bretta Longsword. Last reply by Bretta Longsword Jun 26. 25 Replies

A large wooden hut, nearly twice the size of the others in the village and furnished with furs and trophies on the inside from Bretta's many adventures.  There are several storage rooms within and the master bedroom is piled high with furs like the…Continue

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