The Northlands

Three lands locked by winter and ancient rivalries; ridden with monsters, bandits, and dark sorcery. Adventurers and warlords battle relentlessly, clawing for the ultimate goal: the High King's throne.

The only certainty here is death, or survival.

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Main Storyline Information/OOC Statement

The Northlands

Three dominant regions comprise the entirety of the North. Each of them have a unique history and culture to them, as well as an established government that leads them in both times of war and crisis.

  • Jallard, land of the Axe and Raven

The largest of the regions and the furthest north, the lands of Jallard are expansive, stretching several thousands of leagues to the west and east, running along the Dragonspine Mountains and the River Adruna and several hundreds of leagues to the north and south. The culture here resembles heavily of Norse style; Jarls ruling over towns and cities with allegiance owed to themselves or the Oberjarl. 

  • Sterngard, land of the Sword and Eagle

To the south of the River Adruna and the second largest region, the Kingdom of Sterngard has been the ancestral rival of the Jallardians. The kingdom bears significance of a classic Arthurian kingdom full of highly trained swordsmen and knights; barons and dukes ruling over peasants in castles and forts. It's sole heir is a young Princess Alorra, who still remains obstinate to not marry. 

  • Brucia, land of the Mace and Owl

Long ago the lands of Brucia were a vassal state of Sterngard to its western lands along the coast. Centuries ago, a series of peasant revolts against the aristocracy lead to the revolution that would set the groundwork for the Republic of Brucia. To this day the Council of Eldermen rule over the cities and forts, comprising of merchant lords and Counts while bearing the a mixture of cultures from both Jallard and Sterngard, as it remains a free land to all.


The Northlands will be a unique world, in which there will be "themes" as well as a storyline to it that will have an effect to the Players' experience here. It is up to you on whether or not you wish to have your characters participate in the events occurring around them, or to ride the waves and pursue their own goals. Ultimate freedom is for all to take, but the Notable NPCs and NPCs of the land will be reacting to the storyline and its themes, giving it a colorful flavor of writing than total free-form. RPing will be done in the Forums, and Comments will be for OOC. 

Saga of the Northmen


A End to Winter, a Beginning of War

The Season of Axe and Sword

As the frozen Adruna melts, freeing the powerful river once again from its icy stupor, the Kingdom Sterngard prepares itself for an imminent invasion from the Jallardians. Duke Gerard Kellborn commands the armies of Sterngard in this defensive, assembling the Knighthoods of the Silver Dawn and the Burning Chalice, as well as hundreds of levies. They're encamped at Castle Kellborn, readying themselves for the day the Jallardians cross the Adruna.

Oberjarl Helgi summons an army to cross the Adruna and lead the greatest invasion into Sterngard in Jallardian history. He is aided by Jarl Aedin and Jarl Horuk and a fleet of their drakkars warships.

The time is soon where the forces of Jallard and Sterngard will clash, all the while Brucia enclose its border and steadfast to keep outside of this upcoming war.

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