The New Sith Empire

This will be the 5th Sith Empire to raise its self out of the ashes of the others. The previous ruler believed that the empire could be ruled without an Emperor, needless to say that she was killed. The Sith empire must gain power and strength through battle and not through the use of machines in replace of true Sith and so John Weever took command of the Sith Empire in an attempt to salvage what he could before he turns them loose on the galaxy once more.

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Dromund Kaas

Behold the citadel of the Sith Empire. No longer are we a slave to the Emperor. No, now we are ruled by the Dark Council. Now full united we strike once more.

The Emperess

Darth Vrana Avasia

Dark Council Membership

1.Darth Nihilus. Leader of Imperial Military.

2. Darth Weever (Sphere of Knowledge) 

3. Darth Revan (Sphere of Sith Philosophy)

 4. Darth Galactus. Lead role in Imperial technological advancements.


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Private Library

Started by Darth Vrana Avasia. Last reply by Ashlynn DarkShade 13 hours ago. 18 Replies

Hidden away from public view is the private library, holograms and a few parchments lay…Continue

A second call for a meeting!

Started by Empress Valetta Petra. Last reply by Darth Vrana Avasia Jul 20. 122 Replies

Attention Republic and Sith Empire leadership. Our calls for a meeting have gone unanswered. Thus I declare the Hydian way Blockade Standing. I still see your warships on the borders. I remain hopeful however.If Destiny will not speak to me then i…Continue

The battle of the rouge droids

Started by Greg. Last reply by Darth Vrana Avasia May 27. 94 Replies

On an open plain on the other side of the planet a large droid factory was busy constructing a large army of droids that had no friend or foe program set do to that section of the factory taking that most damage.From the outside the factory looked…Continue

A time of peace

Started by Empress Valetta Petra May 4. 0 Replies

To all Citizens of this Galaxy. You know me as an Imperial Grand Moff, a symbol of death and destruction. But I wish to turn a new page. so in Perperation for the Peace Process i began with a purge. The corruption of the Moff Council of the Galactic…Continue

"Shadows of the Darkness."

Started by Darth Shadow (Dark Apprentice) Sep 14, 2013. 0 Replies

After the fall of the previous Galactic Empire, and more importantly the passing of Lord Vader, the Dark Apprentice saw no need in staying as part of the Empire. He then went on his own; go to world-to-world, being apart of the shadows. However,…Continue

Price of rebellion

Started by Commander Manona. Last reply by Commander Manona Aug 29, 2013. 1 Reply

The Ravager jumps in above the planet Celest with two Interdictor-class warships and several squads of Sith Interceptors following close behind their master's ship, on the bridge of The Ravager Darth Nihilus stood with his arms crossed over his…Continue

The Hall of Malgus

Started by Darth Imperius. Last reply by Darth Malgus Aug 1, 2013. 4 Replies

The Sith fear no one.  And here, in the Hall of Malgus, named for the great Sith hero from the last Empire, Sith warriors, leaders, and sorcerers alike answer challenges from all comers.  But beware: We are all warriors, and we are Sith.  You…Continue

Britannia's Defeat and Humiliation

Started by Commander Manona. Last reply by Darth Vrana Avasia Jul 13, 2013. 1 Reply

Our scouts were sighted on day 2 around Gillion and the fleet from Celest moved to Gillion. All scouts recalled it was to finish this war. The large portion of the invasion force 50% of the ships moved to Celest 25% hung back a Drag 6 as a fall back…Continue

Empire Revenge Flag Ship

Started by Darth Vrana Avasia. Last reply by Darth Vrana Avasia Jul 13, 2013. 18 Replies

(Main room ^^^)…Continue

Victory at Korriban

Started by Commander Manona Jul 6, 2013. 0 Replies

Korriban is ours once more and have eradicated this grey jedi filth. we have meet our enemies warships and defeated them. but now we must rest watch and wait. for pushing victory to hard will repeat the mistakes of the past. we have our home now we…Continue

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Comment by Zortira on Wednesday

*Zortira would lightly pat Aku's neck with a slight smile* I am assuming you can't talk but...guessing you don't know where we are right? *Looks around and tries to lift something with the force...yet nothing would happen, something was nullifying his abilities*

Comment by Darth Vrana Avasia on Monday

*Coming towards Zortira once more but this time his approach was not in aggression. Aku's neck was held in a relaxed form as he came to stand beside Zortira. His sliver scales could be compared to any pure sliver, clear in color and strong as most metals.

Of course his armor like scales were not fully mature and still weakness in certain areas, as each day past that would change in time. Aku lowers his head to sniff him in a way a soft greeting, seeing he was no threat to the empress or empire.*

Comment by Zortira on August 22, 2014 at 7:15am

*Zortira would get on his feet and look around carefully, he was still wearing the Sith Battle armor, he had no idea who left it for him nor did he know how he got where he was.*

Comment by Darth Vrana Avasia on August 21, 2014 at 10:17pm

*Returning from his patrol Aku slips head through the open door and closes it behind him with a single flick of his tail. A  standred droid nearly got got in between the door as it shuts, making the robotic figure stumble back. In a never changing tone cnouter like voice called out.* Hey watch it!!

*Aku gave a short gruff to the droid before hearing the footsteps of Zirtira. His head perk up and he sniff the air a few times to catch his scent.*

Comment by Greg on August 19, 2014 at 8:10pm

his mood began to changed as he listen with understanding. "I am not useless, I am the only one that can kill these Wraiths and dark ones. They know this which is why none are in this area. If you hear what sounds like a Hellish woman mixed with a child crying scream, let me know. as that is a voice of a Wraith."

His eyes went soft as he knew Aku was Strong and would have a  strong defense against them, yet without training, fighting and defeating them would be very difficult as best. he just waited in the temple while preforming a haunting every now an then to scare off would be trouble makers.

Comment by Zortira on August 19, 2014 at 1:32pm

*Zortira would awaken from a deep sleep and look around, he had no idea where he was.* H-hello? *Coughs a bit, his throat would feel as if it were on fire* (Sorry about the SLOWEST REPLY IN ROLEPLAYING HISTORY but computer was shot x.x so here i am and I will try to keep up now)

Comment by Darth Vrana Avasia on August 19, 2014 at 8:57am

**Aku let out a snarl as he raise his head looking straight towards Greg. Raising part of his lip which display the tips of his fangs.~~ Stop feeling sorry for yourself. To show such sorrow with ease is a weakness in this world. I may just a body guard of the Empress but I know well enough not to display weakness. As for the sith wanting you dead that is no longer true, you are useless if you are dead. The empress only kills when she has something to gain from it. As long you do not pose as a threat or no longer useful, you  have nothing to fear...for now.~~ The young sliver dragon let out another huff before getting up to his feet.

~~ I am going on patrol near the outskirts of the city. I have a gut feeling I may find something if it is not already gone.~~

Comment by Greg on August 18, 2014 at 5:29pm
His eyes show a trusting calm as he understood fully what Aku was saying. "Yes, I am fully aware that there are parties on both destiny and the Sith that want me dead. However, they have on weapon against them and that is time. The gods who have my body could very well choose to never release it or simply release it when all parties who wish my death are dead.

The choice when I get my body back is not up to me, but my mother and Dianna. Even Galactus and all my destiny family will understand that soon." He says with a sadness as he missed Bouncer deeply and wished to know what happened to her.
Comment by Darth Vrana Avasia on August 17, 2014 at 10:49pm
*a low long grunt could be heard from Aku's lips which could have been taken as hmmm. ~~two super natural powers fighting over you? Should they not want what's best for you, rather then themselves? If they can not see this then they are selfish...on a diffrent topic, my armor is the least of your worries as for now.~~ turning his head he studies the room with a eagle sharp gaze. Becoming restless at the easy going atmosphere.**

Comment by Greg on August 17, 2014 at 4:04pm
His eyes remain gentle toward Aku as he spoke gently and honestly to him. "When I absorbed the god energy during the battle between Dianna and the God of Hunger on board station hunger, my body could not handle it as the two energies continued to fight within me.

I was carried to the temple of Dianna where I was taken into her realm for protection and blessing. Dianna and my mother Gaia sent me in a my spirit form which you see here where I am stuck while they fight with the other Gods in the unknown region over who gets to bless me. Until my body is released, I am stuck here like this."

He says to Aku as tears ran down his face once more. "I don't know god or goddess has Weever, but I can say that he is not in a better position than I am. Being in this form is not all fun and games like everyone thinks Aku. I hope that empress Vrana can help me in this."

The sad vibe slowly dimmed down as he felt content to be with people and creatures he knew. "Once I get my body back, I can custom fit that armor for you so that it doesn't rub on you body so hard with. The permission of Empress Vrana of course."

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