The New Sith Empire

This will be the 5th Sith Empire to raise its self out of the ashes of the others. The previous ruler believed that the empire could be ruled without an Emperor, needless to say that she was killed. The Sith empire must gain power and strength through battle and not through the use of machines in replace of true Sith and so John Weever took command of the Sith Empire in an attempt to salvage what he could before he turns them loose on the galaxy once more.

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Dromund Kaas

Behold the citadel of the Sith Empire. No longer are we a slave to the Emperor. No, now we are ruled by the Dark Council. Now full united we strike once more.

The Emperess

Darth Vrana Avasia

Dark Council Membership

1.Darth Nihilus. Leader of Imperial Military.

2. Darth Weever (Sphere of Knowledge) 

3. Darth Revan (Sphere of Sith Philosophy)

 4. Darth Galactus. Lead role in Imperial technological advancements.


Forum Roleplaying

Private Library

Started by Darth Vrana Avasia. Last reply by Darth Vrana Avasia 14 hours ago. 21 Replies

Hidden away from public view is the private library, holograms and a few parchments lay…Continue

A second call for a meeting!

Started by Empress Valetta Petra. Last reply by Darth Vrana Avasia Jul 20. 122 Replies

Attention Republic and Sith Empire leadership. Our calls for a meeting have gone unanswered. Thus I declare the Hydian way Blockade Standing. I still see your warships on the borders. I remain hopeful however.If Destiny will not speak to me then i…Continue

The battle of the rouge droids

Started by Greg. Last reply by Darth Vrana Avasia May 27. 94 Replies

On an open plain on the other side of the planet a large droid factory was busy constructing a large army of droids that had no friend or foe program set do to that section of the factory taking that most damage.From the outside the factory looked…Continue

A time of peace

Started by Empress Valetta Petra May 4. 0 Replies

To all Citizens of this Galaxy. You know me as an Imperial Grand Moff, a symbol of death and destruction. But I wish to turn a new page. so in Perperation for the Peace Process i began with a purge. The corruption of the Moff Council of the Galactic…Continue

"Shadows of the Darkness."

Started by Darth Shadow (Dark Apprentice) Sep 14, 2013. 0 Replies

After the fall of the previous Galactic Empire, and more importantly the passing of Lord Vader, the Dark Apprentice saw no need in staying as part of the Empire. He then went on his own; go to world-to-world, being apart of the shadows. However,…Continue

Price of rebellion

Started by Commander Manona. Last reply by Commander Manona Aug 29, 2013. 1 Reply

The Ravager jumps in above the planet Celest with two Interdictor-class warships and several squads of Sith Interceptors following close behind their master's ship, on the bridge of The Ravager Darth Nihilus stood with his arms crossed over his…Continue

The Hall of Malgus

Started by Darth Imperius. Last reply by Darth Malgus Aug 1, 2013. 4 Replies

The Sith fear no one.  And here, in the Hall of Malgus, named for the great Sith hero from the last Empire, Sith warriors, leaders, and sorcerers alike answer challenges from all comers.  But beware: We are all warriors, and we are Sith.  You…Continue

Britannia's Defeat and Humiliation

Started by Commander Manona. Last reply by Darth Vrana Avasia Jul 13, 2013. 1 Reply

Our scouts were sighted on day 2 around Gillion and the fleet from Celest moved to Gillion. All scouts recalled it was to finish this war. The large portion of the invasion force 50% of the ships moved to Celest 25% hung back a Drag 6 as a fall back…Continue

Empire Revenge Flag Ship

Started by Darth Vrana Avasia. Last reply by Darth Vrana Avasia Jul 13, 2013. 18 Replies

(Main room ^^^)…Continue

Victory at Korriban

Started by Commander Manona Jul 6, 2013. 0 Replies

Korriban is ours once more and have eradicated this grey jedi filth. we have meet our enemies warships and defeated them. but now we must rest watch and wait. for pushing victory to hard will repeat the mistakes of the past. we have our home now we…Continue

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Comment by Zortira 11 hours ago

*Zortira would put the sword under his belt and look at Vrana* I don't care about your simple rules and laws...I need to head to head to Korriban, if I have to make my own ship out of SCRAPS I will...*He would walk past Vrana, trying to find his own way to the hangar*

Comment by Darth Vrana Avasia 14 hours ago
And how exactly do expect to get their with one of my ships? You know stealing even among sith is punishable by death.
** my shoulders were tense and I was flexing my hand to push away a hidden pain within me. My eyes cold and hard as stone as I stop a few feet away from you. I pay no mind to Aku as he bowed his head in an arch and backed away**

I see you sense it to but how do know which planet this other force user is on? Could be a trick or worse a trap. I am still new to the empire and anyone who is seen with me have a possibility of being killed.
We have much to talk about and there is someone I want you to meet. Yet, I want to see if you have any questions first before I proceed with my ideas.

Comment by Zortira 20 hours ago

(Oh...then let me try again x.x) *Zortira would look up at the ceiling and look back at the dragon* Where is your hangar? I need to go to Korriban...something powerful is there. *Zortira would pick up a nearby sword, possibly left there when the Sith were young.* Hmm...

Comment by Darth Galactus 23 hours ago

(Galactus is not in Dromund Kaas Zortira.)

Comment by Zortira on Saturday

*Zortira would look around as he felt Galactus' pressence* Who is here right now? *Zortira would go away from the dragon and Greg to seek the man who had just landed, Zortira was unarmed and unaware of who or what Galactus was*

Comment by Darth Galactus on Saturday

*Galactus transport vessel enters the planet Korriban, the only planet who's fellow sith are loyal to Weever, only to send out a system to his scout droids. The miniature robots, would be known to hide in the holes of the tombs of the dark lords, covering themselves with their invisible cloacks and active on "stand by" orders. Yet with the simple signal the droids would turn on, as they would slowly download Galactus new orders. With that they would lift up to the air and start partoling the tombs and later places outside the tombs, searching for one important person who is the key to Galactus main plan.*

*Galactus would later on order his vessel to land, yet still would remain in the vessel for a chance to meditate. He would try to open his mind to any force sensitive being that would know Galactus presence and maybe contact him if the one he seeks lies in this planet.*

*Galactus is confused about the situation that is happening now. With the Emperor lost, he lost all his enemies, it's like he lost his place. Intelligence reports of Destiny's and the Empires mobilization. From the second he was informed he knew that it's not for the sake on attacking him, as he is no longer a threat, but for something else, something big. Who ever the reasons are he failed to get any information that would ease his curiosity.*

Comment by Zortira on Saturday

*Nods to the dragon and looks around* I am different...I just don't know what is so different about me *Looks down then wanders around.* I didn't wander into this place either...i was called to this place somehow...

Comment by Greg on Saturday

His eyes flash gently as he walk the hallsof the building. Giving council to the young people while preforming hauntings to scare off any people that should not be in the building. He made his way ove to the two people who he knew well. His eyes glow with gentlness and shw compasion for Aku and Zortira. Trusting that Aku had everything under control he moved onthrough out the area in his hnt for wriaths and othr dark ones.

Comment by Darth Vrana Avasia on Friday
** with the touch the mind speak ability was possible. A young male voice would enter easily into his mind, as if it was his own thought but in truth it was Aku's voice.~~ I can speak through touch sir. We are a in the east wing of the building which is called citadel. I sense something different about you, somewhat like the empress and other force users....

Where are my manners, I hope I did not frighten you too badly. I was doing my duty to protect the empress and the empire. I must say though it was foolish wandering in like that. It's like walking into a angry bee hive.~~*

Comment by Zortira on August 27, 2014 at 1:36am

*Zortira would lightly pat Aku's neck with a slight smile* I am assuming you can't talk but...guessing you don't know where we are right? *Looks around and tries to lift something with the force...yet nothing would happen, something was nullifying his abilities*


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