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This will be the 5th Sith Empire to raise its self out of the ashes of the others. The previous ruler believed that the empire could be ruled without an Emperor, needless to say that she was killed. The Sith empire must gain power and strength through battle and not through the use of machines in replace of true Sith and so John Weever took command of the Sith Empire in an attempt to salvage what he could before he turns them loose on the galaxy once more.

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Dromund Kaas

Behold the citadel of the Sith Empire. No longer are we a slave to the Emperor. No, now we are ruled by the Dark Council. Now full united we strike once more.

The Emperess

Darth Vrana Avasia

Dark Council Membership

1.Darth Nihilus. Leader of Imperial Military.

2. Darth Weever (Sphere of Knowledge) 

3. Darth Revan (Sphere of Sith Philosophy)

 4. Darth Galactus. Lead role in Imperial technological advancements.


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A second call for a meeting!

Started by Empress Valetta Petra. Last reply by Darth Vrana Avasia on Sunday. 122 Replies

Attention Republic and Sith Empire leadership. Our calls for a meeting have gone unanswered. Thus I declare the Hydian way Blockade Standing. I still see your warships on the borders. I remain hopeful however.If Destiny will not speak to me then i…Continue

The battle of the rouge droids

Started by Greg. Last reply by Darth Vrana Avasia May 27. 94 Replies

On an open plain on the other side of the planet a large droid factory was busy constructing a large army of droids that had no friend or foe program set do to that section of the factory taking that most damage.From the outside the factory looked…Continue

A time of peace

Started by Empress Valetta Petra May 4. 0 Replies

To all Citizens of this Galaxy. You know me as an Imperial Grand Moff, a symbol of death and destruction. But I wish to turn a new page. so in Perperation for the Peace Process i began with a purge. The corruption of the Moff Council of the Galactic…Continue

"Shadows of the Darkness."

Started by Darth Shadow (Dark Apprentice) Sep 14, 2013. 0 Replies

After the fall of the previous Galactic Empire, and more importantly the passing of Lord Vader, the Dark Apprentice saw no need in staying as part of the Empire. He then went on his own; go to world-to-world, being apart of the shadows. However,…Continue

Price of rebellion

Started by Commander Manona. Last reply by Commander Manona Aug 29, 2013. 1 Reply

The Ravager jumps in above the planet Celest with two Interdictor-class warships and several squads of Sith Interceptors following close behind their master's ship, on the bridge of The Ravager Darth Nihilus stood with his arms crossed over his…Continue

The Hall of Malgus

Started by Darth Imperius. Last reply by Darth Malgus Aug 1, 2013. 4 Replies

The Sith fear no one.  And here, in the Hall of Malgus, named for the great Sith hero from the last Empire, Sith warriors, leaders, and sorcerers alike answer challenges from all comers.  But beware: We are all warriors, and we are Sith.  You…Continue

Britannia's Defeat and Humiliation

Started by Commander Manona. Last reply by Darth Vrana Avasia Jul 13, 2013. 1 Reply

Our scouts were sighted on day 2 around Gillion and the fleet from Celest moved to Gillion. All scouts recalled it was to finish this war. The large portion of the invasion force 50% of the ships moved to Celest 25% hung back a Drag 6 as a fall back…Continue

Empire Revenge Flag Ship

Started by Darth Vrana Avasia. Last reply by Darth Vrana Avasia Jul 13, 2013. 18 Replies

(Main room ^^^)…Continue

Victory at Korriban

Started by Commander Manona Jul 6, 2013. 0 Replies

Korriban is ours once more and have eradicated this grey jedi filth. we have meet our enemies warships and defeated them. but now we must rest watch and wait. for pushing victory to hard will repeat the mistakes of the past. we have our home now we…Continue

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Comment by Ashlynn DarkShade 2 minutes ago
She was surrounded by idiots. She sighed heavily, rolling her eyes at Greg and his last comment. She didnt respond to him, her eyes instead, locked on the male in front of her. She crossed her arms over her chest, studying him for a moment.
'For the last and final time, grow up. We're not.going to hurt you.' Her voice was flat, as if She'd rather be somewhere else right now. And she did. But then she inclined her head to the side, furrowing her eyebrows together.
'What is your purpose here?'

Comment by Zortira 8 minutes ago

*Looks back at Ashlynn, she couldn't see his eyes at all because of the blind fold. He would shake his head to answer her question about him being deaf* J-just....scared *As he talked it sounded as if he was just learning to talk*

Comment by Greg 14 hours ago
He smiled gently as he listened to Ashlynn's words. "She is correct in a way. My real body is in the realm of the gods. It is alive, but is under going a blessing right now. It will take time for them to finish and thanks to the battle that is about to take place. I have been granted to return here in my spirit body.

I can't harm you and you can't harm me, the only thing I can do until my real body is released is give guidance and words of wisdom while protecting you from the dark spirits."

He replies gently with a smile as he walked next to Ashlynn. Sighs then chuckling gently. "Finally we have reach one of them, will he take this as a good sign of fight like the others who cling to this world?"
Comment by Ashlynn DarkShade 17 hours ago
The lightsaber making hard contact with the ground echoed through the citadel as Ashlynn watched the male in front of her. A soft sigh could be heard escaping.her lips as she sensed the males fear.
'Are you deaf?' She asked flatly, inclining her head to the side, her tone very serious.
'We wont hurt you. Plain as day, even if Greg a ghost.'

Comment by Zortira 17 hours ago

*Zortira would drop his light saber backing up in fear, he was calm but he had no idea of such creature's existing. He would stay still for if the living had no effect on the dead, what if the dead had effect on the living?*

Comment by Greg yesterday
His transparent blue eyes glowed brightly as his body was like a ghost in every way but he was alive. "Put down the toy sword, you can't harm me and my real body is in a place that is out of reach of the world of the living.

I knew your name because the spirits that are here informed me of it. Some spirit of the death can read the minds of the living. Like Ashlynn said we are not here to harm you." He says gently to Zortira while walking up to the blade of the light saber. To Zortira surprise the blade of the light sabe went through Greg like a object going through a ghost.

"Your weapon and skills are strong, but they are of the living, which are useless against those who are in their spirit bodies. Now that we have that out of the way let us all calmed down and start over front the beginning."

He says as his body turns and moves as it continues to go through it until there was only Zortira and his light saber left. His spirit scream innocence and purity as he stopped a positioned his body to where he would face and see what else was going on.

Comment by Shi Zhu (and Getzu Clan) yesterday
(In time. But till then. He's the new assassin on the block. Lol)
Comment by Ashlynn DarkShade yesterday
Youll get the hang of it))

Comment by Shi Zhu (and Getzu Clan) yesterday
(Tried to let Shi Zhu make his own story. Failing miserably so far.)
Comment by Ashlynn DarkShade yesterday
Yeah. Hai der.))
Standind next to Aku and looking down with a wary look, her gaze wpuld snap up, her defense was up 10fold in this damned galaxy. Her dark gaze landed on the figure, turning her head and watching them the second they appeared out of nowbere. She furrowed her eyebrows together, feeling like the presence would feel familiar...but the force around them had thrown her off her game. Darth Vrana hadnt told her diddly squat when she invited Ashlynn to another galaxy, and she was fine with it, only slightly irritated.

She watched the figure for a moment, her lips pulling into a small line before the dark figure would disappear. She would have gone after them, the whole outfit screaming anything but innocence, she would know, and.nor really caring about the situation at hand with the stranger who now pulled out a weapon.
'Put the weapon away before you lose a hand, we mean no harm unless you keep that..lightsword away.' She had done /some/ research, couldnt ya tell?

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