The New Sith Empire

This will be the 5th Sith Empire to raise its self out of the ashes of the others. The previous ruler believed that the empire could be ruled without an Emperor, needless to say that she was killed. The Sith empire must gain power and strength through battle and not through the use of machines in replace of true Sith and so John Weever took command of the Sith Empire in an attempt to salvage what he could before he turns them loose on the galaxy once more.

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Dromund Kaas

Behold the citadel of the Sith Empire. No longer are we a slave to the Emperor. No, now we are ruled by the Dark Council. Now full united we strike once more.

The Emperess

Darth Vrana Avasia

Dark Council Membership

1.Darth Nihilus. Leader of Imperial Military.

2. Darth Weever (Sphere of Knowledge) 

3. Darth Revan (Sphere of Sith Philosophy)

 4. Darth Galactus. Lead role in Imperial technological advancements.


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A second call for a meeting!

Started by Empress Valetta Petra. Last reply by Darth Vrana Avasia Jul 20. 122 Replies

Attention Republic and Sith Empire leadership. Our calls for a meeting have gone unanswered. Thus I declare the Hydian way Blockade Standing. I still see your warships on the borders. I remain hopeful however.If Destiny will not speak to me then i…Continue

The battle of the rouge droids

Started by Greg. Last reply by Darth Vrana Avasia May 27. 94 Replies

On an open plain on the other side of the planet a large droid factory was busy constructing a large army of droids that had no friend or foe program set do to that section of the factory taking that most damage.From the outside the factory looked…Continue

A time of peace

Started by Empress Valetta Petra May 4. 0 Replies

To all Citizens of this Galaxy. You know me as an Imperial Grand Moff, a symbol of death and destruction. But I wish to turn a new page. so in Perperation for the Peace Process i began with a purge. The corruption of the Moff Council of the Galactic…Continue

"Shadows of the Darkness."

Started by Darth Shadow (Dark Apprentice) Sep 14, 2013. 0 Replies

After the fall of the previous Galactic Empire, and more importantly the passing of Lord Vader, the Dark Apprentice saw no need in staying as part of the Empire. He then went on his own; go to world-to-world, being apart of the shadows. However,…Continue

Price of rebellion

Started by Commander Manona. Last reply by Commander Manona Aug 29, 2013. 1 Reply

The Ravager jumps in above the planet Celest with two Interdictor-class warships and several squads of Sith Interceptors following close behind their master's ship, on the bridge of The Ravager Darth Nihilus stood with his arms crossed over his…Continue

The Hall of Malgus

Started by Darth Imperius. Last reply by Darth Malgus Aug 1, 2013. 4 Replies

The Sith fear no one.  And here, in the Hall of Malgus, named for the great Sith hero from the last Empire, Sith warriors, leaders, and sorcerers alike answer challenges from all comers.  But beware: We are all warriors, and we are Sith.  You…Continue

Britannia's Defeat and Humiliation

Started by Commander Manona. Last reply by Darth Vrana Avasia Jul 13, 2013. 1 Reply

Our scouts were sighted on day 2 around Gillion and the fleet from Celest moved to Gillion. All scouts recalled it was to finish this war. The large portion of the invasion force 50% of the ships moved to Celest 25% hung back a Drag 6 as a fall back…Continue

Empire Revenge Flag Ship

Started by Darth Vrana Avasia. Last reply by Darth Vrana Avasia Jul 13, 2013. 18 Replies

(Main room ^^^)…Continue

Victory at Korriban

Started by Commander Manona Jul 6, 2013. 0 Replies

Korriban is ours once more and have eradicated this grey jedi filth. we have meet our enemies warships and defeated them. but now we must rest watch and wait. for pushing victory to hard will repeat the mistakes of the past. we have our home now we…Continue

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Comment by Zortira 5 hours ago

*Zortira would be carried away by two medical droids, after a good three days he would awaken and look around. He would find a change of clothes next to him as well as Sith Battle armor, he would put the two on wondering why they put armor next to him. He would look around for his weapon but he would assume that the people he met either withheld it or destroyed it*

Comment by Ashlynn DarkShade on Saturday
Ashlynn stayed silent, watching the males body hit the floor with a soft sigh barely escaping her lips. She glanced at Greg then to Darth Vrana, nodding in understanding. She didnt return the smile, she was reveal that kind of emotion but her eyes did lighten a bit to a
'You were busy and I am patient,.do not worry.' She said politely before her eyes flickered around the Citadel before landing back on Vrana.
'If you care about unwanted ears on us, I suggest privately.' She added, her posture pin straight and her hands remaining.crossed over her.chest.

Comment by Greg on Saturday
His glowing eyes remain gentle as he stayed near empress Vrana and Aku side while chuckling in response to Empress Vrana's comments. He knew they were strong fighters and could handle the world of the living well yet there were many dangers of the spirit world in which could harm the one in the world of the living and right now he was the only one in the group that could fight them off.

"It is good to see you too Aku, did you know your fire can harm dark spirits and undead creatures? With a little bit of training I can show you how. There are spirits on the planet that are so lost in anger, they are in danger of becoming Wraiths.

Wraiths are dark vengeful spirits that are so filled with hate and anger that they can never be free. The only way to stop them is to kill them with either magic, Divine powers, your flame, and spirit warriors like me. I can't harm the living as they can't harm me until my real body is freed from the realm of the gods, but I have no rules on fighting other spirits or memebers of the undead world since they have already died."

He explains to Aku gently while nodding to the others while watching out for any threats that would come from the spirit world as he knew Aku had the world of the living covered.
Comment by Darth Vrana Avasia on Saturday

Perhaps, it would seem this poor soul has gotten himself lost in one of the most feared empires. I thought I sense another force user yet I expected...

*My eye lower down to the newcomer and I did a light smirk.*

Something more. Nonetheless I will order a medic droid to take him and once they are done, they will take him to the holding cell until I have time to speak to him. Hopefully he will be awake.

*I face towards my guest one I have been meaning to discuss business. A weak yet soft smile faded on to my face as my main focus was on Ashlynn.*

So sorry to keep you waiting miss. If you would like, we could discuss our matters in the open or in private.

*Aku the sliver dragon, soften his expression and became once more the peaceful protector. Expect for the black armor upon his head and body, which was outline in crimson red. He gave a huff towards Greg in a way to briefly greet him. Then locked his eyes on Zortira.*

Comment by Greg on Friday
He sighs gently as he watched Zortira pass out then turned towards Empress Vrana and chuckled. "I think the shock of him seeing me in my spirit body sent him into shock m'lady. This one is strong with the force, but is young."

His words were gentle as his entire transparent form came into view for her to see as he walk from where he was standing next to Ashlynn over to Empress Vrana's side. His innocence could be felt coming from his spirit body, showing her and all who could feel it that what Greg showed them in his eyes when he real body was in the world of the living was true and real.

Comment by Zortira on Friday

*Zortira would look at Vrana and back up a bit when he saw the droids* *He had difficulty speaking because he was just created and all of this was putting him into shock, his breathing became rapid and shallow, his vision blurry....then everything went black as he passed out*

Comment by Ashlynn DarkShade on Thursday
Ashlynn fell silent, wishing she knew that newcomers werent invited and stepped away from the male for Darth Vrana.
She didn't say anything, letting Vrana.handle the situation, aware that she looked stupid and instead of looking down in shame, she looked.up. Her chin lifted slightly and her arms remained crossed over her black shirt, her lips pressing.into a thin line as her expression remained emotionless.
Comment by Darth Vrana Avasia on Thursday
What is the meaning of all of this!
* a soft thumb could be heard as my boots hit the stone floor. Directly behind me was 15 droids two beat of metal clanking. Once I came to a halt Aku the dragon gave a gruff to the newcomer before coming to my left side, standing behind my shoulder. My sliver blue eyes flash to all the faces in the room. My hands held at my side and my posture professional yet on guard in a relaxed manner.*

I see we have yet another newcomer who dares enter into the empire of the sith. To walk across here as if this public place or perhaps thanks he does not need to be invited?

I spoken with Aku, the dragon who see behind me, and I must agree with him. You have every right to have fear.
Comment by Ashlynn DarkShade on Thursday
She was surrounded by idiots. She sighed heavily, rolling her eyes at Greg and his last comment. She didnt respond to him, her eyes instead, locked on the male in front of her. She crossed her arms over her chest, studying him for a moment.
'For the last and final time, grow up. We're not.going to hurt you.' Her voice was flat, as if She'd rather be somewhere else right now. And she did. But then she inclined her head to the side, furrowing her eyebrows together.
'What is your purpose here?'

Comment by Zortira on Thursday

*Looks back at Ashlynn, she couldn't see his eyes at all because of the blind fold. He would shake his head to answer her question about him being deaf* J-just....scared *As he talked it sounded as if he was just learning to talk*


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