The first time that you undergo the transformation can be traumatic or it can be ecstatic. It can be the best day of your life or the worst. One thing is for sure though, once you have changed things are never ever the same again.

Everyone's first transformation is a little different. These differences can be based on what type of werewolf you are, as well as what type of human you are.

This is a place to tell the tale of your first transformation. The first time the animal overtook your human body, and brought you into a brand new world.

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I was only 10 years old when I first transformed. My family lived on a farm out in Nebraska. I had been feeling energetic all day long, and when it was time for bed I didn't want to sleep. So I waited for everything to get quiet, and then I snuck out through my window.

Once my bare feet touched the cool grass I started running. I ran wild and free across the fields just feeling the wind blow through my hair. I remember noticing that it was a full moon and I loved the way the moon looked that night. I couldn't stop myself from staring up at it even as i ran as fast as I could through the fields and into the forest.

I don't know when I changed, I didn't even realize it. I was just running and running and next thing I knew I was running on four legs. I was much faster as a wolf and my senses were sharper. I loved it!!!!!!!

I hunted for the first time that night. A little hare that tasted delicious. I didn't even care about the brutality!

I stayed in my wolf form for many months. I lived wild and free doing whatever I felt not caring about consequences. When I did turn back into a human it was only to see if I could do it. I didnt care about the human part of me anymore I was the ANIMAL.

It wasnt until many years later, after I had caused much damage and suffering that I learned to find balance and peace with nature
Ever since I was born my family did not want me. When I started to crawl, I was only 6 months old, my parents put me with the new puppies they just got. They were hoping that the puppies were going to kill me.

But they were wrong, so wrong. They made me much stronger. By the time I was 2 years old I could move the couch, by lifting it off the floor and carry it across the house.

I turned 3 years old and the dogs were full grown. I was stronger.

I turned 4 years old and I was a werewolve. This is at the time my family noticed it. I turned into a werewolve when I was two. I was too young to remember the transformation exactly. All I do remember is that as a young pup I had found a new way to play with the animals, and I loved it.
this is ver interesting
Well... One night me and my brother were up playing video games and as usaual he fell asleep on
me. So I turned the lights off I tried to fall asleep but I could not. Then I heard a pebble aginst the
window so I took a look outside of my window.

noone was there exepct the nice warm glow of the full MOON I saw somthing moving going into the back yard
so I put some shoes and clothes on and went into the back yard. I saw an animal the took the fourm of a dog
or a wolf. Well I thought it was the nighbors dog so I reached my hand out to pet it...

Then it bit me soon I realized that it was not a dog it was somthing else.I woke up with no shirt on
and a faint pain on my hand where the animal bit me I had not told any one until now
We are learning much through sharing our stories with the world
My story so far.

It all began on that mid-summers eve. The night was dark, not a star was seen in the wispy cloud-filled sky. Maria and I, old friends from high school, were walking home through the Midlands Parklands when a man, mid to late thirties I presumed, approached us. I turned to Maria, who by now, was standing behind me. Her hands on my shoulders as she pressed herself against me frightened. The stranger asked if we'd seen a rather large Shepard run past. I shook my head as I took Maria's hand and strode past him quickly.

When we arrived back at Maria's place, the side of my throat felt as though it were on fire. I asked her if I could get a glass of water to try and ease the burning sensation as it began to spread throughout my entire body. Firstly, starting at my shoulders, then down along my back and breast plate and then to my pelvic region. When I stepped into the bathroom that evening, I almost squealed at what I saw. A large crescent shape sat directly above the dip of my left collarbone.

Maria came rushing through the bathroom door, thinking something had happened to me, and saw the mark. Her jaw dropped almost 3 to 4 inches as she stepped towards me, her beautiful hazel eyes baring down upon my pearly white flesh. She reached her hand towards me, my eyes watching as she pressed her fingers deep into the bruising crescent mark.

"What do you suppose it is Abbey?" She asked, still probing at the marking.

"I dont know but I wish you'd stop poking it! It does hurt ya'know." I snapped, pulling my swollen neck from her grasp.

She shrugged at me and left the bathroom. Once again I was alone, staring at the swollen marking as it began spreading across my collarbones and between my breast cleavage. I felt a weird tingling sensation as it stop just above my belly-button. I lift my tank top, watching what it would do next, but... nothing. It stayed where it was. I moaned as my pussy began tingling, the same way my heated flesh had done.

"M.. Maria?!"

I called to the tall brunette, who came running instantly back into the bathroom.

"Abbey! Whats wrong?"

I lift my shirt, showing her the marking. It had now curled itself around my belly-button, the pain subsiding slightly when I bent forward towards her. My hearing perked as I heard, what seemed to me, like a heartbeat. I gazed up at Maria's body hungrily. Something had taken a hold of me. I straightened myself, my gaze lingering upon the glass mirror behind Maria. I could smell her arousal. Something about her smelt delicious. I went to lunge at her but she ducked away. Soon enough I had come face to face with the crimson eyed demon standing before the glass. The reflections eyes were a blood red, her features ghostly white and her cheekbones were raised, almost as though she was nothing but a hollowed sack of flesh.

She gave a growl, her thin pale lips parting to reveal two rather sharp, elongated fangs. She gave a yelp and stumbled back, tripping on the bathmat and landing in the bathtub. She moaned, rubbing her head as she sat up. She lift her hand, her eyes almost bursting from her hollowed skull as she saw the darkened markings entwining their way around her fingers and over her wrist.

"So it begins..."

She gave a low growl in approval before pulling herself free of the shower curtain and brushing herself off.

"I believe Mademoiselle, that it is feeding time."

She nod, the voice in her head beckoning her open window behind her. She could smell mortals. Hundreds of them as they gathered only metres away. She slipped through the window and out onto the second storey landing. Her fingers had elongated also and were at least 3inches long. I she tore at the tight clothing that restrict her body from moving before leaping from the landing and landing on all-fours.

"The mortals are so close. A mere metre or so away. Their blood... I can feel it pulse rapidly through their veins as it fills their arteries."

She licked her lip, her elongated right fang piercing through her lower lip, making her moan as her blood filled her mouth and coat her lips and chin. Her tongue slid from her mouth and lap at the thick layer of blood as it sprung from her lip.

"Abbey... "

There it was again. My beastial instincts took over. My senses heightening further as I struggled to take hold of this newly found freedom. The voice continued echoing within my head, as if calling the dormant beast within me, to life. I gazed up, crying out as the flesh from my back tore open and fell from my newly formed body. I howled with rage as I tore the rest of my skin from my body hungrily. A howl escaped my blood-laden lips as I stared up, the full moons brilliant beams shining upon me as I threw my human skin to the ground.

"Abbey... ABBEY!"

The beastly instincts tore through me, making my heart race quicken. I knew I had to feed... and feed now! I shook my head, my long silvery fur dancing around me as I took off, sprinting, into the night. The scent of mortal blood filled my nostrils as I round the nearby street corner and came to face with a pair of young people. The air around them was thick and I began lusting as I approached. I was hidden in the shadows fairly well as the shadows from the building gave cover to me.

"M.. Marcus...!"

One of the younger females groaned the older boys name as he inject the syringe into the fleshy vein of her forearm. Blood filled the tube before disappearing back into her flesh, along with another foul smelling liquid. I stopped watching them for a moment. Once the liquid had been inserted, he pulled the syringe out, causing more blood to swell from the puncture. My nostril
flared. My lip curled as the flourishing scent of intoxicating blood filled the already tainted night.

I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. The urge to devour the teens clouded my intelligence and I lunged, my claws striking the young man in the side of the head. I turned, hearing the young girl's screams and lunged again. My open jaws catching her jaw line as I leapt past her, breaking her neck. I fell to the wet alley floor, the girls severed head between my jaws. "The young man is still moving!" I thought to myself as the rage returned. I scaled the shadowed wall and lept at him. I could feel his body buckle beneath me as I split his spinal column in three separate places.

I fed from the two teens for the next half hour, my tongue lapping at the torn flesh of the female's head. It tasted wonderful. So rich and warm as I tore skin from her face and chewed on it.
I grew tired of feasting on the young teens. Their blood turning sour the more I indulged myself. I gorged myself until the blood began to cool, making the taste even worse than it already was. I leant back on my heels, my tongue licking along the sides of my muzzle as I cleansed myself of the mortals blood before heading back towards the parklands. By the time I'd perched myself in one of the acacia tree and was staring out over the parklands, the young fresh scent of aroused mortals began to gather. My eyes scanned the pack as the variety of scented arousal filled my straining nostrils.

"They are young.. and naive, They will make easy prey for you." the voice echoed for a few moments as it whispered devious plans to me, my barely full stomach growling with anticipation.
My blood race through me, heating my already fired senses as I took off in the direction of the aroused aroma.

There were so many new sights, so many new smells that seemed to simple wash over me like a breath of fresh air. The warm air hover around me, the silver beams of moonlight pass over the buildings, illuminating the alley. There was the shrill sound of laughter in the air, I turn my head, passing back and forth with my beady black eyes before bounding off and scaling a nearby building.

Silence. Ivory beams of moonlight wash down over her large, silver form. The slight breeze rustle her silver fur, cooling her overheating body. If she were a normal human, her body wouldnt be able to stand the seering heat that now coursed through her.

There is a strange scent in the air, a familiar smell her human senses had caught whiff of on the downward wind. Beady black eyes peer over the buildings rooftop edge, lips curl back over her muzzle to reveal a pair of glistening bicuspid canines. Dangling from between her teeth, were partial torn pieces of flesh and from her mouth lolled a long, wet pink tongue.

Her ears, with their accute hearing, twitch, picking up all kinds of sounds from the busy bustling city. The hinking of car horns, the laughter of drunk women as they stumbled home from one of the many raving parties, men hollering at the top of their lungs at the drunken woman passing and then, the soft stuttering of male, perhaps 25 in her human years. His pheramones smelt of fear and something other, sweat perhaps? But it wasnt that hot a night so something must have been causing the odd stink.

With newfound agility, she leapt from one building to another until she came to the place where she needed to be. Below her, a small group of seven to eight young men, a few with wood and metallic weapons in their hands, were advancing on the young male. There was that stink, like the smell of liquor but more potent to her sensitive, wet black nose. She made a face, her muzzle contorting with disgust as she then recognized the young man to be one of the other residents in her apartment building. She wasnt sure of his name exactly, but she definately recognized his face. With a deep growl, she lowered herself down the side of the building wall, keeping close to the shadows and only stopping once when a few bits of clay brick fell to the alley floor.

"What was that?"

One of the young men asked, turning sharply but unable to see anything through his drunken blindness.

"It was nothing, now lets get this fucker!"

The more muscular man of the group growled, the metal piped raised. Just as he was about to attack, she leapt from the building wall and let out a most horrifyingly deep growl. Now on all fours, she already stood six feet in the air, her eyes now glimmering with a hint of blood red in the irises. The men holding the weapons dropped them where they stood, their feet unable to move them as she advanced.
My first transformation happened not to long ago actually. It was the full moon of last April. The ninth I believe. I was watching the telivision with my family, my parents and older brother. I had the sudden and familiar urge to go outside. I knew it was the full moon, I was planning on having my anual full moon ritual. I would cast a circle and ofer my blood to the Moon Goddess. Then I would put on my only dress and dance in the yard with her highness.
Anyway, we were watching this dreadful show that was suposed to be funny and I was twirling a lock of hair with my finger. Then part of the lock simply fell out. It was a small bunch of pieces and mostlikely unnoticeable. I was worried and I exscused myself to the bathroom.
In the dirty, toothpaste splattered mirror was a young teenager with jet black hair and turquiose eyes. She's tall and thin, at least five foot nine inches.
I suddenly felt searing pain run through my skull. As if my hair was acid. I had the urge to go outside, to escape, like the night air would stop the burn. So I snuck out my window that faced my back yard. As soon as I was out and the moon's gostly fingers touched me my whole torso started to burn like it was on fire. I clutched my fingers to my heart and drew blood. I had long, sharpened talons and I could see my cuticles starting to creep up my nails. My legs felt like they were shrinking slowly and I needed to run. Run as fast as I can to a tree-filled haven.
The park.
I raced out the gate and down the softly lighted road. I momentarily forgot my pain and it was replaced by freedom. Tears were rolling down my face but I was free. I took a left and ran another block I slowed as I reached the park and some bushes and trees. My pain returned, only it was worse. I wanted to scream but I knew I would draw to much atention. My insides felt as if they were squriming around, trying to find a different, more comfortable place in my body. The tips of my hair burned my skull like acid. I clawed at my head, trying to remove the source. My beautiful soft hair fell to the dark-green ground like droped ropes. My claws pulled flesh away from my cranium. Blood poored down my face and into my gaping mouth. I tasted so good. Salty, cppery, and delisious. The bones in my legs continued to shrink and move. At one point parts of my limbs fell off. My nose and mouth started to elongate, along with my tail bone. My teeth grew sharp and my skin grew fur. Short, black fur. It grew all over. I riped my clothes off and quicker than the pain started, it stoped. I wasn't quite sure what happened at the time, or why, but I knew I was now a wolf. I grabed my ruined clothes and leftover skin and took them to the trash. Hopefully the cans would be emptied soon.
There's more but I'd rather not tell. I made it home safely, and it hurts less and less when I transform. Which by the way is whenever I want, usally.
I am tired of you greedy were wolves eating all the good food on full moon nights, how about leaving some tender morsels for the rest of us
beig a werewolve is over rated, you have to constantly fear the day light and the search for food gets to be very competitive
Gibe me a spear, a club and a stout rope and I will eat like a king for the rest of my life werewolves be damn-d
if you are a werewolf in real life please message me im desperately trying 2 become one im willing 2 sacrifice whatever is necessary.
I was a little over 16 years old and living in the only home I'd ever known. I was given up at birth and lived in an very cruel place until I was maybe 12 then I was sold to a man named Zane. He kept me around, taught me how to fight and how to sail and how to survive. He was mean to me and so was the rest of his crew, no one was even remotely nice to me and I lived this was for as long as I could take it. Zane and I were sparring and he kept hitting me and he wouldn't stop and I couldn't defend myself the pain was too great. Every single hit I took shook me to the core, hurt straight to the bone and sent fire and rage all thru me. I didn't even realize that I was laying on the floor, all I could feel was heat and pain. I could hear cracking and snapping and I could feel something inside burning me. I could feel the snapping and twisting of every bone. It went on for what felt like an eternity. Then it stopped and I was still. There was no sound, no pain, no fire. When I looked down at my hands they weren't hands anymore, they were claws, and the fur that covered them was white as snow. Zane wasn't surprised, no one was. They all knew what I was, Zane was a werewolf too. After I phased back Zane explained everything to me, and told me that's why he bought me he could smell it on me, even when I was too young to phase. That was the most painful day of my life, but it was also one of my best days ever. Being a tall white werewolf was the best thing to ever happen to me, I finally felt like I was worth something, that I was special.
There's not much to mine. I had just turned 17, My girlfriend had just broken up with me, i had to get out of the house. The pacing wasn't enough to calm me down as it usually was. My body got hot, everything went red, all i wanted to do was tear something apart. It's fully controllable now, nearly down to will power. My new girlfriend doesn't know about it, only my fascination with wolves.


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