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  • Hawaii

    3 members Latest Activity: May 3

    Vacation spot for Sammie, Drake, Damian, Lucas, Zipporah, Red Eyes (Aris), Drake-bot, David and Myra.…

  • Asgard

    124 members Latest Activity: 7 minutes ago

    The home of the norse Gods. where the brave comes after they dies.


  • Lost Forge of hope

    2 members Latest Activity: Sep 23, 2013

    Home world of Abdu Korr giovanni that is where he is force to search his world for a forgotten cavern.

  • Closed Group

    1 member Latest Activity: Dec 21, 2011

  • Tyvoncor

    7 members Latest Activity: Oct 16, 2013

    A land of endless winter, the cold is all that has ever been known. The mountains scratch the sky, the valleys are filled with snow, and it is…

  • The New Varulian Empire

    11 members Latest Activity: Mar 28, 2013

    Alexander Valarus is the rightful heir to the Varulian throne. Being a bastard son, he was always was looked down upon. Alexander…

  • Barren

    18 members Latest Activity: Jan 19

    A planet void of all life. No cities, no people, not a single trace of life in the entire planet. Well, the…

  • Earth-A.Z.A

    13 members Latest Activity: 8 hours ago

    After Zombie Apocalypse, that is what A.Z.A stands for, the disease ravaged humanity and brought it to it's knees. What remains in small…

  • Rainbow Factory

    9 members Latest Activity: Jul 14

  • Heroes Guild of Hellifyno

    45 members Latest Activity: 16 hours ago

    Here, Apprentices train in the arts of the three Hero Disciplines of Strength, Skill, and Will.  It will guide you on the path you walk, be it…

  • Stars In Motion Council Hall

    1 member Latest Activity: Mar 8, 2012

    ~ Private ~

  • Mikaelson Mansion

    9 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    The Mikaelson Mansion is located in New Orleans. In the early 19th century, it was the home of the governor of New Orleans, with whom the…

  • moonrise kingdom

    8 members Latest Activity: Nov 24, 2012

    home of the moonrise family

  • A Planet: Unknown

    67 members Latest Activity: 37 minutes ago

    The planet is newly formed, and you are here to stake your claim, weather it be by strength, wealth, or words, the world is literally at your…

  • Tigress Playhouse

    2 members Latest Activity: Dec 16, 2013

  • Sexy Ass Bitches

    3 members Latest Activity: Feb 18

    Obviously for Sexy Ass Bitches only. Where we can spread our sexiness to each other. Fuckyeah.

    Original Founders…

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