RolePages: The Wages of Consequence

The next chapter in RolePages 9 year narrative history is set in the fabled city of Consequence. Often hailed as the capital of the magical world Hellifyno, this is a place that has fallen into deprivation over the past few years, as petty gangs, thugs, warlords, and cultic fads have all taken there toll, leaving it ripe for conquest by an ancient enemy. Augustus Giovanni. Vampire Lord of Hellifyno’s greatest, and most feared vampiric family.

“He came in the night, with shadows and death, and by the light of dawn, everyone who opposes him was gone. Now the city is locked under the control of his iron fist. Its people are slaves, to be fed upon, or exploited. Its resources, its buildings, its magic, all belong to this ancient enemy of Hellifyno.”

But there is hope. In a place called the Blue Moon Tavern, the barkeep Harry and his band of waiter imps have created a hold-out in the heart of Consequence that, through some ancient power, has not yet fallen to the Giovanni. And now, a call goes out across the land, and the powerful, the fated, and those chosen by some greater good are drawn, inexorably, to this city of woe, to the Tavern, to the call, for Heroes.

OOC: This is the archive page for the RolePages Main Story Arc: The Wages of Consequence. As blogs are created around this topic, you’ll be able to tag them as “Wages of Consequence” from the story creation screen, and they will appear here as an everlasting record of the stories we tell. We also encourage you to blog your chat logs that are relevant to the arc and tag them to appear here as well.

In addition to blogs, the story will also be taking place in real time through the Consequence chat, as well as the Consequence forum, where you can help us with world building the city of Consequence, announcing businesses, crime factions, armies, diplomatic and political entreaties and any news related to the city. That will also act as a further archive of this story arc, so that future generations will be able to read through and enjoy the stories we tell today.


  • 0kjXy Kick Start the Fire (5/23/2018) by Merric "Minnow" Silvan - After his encounter with Jango in the Blue Moon, Minnow knew exactly what he could do in order to help ...Read On
  • blood hand Patrocinium (5/22/2018) by Antinous - The dusty morning of Rome found Antinous sprawled on the ground watching the blood seep back into his limbs. He was ...Read On
  • PAY-Fire-and-explosion-at-Thorn-Tree-Farm-in-Yorkshire You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off! (5/22/2018) by Cú Chulainn - There is a loud pop and a flash and the massive form of the barbarian warrior, Cu Chulainn appears in ...Read On
  • 056347a6643f994eefc2061e20e58494 Improvidence Rising (5/22/2018) by Anders Of The Blood - It just goes to show doesn’t it- that first impressions should not always be relied upon. As they were marched ...Read On
  • datachip A Dangerous Delivery (5/22/2018) by Magicia the Nightmare Dancer - Queen of Paracosm - (Special thanks to Meinolf Krieger and Moranthiel Von Krieg for their posts) The eyes of the Giovanni are everywhere. That is ...Read On
  • CryptEye The Cryptic Manifesto – The Current Situation (5/22/2018) by Crypto Spazmatoid - Hello! This is your friend, Crypto Spazmatoid! Yes, that is the name I've chosen! Crypto Spazmatoid! It just rolls off ...Read On
  • rsz_6 Patron God of the Giovanni: Antinous, God of Souls (5/22/2018) by Augustus Giovanni - Dis Pater had always been a compatible God for the Giovanni. The Roman God of the underworld, the Chthonic god ...Read On
  • a Start of the Vietnow radio (5/21/2018) by Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins) - Tell me true, tell me why, was Jesus crucified?Is it for this very reason that daddy died?Was it for you, ...Read On
  • Giving a Message (5/20/2018) by Meinolf Krieger (Tear) - The city has been busy, the conflict surrounding the Inn, the home of Heroes and Legends has caused a nice ...Read On
  • A Maid Upon the Graves Cutting Off Supply (5/19/2018) by Fwufikins, the Head Maid™ - Cutting Off SupplyThe moon sat aglow above Consequence, its cheshire grin frozen in place in the night sky. The air ...Read On
  • tavern talk 2 Battle Cry (5/19/2018) by Echo - Yes, I am a Healer, not a warrior.  But I have been here on Hellifyno, in the Nine Hells, and ...Read On
  • 30db6ed1ac028b5210b3c6fab9237ec1 Take Me To Your Leader (5/17/2018) by Anders Of The Blood - The envoys had not returned.Impatient with waiting, he eventually prepared for a journey. Not a particular long journey it was ...Read On
  • End of a battle.. and memories coming back. (5/17/2018) by Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins) - Zoey had participated in the battle for Consequence.. only to witness the sudden loss. It stuck her hard. Only thing ...Read On
  • A bit of a mistake… (5/16/2018) by Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins) - Lily woke, ready for battle... only to realize that her and Zoey got the day wrong. She realized it by ...Read On
  • The Sword Of Chaos (5/16/2018) by Ronald destuh -  (I made Ronald a very forgetful person.  He forgets names over time. So yeah..Read on..)        There are many ...Read On
  • Taking up the Mask (5/15/2018) by Meinolf Krieger (Tear) - The rain came down in sheets, the city streets a mix of mud and refuse. Lights of both technology and ...Read On
  • Plans (5/15/2018) by Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins) - "Were gonna be late, arn't we?" Lily asked. "Yup." Zoey replied. They had heard of the plan to take back ...Read On
  • woods.jpeg Dramamine (5/14/2018) by Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins) - Zoey's exploration of Consequence had given her enough... She's seen the pain that fills the streets, and, it had given ...Read On
  • Lucky-Blue-LOfficiel-Hommes-Singapore-03-620x821 Tell them they have a saviour (5/14/2018) by Anders Of The Blood - The Vampyre Blood God was secure within his lair of luxury. He was sat at the desk in his study, ...Read On
  • a Pain (WARNING – GRAPHIC) (5/13/2018) by Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins) - Zoey hung around Blue Moon for a while before heading out. Her goal was to see exactly what type of ...Read On
  • After the events in Blue Moon (5/13/2018) by Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins) - Zoey woke up thinking the events of the night before was all a dream. But her, laying here with Lily ...Read On
  • 37DAD5CD-50CC-49AE-B238-438915ECA5C9 The Hero of Blue Moon Tavern (5/12/2018) by Jaxson Maklash / DamnedX124 - *Once Jaxson gets to his room he pulls out a cigarette and smokes it looking at the keys to the armory ...Read On
  • Where all hell breaks loose. (5/12/2018) by Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins) - Lily ran into the bedroom shouting for Zoey to get up, and, groggily, Zoey asks, "The fucks goin' on?" Lily ...Read On
  • Consequence saves Sprout and Aark (5/12/2018) by Augustus Giovanni -  Consequence had always been a source of power and freedom on Hellifyno. Now it wasn't. In his first years, it ...Read On
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