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The Gauntlet: Stage 01

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    Program Loading…

    The screen before you lights up, particles beaming to a central location in front of the player’s face to display information even as the the door to the tube you’re resting in is shutting. There’s a hiss accompanied with the door latching shut and pressure equalizing with that of the outside. A cool mist begins to fill the chamber that takes over and calms your senses. A neural translator is slid over your head as you begin drifting into the realm of the unconscious. The mist infiltrates your body through the respiratory system, the pores of your skin, and every other orifice available, bonding and interacting with the player on a cellular level. Completely harmless, the mist would allow the player to fully experience what his avatar will feel in the virtual world while the neural translator serves as the communication between host and avatar.

    Loading Complete.

    Welcome Player, To The Gauntlet Stage 01.

    Please Wait Until The Other Players Arrive.

    Minimum Required Players: 02

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     Earl Gray 

    (( Rules: The Gauntlet is the system briefly described in the last paragraph of the Location. This third room has four cryotube like containers that each player will submit themselves to. Once inside, the mist puts them into a sleep and allows the player to feel/see/taste/hear/smell what the avatar experiences while the neural translator communicates between the unconscious player and the virtual avatar. Earl controls the virtual world that the players get to experience, allowing them to advance from area to area or presenting them with challenges and puzzles that the players must complete before progressing forward. While everything in the virtual world may seem real, it does not in any way physically affect the player inside the tube. Memories remain, and so mild psychological damage could be achieved, phobias created, etcetera. There are three ways of ending the program: Finishing it, Dying in the virtual world, or Mentally pressing an emergency exit button.

    The virtual world and the avatar for each player are created under the rules set forth by Earl. This means that you should not expect to be who you are or be able to do what you can do outside of the virtual world. Your avatar’s appearance is completely player generated. Beyond that, Earl controls what powers you may or may not have as well as what items are available to you. If you would like to participate in stage 01, please post an entrance as a player entering the cryotube and what your avatar will look like. The first two players to post are the two that will get to play the stage. No more. No less. Once the stage is started, posts must be made within 24 hours or else the avatars will time out and the stage is lost.))

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