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    The elf slowly lifts herself up into sitting, her eyes wide- she can hardly comprehend what has happened to this place that she had called home. They finally did it. That crazed dragon and his minions. They had finished the city. Finished it completely. Only one landmark, the indelberg known as the Mount Of Kings still stood, but any structures that were atop it had been turned also to dust. It rose as majestic as ever, but what was crowded around it had returned to desert.

    Shoulders sag and she feels as though her world was ending. But her world had ended the minute she had arrived on this Hellish planet but the rest of her just needed a chance to catch up. She was done. It was over. The will to continue was a palpable sensation as she felt it leave her body. Ar’Elis reflected what she felt inside. There was nothing left. She and it, had been reduced from a vibrant entity filled with joy and vitality and hope- to dust.

    “You did it, your crazy bastards!” she breathes through lips that were as arid as the landscape. “You blew it up!” A sob before she screams “Gods damn you! Damn you all to Hell!”. The whistle of the wind across a newly formed landscape was her only reply.

    A minute passes, perhaps it was an hour. Or a day. Time had ground to a halt and was meaningless. After what feels like an eternity, she hauls herself wearily to her feet. Nothing, no one, nowhere was safe from the influence of Siclides or the ravages of war. Her body feels hot with the astonishment of seeing the once proud city reduced to nothing. She grips the flesh of her arms and hugs herself as the tremors of shock take hold, flesh crawls.

    “I need to get out of here” she mutters to herself, fingers dancing through the air, crafting another portal to Gods knows where. Her mind was blank, so the fact that a portal had formed at all before her was remarkable but it did, and remains hanging in the air like some great unseeing eye. “Away from this place” before stepping through the aperture, not knowing where she might end up, or looking back at the devastation behind her.

    The first thing to notice was the air. It was fresh and clean and rarified with oxygen. It felt cool in her nostrils as she inhaled deeply, filling her lungs as though it was her first ever breath. Next was the birdsong. Bright and clear and treating her ears to a delight. The scent of grass, and indeed it was what was tickling her nose. The elf is lay face down upon the ground, spat out once more from a portal, but with no clue of where she would land. She had taken a big chance. It could have been the bottom of an ocean or the heart of a mountain.

    There was movement close by, the sound of footsteps scrunching the lush grass and the scent of chlorophyll that was released like perfume with the bruising. A harsh prod as with a pole in between her shoulders, which made her yelp with surprise and a strange voice “We got another one, ‘ere!”

    Slowly, she opens her hands to show she is unarmed and with tentative movements, raises her head and tilts so that she can look up at the one who assaults her. First, she sees large bare feet with pronounced webbing between the toes, toes that were spread wide apart. Bare ankles and calves, a robe which covered a pendulous belly. She dared not look any further, for to do so would probably give her more than she needed to see as the creature towered over her.

    “Get up” said the voice and she did so, quickly and was shown a strange sight indeed. Two beings, more toad than human though could have been a bit of both, dressed in what appeared to be militaria of ill fitting helmets and clutching spears that were both trained upon her. They were of a type, their faces appeared to wear doleful expressions, though the sag of jowl and the prominent thick and slack lips appeared more frog-like the more she studied them. Wide watery eyes and one who was troubled by his overly large helmet and kept sliding it back from his face.

    She wanted to laugh. She did not. Instead, the elf raised her hands, palms open and took a moment to scan the horizon.

    Lawns of a brilliant green, punctuated with ancient, mighty trees and formal flower beds that provided riotous colour. Beyond that, between more trees was a grand building the like of which she had never seen. Towering turrets, magnificent spires that stretched up into the clouds, architecture that was not familiar but appeared to the untrained eye to be a multitude of differing styles almost haphazardly put together, wing onto wing, storey upon storey. The sometimes guards must have observed her expression.

    “It’s quite something- isn’t it?” said the prodder who was smiling proudly and reviewing the scene as though it too was the first time he had seen such grandiosity.

    She asks the obvious question. “Where am I?” still confused, and wondering if she had indeed ported to the bottom of an ocean and this was all just a dream gifted from a dying brainstem.

    “Why..” said the same toad creature. “You are at Kili Toda and that-” he says pointing to the towering building “..Is the Universite Magnifique!” with a flourish of a hand, before once more pointing the spear in her direction. “And you need to come with us. The Arch Chancellor want’s to meet you”




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