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     K8 (Kate) 

    Think of this as a blog spot for this location specifically. Any PM encounters or engagement with this world can be written and posted here to share with others.

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     K8 (Kate) 

    Welcome to Cybele: Promises and Pretense

    After some scraping online Atrix would find article after article on a company leading the race in cybernetic and AI tech and they happened to be headquartered so very far away from the planet that has wanted posters around every corner. After speaking to a recruitment representative they explain there is a ship heading there now to collect potential employees with a few nights stay paid hotel room and a tour of their thriving city. There will be an evaluation on day 2 to determine the job offers for each candidate and on day three there is the signing into the company or a ticket for safe passage back to Earth. Arriving planet side he finds himself immediately met with the busy and almost dizzying cityscape. Neon lights and all sorts of flying vehicles and drones. There are so many people walking around it is a wonder they can all live here.

    This was the opportunity of a lifetime. He had to accept…but departure would be less than easy. He would have to keep a low profile, abbreviate his name, and whatever he does, he will NOT be social to anyone. He’s not getting arrested on this planet despite his countless services. Besides, who can pass up some badass upgrades?

    There are three other candidates and they have their faces almost pressed into the glass of the windows. They finally touch ground and the flight staff guide them out into the station. There a woman stands with a sign that says “Earth Candidates.” She is dressed in white, pristine and smiling. “Hello, welcome to Cybele! I am Savine and I’ll be your TechCo guide for your visit and hopeful stay here.”

    It all worked according to plan. Nobody recognized him, nobody arrested him, no guns were pointed at him. It was perfect. He greeted the lady as well. “Hi, I’m A. M. Tyler. I was interested in a job here along with upgrades on my enhancements. I applied on Earth prior to departing to this planet to work at TechCo.”

    To anyone on Sector G Atrix was sadly (or most fortunately) no one. His crimes were distant and insignificant here. If he broke laws here…then he had reason to be concerned but that was not the current topic. Savine perks when the man speaks. She smiles a wide pristine smile. “Oh of course that is why you all are here! We will get into the job tomorrow. Today we will tour the city, really get a hands on experience of what Cybele and TechCo has to offer you if you choose to stay and live here. Your bags will be taken for you to the hotel. For now, follow me!” Her heels click, hips sway rhythmically as she leads the way. They come out of the station into the heart of the city tall skyscrapers and clean streets packed with cars and people. Drones hum about watching, recording. “This is the heart of Cybele, you will find tourist hotels and stores of all types around here including TechCo’s Augmentation body shoppe, medical center and AI Emporium!” There are clothing stores, jewelry shops, tech repair hubs and all other things one might desire to pay a polite service for. Savine pauses letting them all stop wherever they choose especially at the TechCo locations.

    First, obviously, Atrix chooses the body mods area. He opened the door and looked inside. Inside was a waiting room and a front desk, along with pictures on the walls and televisions. As he sat down, he looked through a catalogue and read the different types of body mods he could get. Surprisingly – it was every type he could think of. Arms, legs, brain, penis…and even more. He also found the women’s section, which added breast implants. He chuckled silently. He set down the catalogue and walked to the front desk.

    There is a very cheerful clerk there. “Hello! Welcome to The Body Shoppe how may I assist you?”

    “I was just looking for some upgrades on my enhancements.” He showed the clerk his arms and flashed his cybernetic eye.

    The clerks eyes *flash* Neon grey a moment. Did he just scan him. The man leans still for a moment then scrolling on his touch pad he swipes wide and a few suggested enhancements glow on Atrix’s arms and eye.The clerk goes into details about the improved tech he sells offering better magnification to his sight, heat recognition option, a sharper night vision lens and an extended shelf life with the improved micro lithium battery to keep it all powered. With a chip implant everything he sees can be downloaded to a backup system in case he ever needs documentation to an eye witness encounter or just to look back at great memories. He does the same for his arms, better grip like that of a clamp, paired greatly with a stronger plating that can even slow energy blasts, build in software gestures to control programs within that chip mentioned before for his eye.

    “All of this does sound great. What’s the maximum amount of upgrades I get on my tools?” He asked, staring at the cheerful clerk with an exited yet skeptical expression. In his mind, he was not only interested in the upgrades, but he was also somewhat…put off by the man scanning him. Weird…was this normal? Or was someone watching him?

    The man smile never wavers. “There is no maximum! As long as you can pay we can do the work! My data shows me you are here visiting for a potential job opportunity with TechoCo. I must say, I have really enjoyed serving people through this amazing company. A percentage of your pay will be docked depending on what augments you choose. You can add more augments at anytime with a renew financial contract upon purchase. Savine had gathered up the other candidates and found Atrix last. “Mr.Tyler, we do have to keep schedule, are you ready?” Savine leads the group to a nice restaurant for lunch. Some crazy mix of traditional Chinese Pho but with European influence. The dishes glow, sparkle or burst into none burning flames to everyone delight. Savine has nothing to eat but claps and smiles as if she had never seen these theatrics before but she had to have right? This is her job after all.

    Atrix felt odd. These people weren’t acting like people at all…in fact they were acting like they were…artificial? Nah!…they can’t be, right? …….RIGHT?

    The tour continues. Everyone else seems pretty enchanted with the place, with TechCo and their expansive reach over the city. The rides in nice hover crafts and getting first spot in most places they visi,t it really is a nice first time visit to any who come to TechoCo for opportunity. The day goes on, museums, a botanical garden with a huge dome park, A ride on the express metro over looking the whole city as they travel at insane speeds on the high elevated tracks. The evening begins to set in and Savine slides each of them a blue card. “Curtesy of TechCo is 15,000 credits, please feel free to go to your room relax a moment order a fine meal and then a nice suit or dress, we have one more stop before our tour ends for the day I will meet you all in the lobby in three hours. The blue card also has a holographic print of their room number. The hotel room and is clean, sleek and modern in feel. Minimalist furniture black, white or gray with chrome accents. The bathroom has a stand in waterfall shower, garden tub and there is a small kitchenette as well.

    Although everything he came across seemed fantastic, he was more than concerned with the people here. What were they up to? Who were they? Can I even use human pronouns on them? He sat on his hotel bed and thought for a few moments.

    Outside he might hear commotion. “Stop! You are under arrest!” There is the sound of the public crowd gasping and making much noise.

    The polished streets are in a little disarray. There seems to be an upstart. Several TechCo Ad signs are tagged with digital graffiti. “Liars.” “Break the chains.” “Murderers.” People dressed very nicely are bumped into as the assailant speeds through the crowd. The hidden figure in a coat, mask, pants and boots. They aren’t even running into people and they seem to move…faster than any human should.It could be augments. “Its the disturbed crowd of people who are bumping into each other trying to get out of the way. It slows the police down but two droids are above the runner. It turns at the hip and points two energy pistols at the units shooting into the air. That sends everyone to the ground and the assailant around the corner out of sight. After a few minutes the police round too and things seem to…just calm down. People get up…hurrying but back to their normal walk. A tense mutter of voices speaking on what has been happening.

    Atrix couldn’t believe it. What did he just see?! He had to know. But goddamn it…he still has that thing to go to! What to do, what to do…damn it!!! Maybe after work he can try standing in an alleyway at that same time. Maybe after that he can spray paint “TechCo” on the wall of a building and put an ‘X’ over it.

    Would that get this figure’s attention?


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     K8 (Kate) 

    Written by Atrix:

    Atrix was walking through the city, quiet. All of a sudden, however, he would soon hear a voice – asking for credits by paying with sex. She had no legs – she was saving up to pay off another month with them. For now, they were confiscated. Damn. Atrix couldn’t resist but want to help. He took her to a prosthetics shop, but damn it, too expensive. He offered her to take her to the hotel with him. However, when he got back with her, the androids began acting rude and hateful to them. They took the woman from Atrix, as she screamed and punched. Atrix then did the only thing he could do – set off his EMP. Everything TechCo shut down within a 50 meter radius. Atrix picked up the woman and ran as she directed him to another nearby city – one quite the opposite of what they had been seeing. Dirty, broken, abandoned. The woman directed Atrix to a warehouse where he came by a number of disabled people. That day, he vowed to reenable everyone there who had been defcted by TechCo and build an empire. And so he began his work by making his own prosthetic, mechanical limbs and organs to reenable them. He opened a workshop for everyone. That was when they started building an empire – a TechCo resistance.

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     K8 (Kate) 

    This is a collab piece written by Atrix Tyler and K8(Kate):


    K8 was there, dressed in her usual attire, today it was a jacket with tank top and tight pants and boots. Blacks and greys with chrome detailing. She looked the same but not for long, her hair behind to fade to a different color, eyes changing color too, even her skin shifting tone. Her lips quiver and contort. Her nose seems to break and length, nostrils changing size. Before Atrix eye Kate became…a different woman.

    “Wow…after this, could you give me some information on how the fuck that is so awesome!” He said to K8.

    K8 smirks. She dust off her jacket and looks around. “So, where do I stand? You’re up first?” K8 looked to be twitchy maybe even…nervous?

    “I’m up.” He walked to the camera. “Go…over there and watch the monitor. Spike, turn me on.” He stood and took a couple deep breaths. He wore a suit and tie, along with long pants and black shoes. Spike turned on the camera.


    And everyone’s TVs were hacked in the middle of a TechCo commercial. The screen distorts then flickers back on stable.

    As he began to air the video, it started out as a panoramic view of the city, slowly turning from right to left. Next, it shows the words “TechCo may provide best for who wants it,” then came the panoramic view of the broken down city, planning from right to left. “But not who needs it,” it said. It then shows all of the disabled and broken people. “TechCo plays a game with you.” It showed footage of Kyran an augment Atrix was close to…whom he helped restore, struggling to move. “If they don’t like you,” it then showed the explosion of a building made by TechCo. “…then they’ll take you to hell. However…there is a way to fight back.” It showed a back view of Atrix. “A resistence.” It showed the side view. “A way to fix the world TechCo has corrupted.” It finally turns white at the end with black text on the screen. “Join the resistance. Alert us.”

    K8 watches the video and the images are hard to watch. For an android she looks strangely disturbed about the human life abused and taken here. The screen cuts to K8 now live after that showing. “Greetings Cybele…you might be asking yourself? Is this true? Could one major manufacture have a hold over MY life? My family? Friends? I say…this is good thing to ask yourself of us, and of TechCo.” In the top right corner there is video showing. People strapped to tables screaming being injected with what could be guessed as experimental chems. It switches to a personal recording of a man being pinned down on the street of the less lavish side of the city. They are literally tearing is augmented limbs off. A soldier straddles the man with a wrench and lowers it to his robotic eye before the video cuts off. “Everyday citizens are being lured, coerced, into deals to warped their bodies, damaged or not. And when they finally are unable to pay for them, when they are so addicted to chems they cannot live without out, they take it all away as well as what life they had built before. All for the sake of greed.”

    The video turns to lewd close up acts done on self aware androids before being shot in the back of the head. The camera always cutting off before the carnage if finished out. A row of half put together androids looking confused and lost as they are beaten, pushed around and then finally shot in a line. “And now they play gods using the most sophisticated software to create not only tools to work for our society, but self aware slaves…” She looks down and takes a breath as the video stops. “You know the stories, of the terrorist stand off at Dexeria’s Shopping Mall and most recent the gas explosion in downtown Cybele. They would have you believe it was terrorist that would you would not be safe without them…” Actual footage from her own vision shows the buildings burning and the augments Atrix new and helped for months were running out screaming before being gunned down. The footage stops. “Do those look like terrorist to you? …Now is the time, we must rise against this corruption. It’s rooted in TechCo but it stems out to your local legislative, to your women and men in arms on the police force…to the underbelly no one likes to talk about. We can all be free of these chains. Join us. Look for the signs and in a few months time we will rise up to take about our city and live together….” She takes a deep breath and peels off her skin to show her metal chrome face, her glowing eyes still the same. “Android, Augment and man. To enter a new era of democracy and free market and truly improve our world…”

    “Join the fight.”

    The screen goes back and the regular viewed broadcast returns, continuing on but nobody’s watching anymore.

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