Akago (10)
  • Male
  • United States
  • vampire and nine tail fox demon
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Who Am I...
vampire and nine tail fox demon
My Appearance...
eyes:cloudy grey

nine tailed chakra
element control
Weaving Shadows
Vision - normal, thermal, infrared, and night vision
mood manipulation
thought sharing
mental and physical shield
sonic voice
Resilience and Healing
blue ball
kitten from Sapphire
teddy bear from Sapphire
white daggers



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The story of Akago's parents and how they died

Posted on February 1, 2012 at 7:28pm 0 Comments

One year before Akago was born: His mother Athena Morningstar was walking along the beach looking at the beautiful sea and white sand. She came…


Akago's nine tail fox demon form

Posted on January 31, 2012 at 5:30pm 0 Comments



Frighten, scared or upset all hell would brake loose. In this form Akago is very dangerous, standing at over 26ft. His nine tails are dangerous as they seem harmless. In this form his fur is orangish-red, his eyes black, his long razor sharp claws and teeth. At times he can be unstopable. Even in this form Akago can still use electricity, shadows, and the elements even including his chakra. with a single swipe from just one of its nine tails can create…


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At 12:38am on January 29, 2012, Sapphire said…

-she appears, a smile on her face, she clenches her fist and bring it up to her lips she open her fist and blows into hit a small fiery kitten appears in her hand, it hops around him happily almost dancing- Its your now... -she says calmly the kitten turns solid into a pitch black kitten- I hope you like it. -she her smile turns soft and she disappears leaving the kitten with him-

At 5:21pm on January 28, 2012, Cressida Yamaguchi-Gumi said…

* smiles softly down at him * You can stay with me and my two daughters if you want. Our clan home is really big.

At 2:41pm on January 28, 2012, Cressida Yamaguchi-Gumi said…

* smiles a little watching him *

At 1:54pm on January 28, 2012, Cressida Yamaguchi-Gumi said…

* Gives him the bottle, her eyes dancing with pure energy, a smile on her lips * There we go..

At 9:09pm on January 27, 2012, Cressida Yamaguchi-Gumi said…

Oh.. I would give you mines but it'll make you addicated. * she smiles, her eyes flashing with energy as she pulled out a beautiful thick golden paintbrush and scroll, spreading it out. She was still knealing as she started to paint a bottle of blood upon the scroll. Brushing her thumb over it, tucking the brush which only she could use, away, the bottle sprang forth, the picture coming alive in a soft golden glow. She ordered it to the babe *

At 8:48pm on January 27, 2012, Cressida Yamaguchi-Gumi said…

Shame.. I understand how that feels.. my closest friends were killed.. and I recently lost my mate.. You can stay with me if you want? Me and my clan. * She rubbed her face softly against his hand, offering him the bottle of warm milk *

At 6:40pm on January 27, 2012, Cressida Yamaguchi-Gumi said…

* She picked him up softly, holding him softly against her. From the bag across her waist, she pulled out a baby bottle filled with milk. One left over from when she gave the dragon some. She sighed, and tried to keep her smile * Where are your parents?

At 5:54pm on January 27, 2012, Cressida Yamaguchi-Gumi said…

Hungry? * she asks softly, the siren looking down at the child softly. Her blue enchanting eyes held energy sparks within them. Her voice soft *


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