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"I didn't expect you to understand then, and I don't expect you to understand now."

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Wiccan left a comment for Alistair Irving-Augustine
"Wiccan would soon finish making roses in the woods as he would then turn around sensing someone close by. He would then walk out of the wood reaching a flora maze, he would raise a brow slightly while humming. He would run his hands against the…"
Apr 18
Alistair Irving-Augustine posted a blog post

Troubled Waters.

{ Written with assistance from the lovely Mouse. }Honestly?"I'm not sure. My mother has a house in Edinburgh, and my grandparents live in Inverness, so I might look into something in between both, or... maybe even the Orkney islands. I know Peter wanted to visit Scotland and we made all these crazy plans, but it's too much for him. And besides," There's another pause as Alistair…See More
Apr 18
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Apr 13

Wiccan left a comment for Alistair Irving-Augustine
"It was early in the morning, where Wiccan would step out of his room in the Inn. He would step toward a booth to and have a bowl of cereal to eat. He looked out toward a window to observe the morning sky as he would nibble on his food. Once he was…"
Apr 12

Skye Irving left a comment for Alistair Irving-Augustine
"The house that sat perfectly between the worlds of Sea and Earth was hauntingly quiet, more so than usual. There were no lights, not even the low flickering of candles that lined the windowsills, void, empty, ghostly. That would have been…"
Mar 26
Alistair Irving-Augustine posted a blog post

Walking in my father's footsteps.

“I saw him today, and we spoke. Not for long but long enough to realise I wasn’t wanted. So I left…”I stopped where the edge of the concrete met with the winding pebble stone pathway that led up to the house, and drew a breath. Home again, home again, jiggity-jig. The cottage was cold, dark and devoid of any warmth it might’ve carried during the daylight hours. I didn’t want to…See More
Mar 22
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Mar 19

50% Wereshark.
50% Eclectic Witch.
100% Badass.

Name: Alistair Irving-Augustine

Meaning: Gaelic; "Defender of Man"

Age: Twenty-three (23)

Race: Rokea-Witch hybrid

Species: Great White

Eyes: A mix of blue flecked with black

Hair: Auburn & curly

Weight: 167lbs 

Height: 6'3"

Build: Fit, muscular, athletic

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

As the fires die down we remember; we remember the smiles, the laughter, the good times and bad, and we celebrate the life you've shared with us. With me. And with my mother, your best friend, Skye.

Life began as an egg; unfertilized until one passion-filled evening led to the conception of one Alistair Irving-Augustine. He was born on the sixth day of the first month, twenty-seventeen, at the Persistence General Hospital.  

Congratulations were received as Fox was presented with the tiny, muslin-wrapped infant with untameable auburn curls and the widest baby blue eyes the wereshark had ever seen. It really was love at first sight. Over the coming days, Skye was released from the hospital with Alistair tucked safely within the travel capsule as Fox drove them back to the beach side manor. There Skye and Alistair would remain until Fox was finished building the In-between cottage.

Due to Alistair's unique hybrid genetics, his growth exceeded that of any normal human child. 

Fox had taught Alistair how to exercise his muscles and ease the growing pains of his bones as they adjusted to the boy's rapid growth rate. It was hard at first, and very painful, but over the coming weeks it became easier. Alistair spent every waking hour with his parents, whether it was at home, hiking through the forest and woodland, or simply playing in the shallows at the beach.

Alistair was {physically} seventeen years old when news broke of his father's passing. Skye had been notified by Peter, Fox's husband, and when Skye had passed on the news to Al, he was completely shattered. Life in the Irving-Augustine household had come to a complete stand-still. Everything had changed. Alistair's world had been turned upside down.

{To be continued...}

Skye Irving 

My best friend, my first love, and the strongest, most enduring woman I've ever known.

Skye is one of the most endearing and beautiful people, and that's not just because she's Alistair's mother. That was a bonus. She gave birth to Alistair January 6, 2017 at the Persistence Hospital, birthing ward H. Due to his size and her tiny frame, Skye was put under and great care was taken to remove Al from her womb via Caesarian section.

A few days later both Skye and a newborn Alistair were back at Fox's beachside manor. There was always that uncertainty that she and Alistair might become a burden for Fox, but he loved having them living there. With him. Skye is a proud woman and a protective mother. She is Al's whole world and then some. 

News of Fox's passing hit like a tidal wave, and Skye is mourning the loss in her own way, just like Al was doing. Al hadn't known Fox as long as his mother had, but he sure as hell took the news just as hard. As any small child would when losing a beloved parent.

Fox Augustine 
And when you opened those baby blue eyes at me, the rest of the world would cease to exist.

Fox never understood happiness until two cataclysmic events changed his life.

The first being his marriage to one, Peter Augustine [Hale]. A beast of a man that made life far more exhilerating and amazing than one could ever imagine. And the second being the birth of his son, Alistair Irving-Augustine

The moment those baby blue eyes fluttered open and staaaared up at him, his world ceased to spin. Life as Fox knew it had come to a grinding halt as he lifted that tiny bundle from the baby box in Skye's hospital room and cradled him against his chest. Fox was there for every birthday, every holiday, and every moment of every day when he wasn't working at the Lounge or building the 'in-between' house Skye and Al currently occupy. 

The In-Between Cottage.

The cottage is small; with one bedroom on the main floor and the second in the loft. There's a quaint little porch upon which a single, vintage-style wooden chair is perched alongside a pair of Skye's Wellington boots. The dining room and kitchen are towards the back of the cottage, and is separated from the glass-walled greenhouse by twin French doors with soft white, sheer eyelet curtains. 

At the bottom of the garden lies a stream that carves it's way through the thicket of trees surrounding the property. This is where Alistair sometimes likes to sit and think and listen to the trees as the wind dances through their leaves. The tranquility of such a position is what gives the In-Between Cottage it's own kind of beautiful. 

The Greenhouse itself is beautiful, luxurious, and filled with two raised garden beds filled with a variety of flora. With the exception of the gardens, there are metal shelves stacked in every corner of the room also holding some of the smaller potted varieties such as the strawberry and herb plants. There are no fancy sprinkler systems installed in this greenhouse as both Skye and Alistair enjoy the manual labour of watering the plants themselves. Something most people can't be assed doing these days. 'Too much effort.' apparently.

To be liked would be the greatest of accomplishments, but I see now that being liked in that... that place is something I will never be. I'm sorry, father. I tried. I really did.


I don't bite... hard.

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At 2:38am on April 21, 2017,

She smiled that soft, sweet and understanding smile. "I'm sorry to hear that. It's been rough on you." There was no question in that. Mouse knew without a doubt, it had taken a blow on the hybrid. After a moment she looked down. "I am also sorry to hear about your mother leaving you. But I am proud, really proud, you know why she did it. I'm also proud you found some sort of outlet, and that you are opening up now. It.. it can.. it can be scary."

Now she was looking up at him. "Alistair, this whole time, you have been doing this on your own. And that takes strength. But... opening up like this takes a little bit more, and I'm so.. I don't know.. I'm so happy that you are! I'm really proud to have a strong friend like you. What you have done has made such a deep impression on me, and it was so.. mature. It also breaks my heart that.. that you feel so alone. And I want you to know that you're not alone. You never will be. Even if you feel like it, I'll be here, or some one else will be. You..." Her voice broke off. 

"You don't have to pretend like things are O.K when they don't feel like things are O.K..." 

The tea is warm, and a nice color that Mouse admires in the back of her mind. In her mind, she thinks about how Alistair must have.. felt. That loneliness. That sadness. That confusion. It broke her heart again. He was such a good man!

Without even realizing it, she had moved closer to him, watching his freckled face the same way one would watch the sky and look for constellations: In admiration, awe and feeling something strike so deep that it might as well be described as being connected to something you haven't before, she was looking at him.

At 1:42am on April 21, 2017,

Mouse was only 5'3"... So it being on the top shelf was annoying for her. "Yes. That's the one. Thank you Alistair." When the box is down she takes it and looks for the blue berry. "We can have the blue berry together!"

The water is ready, so she takes out two porcelain tea cups, shaped like open blossoms and painted green and blue, pouring the water in there with honey. Then she put the tea bags in there, letting it soak. The smell filled the room. "Here... sit down.. Relax." She offered the hybrid a smile and put the tea in front of him. "So have you talked to anyone else about how you feel?" 

At 8:38pm on April 19, 2017,

She's impressed with his manners. "Thank you." The witch says. Books piled on the table, along with journals and a scrap book. "Sorry.." She starts moving her stuff, pulling out a seat for him and her, then putting on the hot water. "I wanted to make a scrap book for the family. Maybe we could have one? Of little adventures."
Slender fingers reach for the tea and she has to stand on her tippie toes, pressing her stomach over the counter to reach for it.

"Dandelion, blueberry and more... what would you like?"

Profile Information

Relationship Status
Who Am I...
𝕋𝕙𝕖 ℍ𝕪𝕓𝕣𝕚𝕕 ℝ𝕠𝕜𝕖𝕒
My Story Is...
Born of the land and sea, Alistair is the son of Skye Irving and Fox Augustine; the Eclectic Witch and the Rokean Royal.

He was a child created purely out of love, and would indeed remain as such, even with the tragic passing of his father which, even to this day, Al has a hard time dealing with.
My Appearance...
Tall, dark and looking more and more like both his parents.

He has his mother's softness and his father's angular features and sturdy, muscular physique.

Alistair Irving-Augustine's Blog

Troubled Waters.

Posted on April 23, 2017 at 8:45pm 0 Comments

{ Written with assistance from the lovely Mouse. }



Walking in my father's footsteps.

Posted on March 22, 2017 at 11:00am 0 Comments

“I saw him today, and we spoke. Not for long but long enough to realise I wasn’t wanted. So I left…”…


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