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Europa and Arch's Discussions

*yawn* A million years is a long time to sleep

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Hey all~It’s Arch/Crow, back at it again and looking for writers to role play with. I have created a new character named Europa, who is also the “last” of her species, known as the Jabberwocky. She…Continue

My morals are fucked, want to RP?

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Hey, my boi's~So, recently I've created my new, lovely character named Arch Versailles, and I'm looking to start up a few role plays with him, and all of you great people. I am a multi paragraph role…Continue


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-Have fun-

Europa Justine





Bringer of Peace




Eurie, Wocky, Jab-Jab 

The Fall of Pangea

Europa Justine is the last of her species; the Jabberwocky. They were created by the archaic god, Nikos, to nurture and care for the world around them, brought to earth in the time when the continents were one. Back when the only land was Pangea. They lived there for generations upon generations, protecting the land and caring for lesser beings, indulging in their own culture and worshiping their gods. However, the tranquil land of Pangea would soon be shattered into a million peaces...or two. The world then split into two continents; Laurasia and Gondwana, each piece of land taking half of the Jabberwocky Clan, if they did not perish in the process.

War soon broke out among the two Clans, over territory, resources and prey. Meanwhile, a respected Oracle named Ibsi'tu received a prophecy from Nikos, the God of Nature and Life, also the Jabberwockies creator. 

He then prophesied that the world would be torn apart, and the Jabberwockies would perish along with it.  The only way to preserve the Clan and peace? Dissipate the last born Jabberwocky's body, and preserve them throughout history, allowing for them to be resurrected one day by one who is Deserving.

And so, Ibsi'tu traveled to find the last born Jabberwocky- a little cub born in the dead of winter, the only child of the Jabberwocky chief of Laurasia. And the Oracle had no choice but to take the child from her family, in order to save the species. That child?

The child was Europa.

Ibsi'tu kept her hidden away from the two Clans, deep within the mountains, where he and Nikos taught her the Ways. They never gave her a name, and trained her to master the four forms of the Jabberwocky, Mars, Neptune, Saturn and Venus, and unlock each and every one of her impeccable abilities. She was kept safe from the War of the Clans, but however...learning the Ways was not enough for the cub, she wanted to see the world. She dreamed of its wonders, its scents, its colors.

But curiosity almost killed the cat this time. Almost. On the day of the Fall of Pangea, it just so happened to be the day that the lissome, now nineteen year old ventured from the den. She was almost killed in the quakes and eruptions of the splitting earth beneath her feet. This was not the world she had dreamed of. She had envisioned love, laughter and light...but this was only chaos and destruction.

Luckily enough, Ibsi'tu saved her, however, it was time for her to be dissipated, to be hidden away for centuries upon centuries. The Oracle drained the blood from her body, and carved her bones with the inscription that, if said out loud, would awaken the Jabberwocky. And so, she was buried. And at that, the Clan of the Jabberwockies and their marvelous home, Pangea, was gone.

The Awakening

Her cairn was buried deep underground, beneath what is now a cemetery. After eons of being dormant, her bones caused a cataclysmic eruption, forcing a giant ditch into the ground and exposing the bodies. And a man would stumble upon the scene, a scientist name Victor Frankenstein. Curiosity and intrigue overcame his cautious nature, and he couldn’t help but confiscate the bones, not knowing what they were. He took them to his lab, pieced the 

odd bones together, only to find that they looked completely human. Once he read the incantation inscripted on the bones, the body of the Jabberwocky reformed. He then named her Europa Justine, after the maiden from Greek mythology, and the woman who was close to Victor, who he blames himself for her death.


Surprisingly enough, this stunning young woman maintains a primal, yet beautiful air. Her chatoyant eyes are thickly lined with black lashes, her irises a highly pigmented royal blue. Her heart shaped face is beautifully paired with high, arched cheekbones and an elegant, granite cutting jawline. Her lips are quite possibly one of her most feminine facial features, as they are plump, rosebud shaped and a light pink that accentuates her femininity. And as for her skin? Absolutely flawless, softer than gossamer, her color a stunning mixture of sun kissed and olive. In certain lighting, she almost appears to have golden highlights.


Europa's hair is extremely thick and untamed, giving her a primitive appearance. The coloring is a mixture of pale white and golden blonde, her hair is almost matte, so those long tresses don't shine in the light. Europa sports a toned, athletic, yet curvaceous and feminine frame. Her legs have curves in all the right places, long and lissome, coupled with small feet. Her stomach is flat and toned, with rounded hips and small waist, she has a very lithe, flexible look to her. She has a large bust, as well as an arch to her back, which makes her body the modern day epitome of femininity. However, the way she moves almost mimics that of a cats. It is not uncommon to see her climbing, crawling, crouching, sniffing the air, even sometimes running on all fours. 

The Jabberwocky has an unknown, primitive accent that is laced throughout her words, and when she speaks or sings, her voice is like milk and honey, smooth and sporting absolute clarity. 


Height: 6 foot, 5 inches

Weight: 1,020 lbs

Body Length: 9 feet

Tail Length: 7 feet

The Mars Jabberwocky-   The Warrior   

Dragon and Wolf

This is the first and most common form of Jabberwocky. In this form, she is a pale, stark white with black markings, shaped like a dragon. She has scales and a very long tail, lined with a golden ridge down her back. She has four giant wings, flecked with black and burgundy feathers, the tips of her wings are gold and she has bronze colored claws on reptilian feet. Her markhor horns are black with bronze tips, paired with six eyes, three on each side. The first set is copper, the second are silver, the third are golden. Her face is elongated, more like a dragons and a wolf's. Her horn is placed on her nose like a rhinoceros, with dragon like scales, however wolffish teeth and eyes, as well as lupine ears.

This is a more stern, stoic Jabberwocky, usually the one to do the fighting. When this form is around, the air drops twenty degrees, and her breath is cold, and can freeze things at will. This form doesn't have a form that awakens it, however, barren landscapes tend to awaken it. 

The Saturn Jabberwocky-   The Tranquil 

Cat and Deer

In this Wocky form, she turns a fawn color and has fur instead of scales, with four feathered wings flecked with silver and black feathers, rimmed with gold.

Her feet are cats paws, fading into white. She has giant deer antlers, which white roses grow on but she still has royal blue eyes, but only one pair. Her tail is similar to a cats, long and covered in fur, fading to black at the tip. Moss grows down the center of her back, also on her flank and at the base of her tail, weaving in between her fur. Her ears are like that of a deers, her flank bespeckled with white spots. Her face is like a cats, with a deer like nose, her muzzle a bit longer than the average cats. Her eyes are extremely large and doe-like, giving her an innocent, sweet look, lined with black like a woman's eyeliner, winged at the corners, the black runs down to the beginning of her nose. Above its nose, is a small symmetrical pattern similar to a Lotus.

This is the most docile, tranquil and friendly form of the Jabberwocky, and in this form, Europa is very affectionate and lively. This form is automatically brought on by bucolic and forested scenery, or sometimes merely efflorescent aromas.

Image result for carrington durham body

The Neptune Jabberwocky-   The Ally

The Venus Jabberwocky- The Lover 

Fox, Swan and Gazelle

This form appears to have feather like fur, that's a pale gray color. Her long tail is like that of a fox's, except the tail tip is black. Her four wings are lissome, shaped like a swans, her face more like a fox's but with the swan facial marking. Europa's ears are gray and black, and there are four of them, her front paws are like a fox's, but her hind paws are webbed, almost built for swimming. Her angular gazelle horns are made of bronze, as well as her teeth. Strangely enough, in this form her body is constantly overheated, and her skin almost always secretes mist from the humidity.

Despite the name, this form isn't solely built around romantic love. This form is very caring, and is typically the one to deal with others, and social issues. Europa-Venus is very gentle and loving, yet passionate, in a platonic and romantic way. This form is typically brought on by heat, warm climates and marshes. 



"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here." - William Shakespeare

Arch Latham Versailles


Twenty One


Native American and French

Keeper of Sins

Archangel and South Witch




Arch typically doesn't get to talking until he is spoken to, but that doesn't mean he's shy, he just tends to be observant. Sometimes he will approach others though. He's very very sweet and caring, always putting others ahead of himself. He enjoys the company of others and has a strong sense of justice and he's fiercely loyal, making him a great friend. Arch is very creative, he's always taking inspiration from his surroundings and turning them into some sort of art; whether it be music, a painting, a drawing, a poem, anything. He enjoys the silence, and unconventional things like mist, rain and cold, most things other people don't enjoy. Arch's got a gloriously devastating romantic streak, he'll  sweep you off your feet if he allows someone to become close to him in that way. When he falls in love, he falls hard, without considering if you'll catch him.

Despite him being a great listener, and an even better friend, Arch tends to keep his emotions trapped inside for fear that he will unleash his demons at the wrong time. He fears letting someone in and then allowing them to tear him apart from the inside out. This gives Arch even more reason to be closed off about certain things.Image result for willy cartier black and white However, Arch's sweet, and caring nature should never be mistaken as weakness; the boy can be absolutely ruthless when it's appropriate. He can go from zero to one hundred in a matter of seconds, but he tries to avoid that as much as possible. On the flip side, he's resilient and intelligent, even more perceptive, analyzing  anything and everything, he can pick up on the slightest change in mood or feeling. Overall, Arch is a very deep, passionate soul, one unlike any other, one you'll have to create your own story with to truly know him.


If there is one word to describe Arch it would be stunning. He has a straight, clean cut hairline and a strong, chiseled jawline that could cut granite. His cheekbones are high and hollow, slightly prominent like most natives, and his eyes are very rounded, lined with thick black lashes. His eye color is a very pigmented hazel, flecked with dashes of gold. Across his nose and upper cheekbones, he has a cute, playful splash of dark brown freckles, contrasting his light colored eyes. His hair is ink black, amazingly soft and straight, highlighted with sable brown in the light. Although, in certain weather conditions, it can get slightly wavy and adorably unkempt. His lips are a dark pinkish color, beautifully full and shaped. Arch's smile shines like the sun itself, stunningly white and absolutely beautiful. And he has dimples; one pair on his cheeks and dimples in the small of his muscular, sculpted back. Image result for willy cartier black and whiteArch has prominent collarbones, wrists and v lines, and when he moves his long, guitar-player fingers, his tendons beneath the skin on his hands are visible. He has the most beautiful bronzed skin, on account of being mixed race. In light,  he has slightly golden highlights on his body. Arch has defined, muscular abs and lean, strong arms with sculpted shoulders, biceps and forearms. His shoulders are broad, his waist is a bit narrow and he has long, athletic legs built for speed. Arch has a couple different body modifications. He has a septum piercing, and his right ear is pierced from top to bottom with golden rings. On his other ear is only three gold rings, one on his earlobe and two in his cartilage.               On his back, he has two giant jagged scars that come together in a V shape. On his wrists, there is a cross burned into each of them, one of which has been there since birth. On  the back of his left forearm are the Roman numerals XI (11) and XVI (16). On the back of his neck are compass points, with watercolor dripping from the symbol for south (S). A black and white two dimensional moth tattoo resides on his right rib cage, beneath a black crescent moon that turns to face the moth.


Arch has many interests. For starters, he absolutely loves to sing, as he has a voice that damn near breaks your heart. He can play acoustic guitar as well, and he loves to write his own music, he will randomly come up with lyrics on the spot sometimes. Arch loves to fill his mind with imaginary adventures and new information, so of course he loves to read. His room is practically a library- he has books of all genres under his bed, in closets, everywhere. Arch also enjoys writing, although he tends to read more than write. He's absolutely fascinated with visual art, he loves to paint and draw, he has canvases lying around everywhere, and a room dedicated to painting and drawing. He always carries a sketchbook with him. Arch enjoys practicing combat and sparring, as he finds it entertaining. He loves to raise baby animals and care for creatures who have been hurt, he always had a soft spot for them anyway. Finally, Arch enjoys long boarding and cooking.

Image result for willy cartier


-He always wears his Buddha necklace, he thinks it brings him luck-

-He always carries his sketchbook with him-

-He can pole dance like a motherfucker, because he's a sexy bih-

-He adores his lifelong friend/"sister' Mouse-

-He has OCD and Borderline Personality Disorder-

-His favorite words are "profound", "scintilla" and "burgundy"-

-He has many pets, a horse, two dogs, a snake, and a caracal-

Image result for willy cartier and snake


Sirius & Cassiopeia

Arch's two beautiful baby girls by the names Sirius Canaan Versailles, and Cassiopeia Micah Versailles. Their mother is Arch's closest companion, Mouse, and were birthed by accident from a ritual gone wrong. Sirius is the firstborn, named after the brightest star. Cassiopeia is named after Arch and Mouse's favorite constellation, so that they may look up into the sky and remember their daughters. Arch loves them just as much as he loves Mouse, and would lay down his life for the twin girls.

Related image


Magic & Abilities


the ability to utilize magic involving the living, life force and souls

-Weapon Creation-

the ability to create temporary weapons out of thin air, but only he can use them

-Wing Manifestation-

the ability to summon his angelic wings


no matter what, Arch is able to feel other's emotional and physical pain

-Energy Manipulation-

the ability to control energy, absorb it and create barriers of energy

-Wolf Shifting-

the ability to shift into a wolf

-Seven Demons of Sin-

the ability to transform into the seven demons of sin, he can also emphasize the unholy desires of others

-Spirit Physiology-

the ability to create illusions, become intangible, possess other beings, use telekinesis and teleportation


the ability to banish creatures from a place or person

-Death Sense-

the ability to detect how and when someone will die

-Dream Manipulation-

the ability to affect dreams and leap through them


the ability to heal some injuries

-Holy Fire Manipulation-

the ability to manipulate holy fire at will


the ability to save one from sin, consequences and curses

-Spell & Curse Casting-

the ability to cast various spells and curses

-Knowledge & Literary Absorption-

the ability to touch a book and absorb the knowledge, or learn any language at the sound of it


the ability to summon other spirits and beings

-Gold Manipulation-

the ability to manipulate and create things from gold


the ability to turn things and people into stone or pillars of salt

-Portal Creation-

the ability to create portals to other realms-

"Make no mistake, the beast inside is sleeping, not dead." - Viking Proverb

Crow Aralin Blackthorn


Twenty Three

In a Relationship


Daughter of Krampus




Crow is a very beautiful woman, but not the typical, conventional kind of beauty. She has large, round hurricane gray eyes lined with thick black lashes that dominate her features. The other captivating attribute about her face is her full, pump, petal lips. Her cheekbones are beautifully arched and hollow, her skin as white as porcelain, flawless as well minus the scars marring her small hands. Crow has a heart shaped face and strong jawline, accompanied by dark, perfectly arched brows. Her white hair is incredibly thick, and reaches down to her small, feminine waist.

Her body is quite feminine, yet strong in appearance. Her shoulders are broad and toned, curved where they meet her long arms, indicating muscle. Her stomach is flat, armed with a small, curvaceous waist and voluptuous hips and rounded thighs. Yet, she is on the thinner side. As far as body modifications, she has a small half sleeve on her right forearm, and three crows flying across her ribcage. Finally, three Scandinavian runes running down her spine in symmetrical order. One of her ears are pierced from top to bottom, and besides that she has no other piercings.

Image result for sarah karda white hair



Crow is...stubborn, for one thing. Headstrong and determined make for a very dominant personality. Yet, she is fairly quiet, not speaking to many unless spoken to. She prefers a small group of friends rather than many acquaintances. She is fiercely loyal and has a strong moral code, perhaps because she feels as though in the past she has broken it many times.

Unlike the popular “tough girl” stereotype, Crow can be quite soft and isn’t afraid of her emotions. She absolutely hates crying in public, however.
She is not afraid to admit that she has many flaws and baggage that can drag her down occasionally. Crow isn’t quite a pessimist or an optimist, she just takes life as it comes to her, always prepared for the worst but expects the best.

She has clear set goals in life, and will never let anything stand in her way- hence the stubborn, donkey-like attitude. However, Crow could be described as chill. She’s very down to earth and often avoids conflict as much as she can, after all she only wishes happiness for herself and others around her, especially the ones she loves.

Despite her docile nature, do not think for a second that she will not fight for the ones she loves, what she wants or what she believes in. One of her weaknesses is that she can let things overcome her and become absolutely ruthless. If you earn her loyalty and respect, you’ve got a trustworthy friend for life and will always stand by your side, through harsh and fair weather.



-Demonic Form-

Her true form, which is an eighteen foot tall colossus. It has dark gray, bark-like skin and a torn open ribcage where you can see black bones, and a ball of fire convulsing on the inside. It has long, clawlike hands and a pointed chin, no mouth, and six glowing purple eyes. Four horns protrude from its head, and jagged spikes run down its back. In the center, the spikes form a giant circle, with another ball of fire within.


-Wolf Form-

Her ability to transform into a wolf

-Black Witchcraft-

On account of being a demon and being trained by a Witch of Centuries, she has a mastery over Scandinavian black witchery.


-Shadow Manipulation-

The ability to manipulate, bend and form shadows at her will


-Ink Manipulation-

The ability to manipulate ink

Voka the Crow 

Voka is a pitch black crow who can speak, and is Crow’s best friend. He has been with Crow her whole life, and she is very protective of him. He is smart, witty and oh, so savage. Don’t be afraid to talk to him, however, no one is safe from his insults.

Zalgo and the Quadruplets

Zalgo is Crow’s loving boyfriend who she cares deeply about. They have been together for quite sometime now. They met each other at the Red Sun Inn, and immediately hit it off, liking the devilish challenge they offered each other. And ever since then, they’ve been inseparable. He’s the ice to her fire, and the darkness to her light. She’s always been stoic, and stubborn, but he has taught her to look at life a different way.

Together now, they have four beautiful demon babies; Romus, Cleos, Airis and Kree. Crow loves her family with a fierce passion and would lay down her life for them any day. Cleos is the little daddies girl, Airis is the bookworm, Kree is the bad egg and Romus is the fierce and fiery boy. Crow has a special bond with each of them and is determined to raise them to know what is right


"The heart of another is a dark forest, always, no matter how close it has been to ones own." - Willa Cather

Judah Monroe Price


Centuries Old



Spirit of Forests

Demon and Spirit


Romus Creed





Son of the Apocalypse 

Apocalypse Incarnate and Demon


Romus is the son of Zalgo, who is the apocalypse incarnate, and Crow Aralin Blackthorn, who is the daughter of Krampus and granddaughter of Fenrir. He was the firstborn of their quadruplets, and has three sisters; Kree, Airis and Cleos.

Image result for samuele doveri


In actuality, Romus does not look human. But in his “human” form, he is a strikingly handsome young man. He has thick, upright black hair that’s darker than the night itself, and is shaved on one side. Often, his hair is messy and he tends to fuss with it quite a bit. His skin is a beautiful olive ton and is practically flawless. However, he does have a full sleeve tattoo on his right arm, despite his young age.Image result for daniel bederov instagram Romus stands at about 6’3, and has broad shoulders that lead into muscular, lean arms.  His eyes are almond shaped, rimmed with thick lashes, and he can change the color at any time, but preferably, he keeps them dark blue.He has a narrowish heart shaped face, a defined jawline and high, hollow cheekbones. His full lips hide a stunning, straight white smile that could steal anyone’s heart.

Romus has a few body modifications, as he loves tattoos very much. He will be getting more as he grows up, but for now he has a sleeve on his right arm. On the shoulder of Romus’s tattoo is the Viking symbol “Vegvisir,” which is a runic compass that represents never getting lost. Directly below that is the Wolfs Cross, which has a crow on each side, their heads turned towards the cross as they fly. On his elbow is another Scandinavian symbol called “Aegishjaimur” which is for protection an irresistibility in battle. On his bicep beneath the wings of the crow is an ash tree, its roots wrapping around the top of a skull of a ram and the horns. Beside the rams skull is the Scandinavian symbol called “Ginfaxi” for courage, especially in combat. On the flat of his forearm is the Viking symbol for separation. On the other side of that is a barn owl, with stars in its huge, three dimensional eyes. Around his wrist, is Jormungandr, which is the snake that wraps around Midgard (the Middle World), holding it together.


Image result for daniel bederov instagram

True Form


His “true form” looks much different from how he usually looks. He has the same look to him, but his skin is dark gray, like stone, smooth and flawless. His eyes are the deepest amber, where there would be white, there is black. He has huge, ink-hued, spiraling argali ram horns and long claws as fingernails. From his back sprouts four colossal black feathered wings, and his teeth are extremely sharp, and he possesses five tongues, each pierced at the end. His normal tattoos disappear, exchanging for ever-changing black designs, spiraling and writhing in chaos- they are the Signs of the Apocalypse. These marks also lead on to his neck and chest, and begin to produce black fire as he uses his fear and death magic. He has cuts on his hands in distinct designs, seeming to glow with embers and gaping gashes on his ribcage that glow as well, fire burning within, as if to hold Hell inside of him. Finally, he has an excessively long wolfs tail protruding from his rear, which is about four and a half feet long.






-Astral Projection-

the ability to project the consciousness into an astral form outside of the body

-Audible Inundation-

the ability to overwhelm someone's mind with voices


the ability to cast a person or creature from a place or being

-Black Orbing-

a form of teleportation through black orbs

-Blood Boiling-

the ability to bring ones blood to a boiling point


the ability to call inanimate objects to ones hand


the ability to enchant an object or person and produce negative effects


the ability to create conflict between people

-Fear Amplification-

the ability to amplify another beings fear

-Fear Projection-

a powerful ability to project others fear into reality

-Life Draining-

the ability to drain the life force out of a being


the ability to manipulate the dead


the ability to control living beings by entering into their body

-Rage Projection-

the ability to enrage others by amplifying their anger

-Runic Magic-

the ability to use runes and Scandinavian symbols for magic, spells, summoning and battle

-Shadow Manipulation-

the ability to manipulate shadows at will for various effects

-Spirit Absorption-

the ability to feed on the souls of the living for survival

-Wolf Shifting-

the ability to shift into wolf form

 Image result for daniel bederov frank and oak

"And though she be but little, she is fierce." - William Shakespeare

Cleos Aliyaah Creed





Sister of Owls

Apocalypse Incarnate and Demon



If there were one word to describe Cleos's physical appearance it would be adorable. She's pretty short, only standing at 5'3, with a curvaceous figure. Fuller thighs, rounder hips and a tiny little waist, her shoulders small and feminine. She has pale skin like porcelain, and even whiter hair, that cascades down her back, ending at her shoulder blades. She has a round yet heart shaped face, with lavender eyes rimmed with thick, black, long lashes.Image result for sage tullisCleos's rosebud lips are a soft pink color, full and beautiful. She has a little button nose dotted with a constellation of freckles, and a prominent jawline. She has two piercings on each ear lobe, and a a real diamond piercing in her left cartilage. She only has one tattoo, a watercolor barn owl on her right wrist.


Cleos is a very sweet, beautiful young soul that gives off love, laughter and light. She's bright and intelligent, always eager to learn and is oh so helpful, if you're doing chores, you won't be able to stop her from helping. Cleos is kind to all, however she can be a bit reckless. She's a fierce little thing, fiery indeed and is the most adventurous person you'll ever meet. However, she's quick to disobey. She's very artistic and creative, always drawing or painting or singing. She'll take any opportunity to express her creativity. Even though Cleos is naturally sweet and thoughtful, she can become ruthless if she is pushed to that point.  

 Image result for sage tullis body

Wolf Form

Image result for xkoday white wolf transparent background

Ethereal Form

Image result for xkoday white dragon

Kin the Owl

Kin is Cleos's companion, and does not like being called a pet. He cannot speak, as he is mute, but he can understand any given language. He's a pure white, unknown species of owl, with huge black eyes, quite adorable if you ask Cleos.Image result for baby white owlHe typically keeps to himself but is very protective over his companion, after all, he has been with her since birth. Kin is believed to be the gateway to the Astral Plane, however, some believe Cleos and Kin are just a younger version of Crow and Voka.



the ability to see people, places and prophecies through mirrors


summoning a cloud to sit, fly or sleep on

-Dream Leaping-

the ability to project into others dreams and manipulate them

-Ethereal Form-

the ability to shift into her most powerful form


the ability to bestow magical powers on an object or individual


the ability to travel through glass and write messages through them

-Illusion Casting-

the ability to create illusions


the ability to kill by lighting one on fire

-Life Draining-

to drain the life force from someone through their mouth, eyes and nose

-Portal Creation-

the ability to create portals


the ability to control living things by entering into their bodies in spirit form


the ability to bring the dead back to life, but it drains her own energy and she might die

-Soul Blasting-

the ability to fire a lightning like blast of energy that extracts souls

-Spirit Absorption-

to feed on spirits for survival


the ability to conjure familiars and creatures


the ability to hear and broadcast her and others thoughts

-Temporal Stasis-

to slow or stop time itself

-Watercolor Projection-

the ability to create temporary watercolor beings and manipulate paint (similar to her mothers ink manipulation)


teleportation through blue wisps

-Wolf Shifting-

the ability to shift into a wolf

Image result for tumblr photography

Active Role Plays


Kodock S.

Radu Tepes

Pari Organa


Ashton Forbes

Casey Elvin (And Many Others)

The Perytral

Kyla Lynch

d r o w n




Chamenos (W.E.I.A)


Leviathan "Nyx" Helsing




Sirius Canaan Versailles



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At 10:53am on June 24, 2017,
Radu Tepes

*Radu slowly gets up... a smooth slow movement obtained without bending in any direction by the simple force of his powerful muscles... absently he removes his man made shine black leather shoes... and walks into the sea... slowly... without caring of the waves... *

I will try not to hurt you

*Europa's capabilities looks impressive... even to the Prince... and her Neptune Jabberwocky seems a real challenge... and hand-to-hand combat in the ocean is not and easy game against such dragon... therefore the Overlord proceeds... letting the water to raise up to his chest... and over... he is calm and his lips move silently chanting arcane spells of other times... to himself*

niin... dumûl mau... kur niin azauk... dumûl niin mau... dumûl kur azauk

*The jacket is still wrapped around his forearm... and the long pants could suggest he is just a clumsy prey... swimming out of the beach... therefore his movements are precise... and he proceed fast... obscillating rhythmically as a slim killer whale... black and white... accelerating... and jumping out of the water... just to submerge deeply... 

Radu swims in a style all his own... some kind of awesome dolphin kick... moving his body at ultra speed... too fast for vampire and for most of celestial creature eyes... this allows him to reach an unexpectable high speed...

therefore the Overlordàs arms are straight in front of him while he shapes his hands in special dynamic way... as he continues to accelerate... Radu is creating impressive big pressure waves... and controlling them in a way that generates a bubble of steam inside the water and makes it grow around his body... as supercavitation appears... it enables to access speeds that are impossible for submerged objects.

Within this steam bubble the Prince flies literally underwater reaching speed sound... in water... passing 3300 mph... it is some kind of black ribbon evolving into a spiral that turn on deep blue sea... the Overlord's powerful senses have hard time to collect information from the marine sounds... considering the noise generated by the supercavitation...

therefore the Prince is able to discriminate the reflections of pressure waves against the sea bed as well as on the fishes... among them the dragon silhouette is an easy target to be identified... and associated to the Neptune's acoustic signatures.

Despite the very high speed... Radu feels like moving at slow speed through molasses... and barely smiles while he acquires the clear picture of the whole situation... directing his course toward the Neptune form... and rounding high speed around her in large circles.

Suddenly... Radu claps his hands at hyperspeed... this movement destroys the bubble and slows down him dramatically... the so harsh deceleration could break most steel structures... not the Overlord body... even if result quite painful... a huge shock wave is generated as a cone expanding toward Europe... strong enough to confuse a nuclear submarine sonar... but not enough to deafen a whale to death... it is a stunning strike... pretty hard... against one Jabberwock supposed to be very hard...

The Prince is floating 500 yards from her... 50 underwater... his dinner jacket is torn due to the high speed... therefore his lungs are easily able to hold the breath... even swimming for another 20 minutes.

View is strongly limited underwater... therefore Radu's eyes are able to reconstruct the silhouette of Europa and are watching her reaction to the shock wave...*

At 12:53pm on June 23, 2017,
Zanayaliz Rodriguez

-I looked at all of Judah then he did his little magic trick and I froze for a second. "Oh no, you don't," I say as I swiftly come around and block his path. "forests are your home how come I have never seen or heard of you?" I say studying everything about him. I now stood in front of him with curiosity and confusion written all over my slightly tan flawless face now with small wrinkles on my forehead as i tried to process him and his powers. Nothing she had ever experienced since she was the only magical being in her village. out of curiosity I reach out to touch his very tattooed arm-

At 2:20pm on June 21, 2017, Malory Grace (And Many Others) said…
"Three girls?" She was a bit surprised by that. Malory cleared her throat softly, looking ahead of her again. "Maybe you should start using some protection then, huh?" Maybe that was a bit too personal of a joke to make, but Malory was tried. And, remember, bad at making friends. Her stomach grumbles slightly from her own lack of eating. She had only had a little food the previous night, and didn't remember eating anything at morning either. She really wasn't in the mood to eat, but she knew she had to at this point or she'd have no energy for training tomorrow.
"It's a little early, Arch, you sure you're ready to hit the sack?" Malory slowed to a stop by the bathhouse at the edge of the village. She'd get clean, then find some food. Byron kept walking when Malory stopped, wandering back to the hut that Malory and Arch were staying in.
At 2:03pm on June 21, 2017, Malory Grace (And Many Others) said…
Malory walked at Byron's side, her hand on his feathered neck. A sigh left her lips after Arched asked, turning her head to look at him. "No, I didn't...I didn't think there were any people living here, didn't think I'd get stuck, didn't think I'd have to save them..." /Didn't think I wouldn't be able to say goodbye to my family,/ came the silent thought in her head that followed, looking back to the path again. She ran her hand through her hair, slightly matted with a bit of dried mud, and sighed again. "Arch...I still don't really think this is happening. I keep thinking this isn't real, it's just a dream...I want to wake up and be home and not have to worry about all this shit." Maybe that was a little selfish of her, but she really didn't want to be the Gryphon Rider, savior of the Celestial Plane. She wanted to be Malory Grace, the lone(ly) goblin and troll hunter. But she didn't really get what she wanted, no one did. Malory frowned, looking at Arch again. "Yeah? I'm not really sure she's that bad...then again, I'm not great with kids. I saw you playing with the ones in the village this morning, they seemed to really like you. And don't you have two kids of your own?"
At 6:01pm on June 20, 2017, primal said…
**personally I'd love to use my Reaper :) she had one roleplay going but he hasn't been on so she's being ignored.. she's open sexuality wise so there aren't many constraints
At 10:11pm on June 19, 2017, primal said…
{Only the nicest things, she loves your writing style in particular. I have women only on this page I have another which has my males. I don't have a cohesive species everyone is every where .. angel hybrid,succubus/cross roads & grim reaper.. }
At 2:03am on June 18, 2017, primal said…

*would love to talk potential role-plays heard wonderful things from my friend Drown c:

At 10:23pm on June 16, 2017,
Radu Tepes

*Radu laughs... observing her change into a nineteen year old girl with royal blue eyes... *

Europa... Europa... 

feel free to try to swallow me...

*and shakes his head.*

and enjoy a shift from a boastful sentence to a doleful repentence.

May be... I should challenge you and demonstrate... practically... how a Jabberwock could be submitted...

*His voice is still calm and deep despite the continuous provocation of the Jabberwock*

... therefore while Dr.Frankstein awaked you back to life... it looks you miss many aspects about the history of the untameable Jabberwocks... and their fate.

*The Overlord's eyes are steady on her and cruel...*

May be you should consider to humble yourself... because up to know you showed up the mood of a childish teenager... able to pop up as many eyes as a floating beholder... or to turn into a gelid prig girl...

*The Prince crouches elegantly... as a tall tower collapsing... in slow motion... while twirling all around itself... just to result at the end into a new shape solid architecture...

His right forefinger moves and... absently... the nail draws in the sand a tiny sketch of pangea profile.. just near to her shapes.*

... while I know you could be much more

At 3:11pm on June 16, 2017,
Radu Tepes

*The Overlord is stil ready to defend and attack... his left forarm still jabe the jacket rounded around it...  therefore he takes a step toward her ... the Prince seems to slide over the seashore... slowly this time... and naturally

Radu slightly nods while he keeps his gaze on her six eyes...*

My pleasure... to meet you here, Europa Justine...

 I am Radu Tepes, Overlord of Poenari, Prince of Arges, Bey of Wallachia, Darkness Ruler and much more... 

*His eyes are merciless... even if charming and fascineted by her*

I feel,  now, is up to you to decide if I deserve respect and we will talk... or if you will bite me and you will pay for it...

*The Overlords laughs smartly...*

At 2:00pm on June 16, 2017,
Zanayaliz Rodriguez

 -I was in wonder about how he wasn't nervous of me of how he had already an answer to my words but the answer was wrong. This was her home, hers and her people but her curiosity was peaked and she just needed to know where this handsome weirdo came from and why he was calling the forest his home and why she couldn't hear a heartbeat from him. " Well my people have found a home here and we have our limits. I don't need any more problems so take your ass from whatever other forest you came from and take your issues there. I can tell you aren't human and that makes you a danger to my people. so You either leave or tell me what you are here for? ", I said as I stood in a semi defence stand-

Europa and Arch's Blog

Will You Stay Till I Fall Asleep?

Posted on June 21, 2017 at 7:00pm 1 Comment




He found himself clutching on to the carpet beneath the couch, claws sliding from his nails into the soft fabric that stunk like cigarettes and sex, his youthful, bronze skin marred by a new gash splitting his lightly freckled cheek. Arch couldn't feel his heartbeat, so he borrowed the pound of his brothers, who was pressed against him. Perhaps Moth had stolen his heartbeat.

"Don't you ever put your fucking…


The Weight of the World

Posted on May 19, 2017 at 11:30am 0 Comments

**TRIGGER WARNING: There is drug use and flashbacks containing very sensitive topics, read at you're own risk**

Arch couldn't help but drum his fingers against the glass table as he sat on the couch, one hand propping his head up. His golden gaze was locked on the small lines of the snow like substance that resided on the table. Some nights were like this. Some nights he just couldn't bear the weight of all the sins in the entire multiverse. He just couldn't do it… Continue

Of Ash and Angels - Part One: Always

Posted on April 20, 2017 at 8:31pm 0 Comments

(This is an original story, which tells the tale of Arch Versailles and Mouse. This is written by both players, and will be posted by the both of us.)

Part One

Image result for white rose aesthetic

All was quiet in these…


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