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My morals are fucked, want to RP?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Edena Kattalakis Apr 5. 3 Replies

Hey, my boi's~So, recently I've created my new, lovely character named Arch Versailles, and I'm looking to start up a few role plays with him, and all of you great people. I am a multi paragraph role…Continue



Doodle bob- nee oh hoy min yoy

Arch Versailles


Wolf and Archangel

Native American and French


Buddhist (Ironically)

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Many thousands of years ago, the God of Sin created his seven demons; Wrath, Greed, Lust, Sloth, Gluttony, Envy and Pride. He planned on taking over the celestial plain with them, and then every other single world. The other Gods and angels couldn't allow this, so the God of Sin was hurled down into the underworld, becoming what is now known as Satan, Hades, the Devil, ect. and the seven demons of sin were sealed away. However, the demons were immortal, they couldn't be locked away forever, so they made a prophecy that one day, the son of the heavens will carry the seven demons inside of his body. 

The son of the heavens was Arch. He and his twin brother, Moth, were born on a foggy autumn day in Harlem, New York. Both were born with a cross burned into their wrist, one on Arch's right wrist, one on Moth's left. His mother was a wolf shifter named Alexandra Versailles, their father an archangel named Micah. Alexandra was a beautiful french and Nez Perce witch, with a bad drug and alcohol addiction. She often sold herself out just to pay rent, because all their money went towards drugs and alcohol- until Alexandra met Micah. He saved her, he became her light. A year after Moth and Arch were born, Micah had no choice but to leave, in order to protect his family from the wrath of the archangels. After he left, Alexandra quickly fell back into her old ways of drug and alcohol

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abuse. This went on for five more years, soon after that, she abandoned her children, forcing them to live on the streets. Micah then discovered this, not knowing where the woman he once loved had gone, he had one choice; take his sons to the celestial plain, and admit to the Court of Angels what he had done- and they became enraged. The angels held Micah captive, but Arch and Moth barely escaped death, plummeting into a portal that took them to a lower level of the celestial plain. Meanwhile, Micah's wings were torn from his body and he was locked away in hell for the rest of eternity. Arch and Moth were found by a white haired witch of a thousand years called South. He took them in, teaching them to use their magic and shifting, caring for them and eventually becoming their father figure. South could sense that Arch carried the seven demons of sin, but he wanted to protect the boy from the ravenous evil he harbored inside of him. So South never told Arch. But the angels were determined to kill the offspring, without knowing that Arch was the son of the heavens, keeping the seven demons inside of his soul. They also grew up with another girl named Mouse, who would soon grow to be like his family.
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When Arch and Moth turned thirteen, they were found and South was murdered. But the witch was immortal, so he would  reform, but that would take months, even years. Arch and Moth were taken back to the celestial plain to be executed, but the demon of sin, Wrath, was unleashed, taking control of Arch's body. He tore his way out of the heavens, killing and mutilating beings as he went, falling back down to earth. Arch was alone. He desperately tried to search out his mother, so she would possibly take him back, then help him rescue his father and brother. He searched every damn street of New York, but could not find her, so he found a local Seer, who could show him where Alexandra was. She had moved to Salem, Massachusetts, where she had grown up among other witches. Arch hitch hiked his way there, and when he found his destitute mother, she utterly rejected him. But she did tell him the location of his father- Hell.

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And so, Arch opened a portal to Hell, and searched out his father, Micah. His father told him that there was no hope for Moth, he was most likely dead. With no family except his father, Arch stayed among demons and fallen angels in Hell. He became aware of the cruelty celestial beings showed the hellions, he saw their poverty, pain and destruction. And soon after, the angels discovered his location, and went to war against the Underworld. There were fights to the death, and the demons inside of his soul became unleashed, slaying angel after angel after angel, driving them out- after the murder of Micah. In mourning, Arch decided to have a demon cut two large scars that came together in a v-shape on his back, just like the ones that Micah had after getting his wings ripped off. Satan, however, took notice of Arch and his power, and took him in as his person apprentice/henchman, using him to do his dirty work, along with training him in the evil side of his magic. But for years, Arch could not stop thinking about avenging his fathers death. So, Arch returned to the heavens, leaving hell, but the angels had been waiting. Arch had been ruthless against them, but they knew he would not murder his only brother. The angels had possessed Moth, who had been held captive for this very reason, and they forced the two brothers to fight to the death. Arch had no choice but to kill Moth, and in his final moments, Moth's soul returned, only to look his brother in the eyes with hate, and then pass. The second Moth died, the cross on his wrist faded away and was burned into Arch's like magic. And ever since then, Arch has never returned to heaven or hell- for there is no place for him.

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Arch typically doesn't get to talking until he is spoken to, but that doesn't mean he's shy, he just tends to be observant. Sometimes he will approach others though. He's very very sweet and caring, always putting others ahead of himself. He enjoys the company of others and has a strong sense of justice and he's fiercely loyal, making him a great friend. Arch is very creative, he's always taking inspiration from his surroundings and turning them into some sort of art; whether it be music, a painting, a drawing, a poem, anything. He enjoys the silence, and unconventional things like mist, rain and cold, most things other people don't enjoy. Arch's got a gloriously devastating romantic streak, he'll  sweep you off your feet if he allows someone to become close to him in that way. When he falls in love, he falls hard, without considering if you'll catch him.Image result for willy cartier black and whiteDespite him being a great listener, and an even better friend, Arch tends to keep his emotions trapped inside for fear that he will unleash his demons at the wrong time. He fears letting someone in and then allowing them to tear him apart from the inside out. This gives Arch even more reason to be closed off about certain things. However, Arch's sweet, and caring nature should never be mistaken as weakness; the boy can be absolutely ruthless when it's appropriate. He can go from zero to one hundred in a matter of seconds, but he tries to avoid that as much as possible. On the flip side, he's resilient and intelligent, even more perceptive, analyzing  anything and everything, he can pick up on the slightest change in mood or feeling. Overall, Arch is a very deep, passionate soul, one unlike any other, one you'll have to create your own story with to truly know him.

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If there is one word to describe Arch it would be stunning. He has a straight, clean cut hairline and a strong, chiseled jawline that could cut granite. His cheekbones are high and hollow, slightly prominent like most natives, and his eyes are very rounded, lined with thick black lashes. His eye color is a very pigmented hazel, flecked with dashes of gold. Across his nose and upper cheekbones, he has a cute, playful splash of dark brown freckles, contrasting his light colored eyes. His hair is ink black, amazingly soft and straight, highlighted with sable brown in the light. Although, in certain weather conditions, it can get slightly wavy and adorably unkempt. Image result for willy cartier black and whiteHis lips are a dark pinkish color, beautifully full and shaped. Arch's smile shines like the sun itself, stunningly white and absolutely beautiful. And he has dimples; one pair on his cheeks and dimples in the small of his muscular, sculpted back. Arch has prominent collarbones, wrists and v lines, and when he moves his long, guitar-player fingers, his tendons beneath the skin on his hands are visible. He has the most beautiful bronzed skin, on account of being mixed race. In light,  he has slightly golden highlights on his body. Arch has defined, muscular abs and lean, strong arms with sculpted shoulders, biceps and forearms. His shoulders are broad, his waist is a bit narrow and he has long, athletic legs built for speed.

Arch has a couple different body modifications. He has a septum piercing, and his right ear is pierced from top to bottom with golden rings. On his other ear is only three gold rings, one on his earlobe and two in his cartilage.                                                                                                                         Image result for willy cartier black and white 

On his back, he has two giant jagged scars that come together in a V shape. On his wrists, there is a cross burned into each of them, one of which has been there since birth. On  the back of his left forearm are the Roman numerals XI (11) and XVI (16). On the back of his neck are compass points, with watercolor dripping from the symbol for south (S). A black and white two dimensional moth tattoo resides on his right rib cage, beneath a black crescent moon that turns to face the moth. 


Arch has many interests. For starters, he absolutely loves to sing, as he has a voice that damn near breaks your heart. He can play acoustic guitar as well, and he loves to write his own music, he will randomly come up with lyrics on the spot sometimes. Arch loves to fill his mind with imaginary adventures and new information, so of course he loves to read. His room is practically a library- he has books of all genres under his bed, in closets, everywhere. Arch also enjoys writing, although he tends to read more than write. He's absolutely fascinated with visual art, he loves to paint and draw, he has canvases lying around everywhere, and a room dedicated to painting and drawing. He always carries a sketchbook with him. Arch enjoys practicing combat and sparring, as he finds it entertaining. He loves to raise baby animals and care for creatures who have been hurt, he always had a soft spot for them anyway. Finally, Arch enjoys long boarding and cooking.

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-He always wears his Buddha necklace, he thinks it brings him luck-

-He always carries his sketchbook with him-

-He can pole dance like a motherfucker, because he's a sexy bih-

-He adores his lifelong friend/"sister' Mouse-

-He has OCD and Borderline Personality Disorder-

-His favorite words are "profound", "scintilla" and "burgundy"-

-He has many pets, a horse, two dogs, a snake, and a caracal-

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Sirius & Cassiopeia

Arch's two beautiful baby girls by the names Sirius Canaan Versailles, and Cassiopeia Micah Versailles. Their mother is Arch's closest companion, Mouse, and were birthed by accident from a ritual gone wrong. Sirius is the firstborn, named after the brightest star. Cassiopeia is named after Arch and Mouse's favorite constellation, so that they may look up into the sky and remember their daughters. Arch loves them just as much as he loves Mouse, and would lay down his life for the twin girls.

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Magic & Abilities


the ability to utilize magic involving the living, life force and souls

-Weapon Creation-

the ability to create temporary weapons out of thin air, but only he can use them

-Wing Manifestation-

the ability to summon his angelic wings


no matter what, Arch is able to feel other's emotional and physical pain

-Energy Manipulation-

the ability to control energy, absorb it and create barriers of energy

-Wolf Shifting-

the ability to shift into a wolf

-Seven Demons of Sin-

the ability to transform into the seven demons of sin, he can also emphasize the unholy desires of others

-Spirit Physiology-

the ability to create illusions, become intangible, possess other beings, use telekinesis and teleportation


the ability to banish creatures from a place or person

-Death Sense-

the ability to detect how and when someone will die

-Dream Manipulation-

the ability to affect dreams and leap through them


the ability to heal some injuries

-Holy Fire Manipulation-

the ability to manipulate holy fire at will


the ability to save one from sin, consequences and curses

-Spell & Curse Casting-

the ability to cast various spells and curses

-Knowledge & Literary Absorption-

the ability to touch a book and absorb the knowledge, or learn any language at the sound of it


the ability to summon other spirits and beings

-Gold Manipulation-

the ability to manipulate and create things from gold


the ability to turn things and people into stone or pillars of salt

-Portal Creation-

the ability to create portals to other realms-

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- 18+ shit goes on here -


- Do not permanently scar, disfigure or murder my character -

- No rude OOC -

- Leave ya damn drama at the door -

- Have fun, you feckin plebs -

Image result for willy cartier gif coke commercial

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At 8:25pm on April 24, 2017,
Serenity The Gate Keeper
(maybe we can role play sometime)
At 2:06pm on April 24, 2017,
Serenity The Gate Keeper
{Thanx for accepting:) }
At 9:04pm on April 21, 2017,
Kyla Lynch

As she hoped he explains with such life and expression she feels her eyes lift to the sky getting swept away in it's wonder. To sounds amazing. A tinge of longing taints the moment as she finds herself envious. She looks away biting her lower lip. Taking a chance to look upon him she is startled by the wide smile showing off his pristine smile. Pleasantly startled. She stares on as he reaches out as if really touching the sky before her and she smiles sliding out of the water to sit beside him. Nude, naturally and unashamed. She is enjoying the details when he offers to take her on a flight. She looks surprised  but suddenly giddy.

"Ye would?" She turns crouching and stands to a full 5'7". Her mullatto skin is warm and rich in complexion. Even smooth and soft in appearance it is not without it's imperfections. There is a bullet size scare on either side of her right thigh, a scar thicker than that but circular in her left shoulder but the largest is the row of teeth that likes her left side as if something massive bit the Kelpie but somehow left her to survive.

She isn't looking at him though but to the small wooded area. Her backpack can be found and she knees taking out a pair of leggings and a halter top. She slides the tight and small articles on her wet body. They dampen but she doesn't seem bothered. She doesn't even fuss looking for shoes because she has none. She returns with the backpack across her back and sits beside him close but not too close. She studies his wings again hugging her knees to her chest as well.

"So...why did ye fall? Wat's this Court'o'Angels after?"

At 8:18pm on April 21, 2017,
Kyla Lynch

He says her name and she looks at him very...confused. It sounds pleasant on his lips but that is not what confuses her. The question is why he felt the need to say it aloud in the first place. Before she can assure it she is one and the same, he asks of where they are. "They call this Lock o'many in Scotland." And he just happen to crash where she was swimming. Lucky of him...or not depending on how you see the Kelpie.

She looks over his wings that he mentioned needs drying before. She stares at them with an innocent wonder sparkling in her soft green irises. How did they work? They seem so large! If he had them why did he fall? She is pondering these things when he speaks another question. What is she? She could hardly explain herself. She smirks looking to her hands those red tipped nails sharpened to a point. "Ah'm ah creature...She treads carefully not to give too much away at one time. "One'o land an' loch." Her eyes lift at that to stare at him. She dominated both land and water but not of sky. His wings...she can't help but asks quickly. "Wats et lik ta fly?"

At 7:06pm on April 21, 2017,
Kyla Lynch

Court o'Angels... She thinks this only to herself. Sounds so lovely and like something her mother would warn her about. She doesn't have time to ask about the court as she feels her waist held onto and the power of his kicks propelling them to the surface. Her hands naturally rest on his shoulders and she stares into his eyes as smiling as she lets her long tail grow slack as he carries them to top. emerging her hair slicks back pressing curls down flat to press at the back of her head and along the nap of her neck. Her breast stimulated by the sudden touch of air is not so pressed against him as their presence might be physically felt close to the angel. Depending on his take on modesty. The Kelpie has none.

Still staring at him as he shifts to go ashore the small island. She lets go of him and swims to the side resting. Her arms crossing to bear what weight she puts leaning on them. She hasn't stopped smiling since he took them up. "Iffe ye were worried bout me ah could have  kept us down there as long as ye needed..." She speaks now the voice in his head exactly like the soft light pitched one speaking to him now. He wanted to hide and so she hid him.

At 3:09pm on April 21, 2017, Casey Evlin (And Many Others) said…
"Well...I suppose this is as good a place as any for an archangel-half breed to live..." Came her lame reply. She didn't really know what else to say. There wasn't really a way for her to relate to the story, Malory had grown up a human in a human place and had a human childhood. She heard him literally choke on his own memories, looking out over the lake herself. She could tell it was painful for him, remembering whatever he was remembering. She wouldn't press him for answers, it was his choice if he shared, and she wouldn't make him.
"Hobgoblins are a pain in the ass, aren't they?" Malory tried to joke lightly as the beautiful but out of place house came into view. It was really lovely, and reminded her of her own vine covered, Victorian home back on earth, where she so wanted to go. The opening of the door startled both her and Byron, the gryphon and the human taking defensive stances. But who came out looked so human. Well, so much like Arch, actually. Malory blinked, looking between the man and Arch, not really knowing what to say. It didn't even seem like Arch knew what to say, and he knew the person in the doorway of the house. She once again silently waited for someone else to speak, someone who knew more about the situation than she did. Which she guessed would be the new man with the white hair and beautiful jewelry.
At 1:49pm on April 21, 2017, Casey Evlin (And Many Others) said…
Malory did know the place was beautiful, but she had been here before. It was captivating and amazing, but so was Arch. Well, she didn't really think he was "amazing," but he was definitely captivating. Malory sighed softly as Byron kept picking on her shirt. "He's not all that trusting...with good reason." She didn't really want to trust Arch, but she didn't have any other option. She didn't know her way around, she knew she would get lost in the wonder of this place like her uncle if she didn't stay with Arch.
"Okay, Byron, that's enough!" She stopped in her tracks and turned to look at her pesky gryphon. He squawked and chattered at her, fluffing his feathers up a little. "Fine, fine, I'll ride you if it'll make you stop..." There seemed to be a shared language between the two of them. She went around to his side as he lowered the front half of his body so she could get on. There was no saddle or stirrups to help her, but she easily swung her leg up and over the beast to get onto his back. Not only was she strong, she was flexible, too. Byron stood back up and started walking behind Arch, a little calmer now that he was carrying Malory.
"How long did you live here, when you were young?" Malory asked after Arch said there was a place they would soon come to to spend the night in. So, she was going to end up spending the night with Arch anyways. Great...
At 8:07pm on April 20, 2017,
Kyla Lynch

He heals quickly. It is almost bitter sweet but she has to behave herself now. She lifts her eyes taking in that lifting scent of blood being taking off by the under current. He is really in danger it would be hard to tell where the fallen winged angel was now. She keeps her eyes looking up towards the surface as she feels eyes on her, in wondrous curiosity. To say it was her first time seeing someone view her in such a way would be untrue but no one and nothing so...marveling itself has looked at her as such.

Kelpie are beautiful but they are also so feared just as much as they are admired. It has been enough time that she looks down to Arch and pulls herself close again to give him another kiss of air. Filling his lungs to bear the depths for longer. She stares into his eyes her curls splayed about her head as if enchanted tendrils with a life of their own.

"Tha names Kyla." Kyla would be enough. She smiles lips part slightly showing for the first time three slits along either side of her neck converting oxygen from the water helping her breath. She speaks with Telepathy still. "Wat troubles have ye brought ta me loch?" She wants to know who or what he is hiding from and why.

At 7:49pm on April 19, 2017,
Kyla Lynch

(Part 2) A goblin looking creature paddles towards them fanged teeth smelling the celestial blood drew it to dare attack and take a bite. The Kelpie turns and shrieks at the thing. Haunting, demonic...her side angle exposes a distorted image of the beauty the winged man saw before, terrifying and awe inspiring. In a moment the unhinged jaw of fangs and milky dead eyes are gone, skin returning to it's natural warm tone as the water goblin swims quickly back the way it came.

They drift down to the floor of the lake surrounded by Kelp like high grass in a field. It dances, sways otherworldly about them. She holds him easily upright leaving her body open to keep hold to as she extends out fin swaying slowly holding to his face. If he needs it she pulls in and plants a sweet kiss on his lips. A gust of air entering his lungs to hold and keep him alive. Her touch remains on him shifting as he may need it. Reaching for the kelp it is no ordinary lake plant. It glows a reflective blue in the sunlight that still reaches this part of the loch. She begins to wrap him slowly like binding a wound. Into his mind he may hear something:

"Who are ye Man'o'skye?"

At 7:49pm on April 19, 2017,
Kyla Lynch

(Part 1) Her mother would disapprove in meddling in supernatural affairs external to the group but something in the desperation in his voice, perhaps even the attractive lull in his baritone but she is reaching out for him and if he could stumble before her topless torso cool hands damp by the waters would caress his face sweetly. Sharpened nails not yet painted look more like talons are somehow gentle despite their ferocity. She draws him closer to him as the world seems to shift for him turning slowly upside down as she tenderly draws him into the water.

"Deep breath..." Of air preferably, and then he is submerged. This loch is not like the one in Persistence. This one is special. Full of life both mundane and magical. Schools of fish pass by and a large scaled beast that seems more sentient than creature snaps it's jaws around half of the school. It looks to be the size of a dinosaur, long neck and plump body. A long tell with fins. ...Nessie? There are more wonders to be seen but Kyla has seen them all. She instead stares at her newest curiosity that is making a red trail downward as they slowly sink lower and lower.

Arch Versailles's Blog

Of Ash and Angels - Part One: Always

Posted on April 20, 2017 at 8:31pm 0 Comments

(This is an original story, which tells the tale of Arch Versailles and Mouse. This is written by both players, and will be posted by the both of us.)

Part One

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All was quiet in these…


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