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*yawn* A million years is a long time to sleep

Started this discussion. Last reply by Kain Darkwind Jun 8. 1 Reply

Hey all~It’s Arch/Crow, back at it again and looking for writers to role play with. I have created a new character named Europa, who is also the “last” of her species, known as the Jabberwocky. She…Continue

My morals are fucked, want to RP?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Edena Kattalakis Apr 5. 3 Replies

Hey, my boi's~So, recently I've created my new, lovely character named Arch Versailles, and I'm looking to start up a few role plays with him, and all of you great people. I am a multi paragraph role…Continue


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At 10:48pm on August 7, 2017, Malory Grace (And Many Others) said…
||Hey, Arch, how's it going? Last time we talked you said you were more free and going to reply soon...Did something come up? You okay?||
At 10:03pm on July 26, 2017,
Zanayaliz Rodriguez

Zanaya to Judah :

-she was about to step aside when she saw his slight confusion. " That's never happened to you before, has it? " she raised her very already arched eyebrow and tried punching him in the stomach but her force just made her go through him completely losing his grip on her. she was so intrigued now she couldn't hold it. " Be mad at me or annoyed by me all you want but I have to know, are you like a dead person or the spirit of the forest or what not cause there are legends told about you? " she said with a stupid ass grin on her face.

At 11:41am on July 18, 2017, Malory Grace (And Many Others) said…
Are the people attacking the tribe right now the Tribe of the Northern wind or the Tribe of the Blue Giants?
At 12:34am on July 18, 2017,
Radu Tepes

*Radu shakes his head as the click of teeth ignite the sparks... and the heat wave starts expanding at speed light... too easy for his magic spell to allow him to move through space time... much faster... quite easy for his stenght to break the resistence of water in such dimension... strong as steel... and dive down.

The blast hit the sea surface few milliseconds after he is already down... few inches of the sea all around evaporates while the Overlord lips reinforce his spell... accelerating further... going down just to turn up... and jump out of the water... too fast for being captured by the eyes of this insolent last Jabberwocky... too fast and too strong.

Her new Venus form is pretty nice... therefore his right hand fingers grab her neck... holding it by an unbreakable grip... his overspeed destabilize Europe Flight... turning it into a ballistic trajectory pretty hard to be corrected even by her four wings.

The Prince is few inches from her face... eye to eye... his voice calm and deep...*

I am not a man... therefore... it is a pity that we don't met centuries ago... when I was a mere human... in such guise it could result more challenging for me to fight you... Jabberwocky!

*The Overlord's hand could easily break her neck... to repay her for the offenses... to destroy such living relic of other times... to crush such beautiful female... therefore Radu has other plans... his grip is strong and unbreakable... pityless holds her neck forcing her to fight for the air... pushing it to edge... without breaking.*

Surrender... now... or die! 

At 4:50pm on July 10, 2017, Ember | Narvok said…
Sounds great! Would you like to start love?
At 1:08am on July 10, 2017, Malory Grace (And Many Others) said…
As Malory ran from the hut and into the battle, she put an arrow to her bow and shot it, striking an attacker painted in white in their throat, and they fell to the ground, joining the others who were already down and dying. Fighting with the bow wasn't effective up close, however, and Malory had to drop her now and pull her sword out when the attackers came running to her. She only gave Arch a half-seconds glace before looking back at the attacker who was still coming. Raising her sword, it collided with his and stopped it. Taking the opportunity of a second pause from the stilled swords, Malory raised her leg and landed a hard kick to the man's stomach, knocking him back surprisingly far and hard. Malory didn't know where the extra strength had come from, but she wasn't going to question it now. Before the man could get up, she jumped, and swung her sword. In one fluid movement, Malory's sword cleanly cut off the man's hand that was holding the sword, then continued going around behind her and above her head, before she plunged it right down into his chest. She didn't have time to dwell on the fact that she had just killed a man, actually two men, she had to get up and start fighting again, defending the people she was surprised to help save.
Before the last of the attacking tribe had either fell dead or were running, before the fighting was completely over, Malory took a staggered step back, as if something had gone through her body. She looked around her, at the bodies on the ground, and started shaking. Her body was covered in blood and god knows what else, as was her sword, and the ground around her, her clothing torn to near shreds. She saw one man laying on his stomach, missing an arm, with a large gash in his back. Dead. There was another man with an arrow sticking out of his eye socket. Dead. Actually, there were a couple of men like that. Dead dead dead. There was a man who was laying on his back, a hand on his stomach--literally, as it was outside of his body, along with a pile of intestines. Dead. Malory took a step backwards, her sword and bow slipping from her fingers, to get away from the carnage, and tripped, falling over a man whose head laid a few feet away. Dead.
Malory had killed. She had KILLED several men. Several human beings who had families and friends and wives and children. Malory had never taken another person's life before, she had never even left a person with more than a bruise or a sore shoulder. But there was a pile of dead men around her, men that she had killed. Malory felt sick, so sick, and she was sure she would have thrown up had she had anything in her stomach. She heard nothing but a ringing in her ears, saw nothing but the bodies on the ground. She could have been slapped in the face and she wouldn't have even noticed she was so out of it. Her body was trembling, and tears were running down her cheeks, and she was panting so much she was nearly hyperventilating, but she just didn't notice. It was as if she was frozen in her own shock-induced bubble, completely oblivious to everything that was going on around her, focusing only on all the dead bodies, all the lives she had taken.
As Malory sat on the ground in her little bubble, there was a screech from the sky before Byron landed on the ground, running over to Malory. He nudged his rider with his beak, but she didn't look at him. He nipped at her arm and squawked softly, and again her gaze didn't move from directly in front of her. Byron even stomped his hooves and kicked some dirt at Malory, but she still remained motionless.
At 6:52pm on July 8, 2017, obisedian said…

** when or if we are both on once again, i need to run our daughters info through you. :) 

At 3:56pm on July 8, 2017, Ember | Narvok said…
Or Romus!
At 3:49pm on July 8, 2017, Ember | Narvok said…
Arch or Europa ? :)
At 8:42pm on July 4, 2017, Malory Grace (And Many Others) said…
"Young lady? Come on, I'm the same age as you, at least!" Then again, Malory had absolutely no idea how old Arch was, but he at least looked like he was in his twenties. Usually being called "young" by someone bothered her a whole hell of a lot. But when Arch said it...well, it wasn't as bad. Malory actually smiled a little, and walked with Arch back to their hut. She was a bit confused by him putting his arm around her waist--after all, she still thought he was in a relationship with at least one of the women Arch had had kids with.

Malory's sleep was mostly void of anything, her dreams containing nothing more than unmemorable events that she would forget the moment she opened her eyes. But she did have her own nightmare, one that she often had, one where she was killing her own siblings, through the eyes of an ogre who had taken her form. She muttered softly as she slept, nothing intelligible, but it was probably along the lines of "no" and "stop," mixed in with a few whispers. All she could hear in her dream was screaming, her screaming, her brothers screaming. Screaming screaming screaming...
Wait, that wasn't from her dream. Malory sat up quickly when Arch shouted at her, staring at him in dazed confusion as the white man attacked him. Her mind finally caught up with her body as she watched Arch turn into a wolf--not a normal wolf, but definitely a wolf. She jumped out of her bed and grabbed her sword, and decided to also grab a bow and quiver of arrows off the wall of the hut, throwing those over her shoulder as she ran out into the fighting. Why did she grab the bow and arrows? She had no idea, she just felt compelled to. And where was Byron? Malory hoped that her gryphon was out flying and not being stabbed to death by a bunch of blood thirsty warriors.
Malory joined the fighting, letting adrenaline take over her body as she attacked a man with her sword. She didn't even know what she was doing, like someone else had taken over her body. She was suddenly an unstoppable warrior, fighting with a ferocity that she startled herself with.

Sirius C. Versailles's Blog

Will You Stay Till I Fall Asleep?

Posted on June 21, 2017 at 7:00pm 0 Comments




He found himself clutching on to the carpet beneath the couch, claws sliding from his nails into the soft fabric that stunk like cigarettes and sex, his youthful, bronze skin marred by a new gash splitting his lightly freckled cheek. Arch couldn't feel his heartbeat, so he borrowed the pound of his brothers, who was pressed against him. Perhaps Moth had stolen his heartbeat.

"Don't you ever put your fucking…


The Weight of the World

Posted on May 19, 2017 at 11:30am 0 Comments

**TRIGGER WARNING: There is drug use and flashbacks containing very sensitive topics, read at you're own risk**

Arch couldn't help but drum his fingers against the glass table as he sat on the couch, one hand propping his head up. His golden gaze was locked on the small lines of the snow like substance that resided on the table. Some nights were like this. Some nights he just couldn't bear the weight of all the sins in the entire multiverse. He just couldn't do it… Continue

Of Ash and Angels - Part One: Always

Posted on April 20, 2017 at 8:31pm 0 Comments

(This is an original story, which tells the tale of Arch Versailles and Mouse. This is written by both players, and will be posted by the both of us.)

Part One

Image result for white rose aesthetic

All was quiet in these…


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A good Bad guy

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Looking for Medieval or/and Fantasy RP

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My profile is not finished yet but I am already up for a roleplay or two. I am looking for expierenced rpers. Let me know if you are interested.


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Looking for people to join my new RP called the realm of gods and monsters. I just started and need players to fill the world! All character types and backgrounds are accepted.Continue

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