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My morals are fucked, want to RP?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Edena Kattalakis Apr 5. 3 Replies

Hey, my boi's~So, recently I've created my new, lovely character named Arch Versailles, and I'm looking to start up a few role plays with him, and all of you great people. I am a multi paragraph role…Continue



under construction >.>


-Click on characters names for full biography-

-Absolutely no god modding in any way, shape or form-

-Shit gets 18+ here-

-Leave your drama at the door, I am not interested in it OOCly-

-Have fun-

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here." - William Shakespeare

Arch Latham Versailles


Twenty One

Native American and French

Keeper of Sins

Archangel and South Witch




Arch typically doesn't get to talking until he is spoken to, but that doesn't mean he's shy, he just tends to be observant. Sometimes he will approach others though. He's very very sweet and caring, always putting others ahead of himself. He enjoys the company of others and has a strong sense of justice and he's fiercely loyal, making him a great friend. Arch is very creative, he's always taking inspiration from his surroundings and turning them into some sort of art; whether it be music, a painting, a drawing, a poem, anything. He enjoys the silence, and unconventional things like mist, rain and cold, most things other people don't enjoy. Arch's got a gloriously devastating romantic streak, he'll  sweep you off your feet if he allows someone to become close to him in that way. When he falls in love, he falls hard, without considering if you'll catch him.

Despite him being a great listener, and an even better friend, Arch tends to keep his emotions trapped inside for fear that he will unleash his demons at the wrong time. He fears letting someone in and then allowing them to tear him apart from the inside out. This gives Arch even more reason to be closed off about certain things.Image result for willy cartier black and white However, Arch's sweet, and caring nature should never be mistaken as weakness; the boy can be absolutely ruthless when it's appropriate. He can go from zero to one hundred in a matter of seconds, but he tries to avoid that as much as possible. On the flip side, he's resilient and intelligent, even more perceptive, analyzing  anything and everything, he can pick up on the slightest change in mood or feeling. Overall, Arch is a very deep, passionate soul, one unlike any other, one you'll have to create your own story with to truly know him.


If there is one word to describe Arch it would be stunning. He has a straight, clean cut hairline and a strong, chiseled jawline that could cut granite. His cheekbones are high and hollow, slightly prominent like most natives, and his eyes are very rounded, lined with thick black lashes. His eye color is a very pigmented hazel, flecked with dashes of gold. Across his nose and upper cheekbones, he has a cute, playful splash of dark brown freckles, contrasting his light colored eyes. His hair is ink black, amazingly soft and straight, highlighted with sable brown in the light. Although, in certain weather conditions, it can get slightly wavy and adorably unkempt. His lips are a dark pinkish color, beautifully full and shaped. Arch's smile shines like the sun itself, stunningly white and absolutely beautiful. And he has dimples; one pair on his cheeks and dimples in the small of his muscular, sculpted back. Image result for willy cartier black and whiteArch has prominent collarbones, wrists and v lines, and when he moves his long, guitar-player fingers, his tendons beneath the skin on his hands are visible. He has the most beautiful bronzed skin, on account of being mixed race. In light,  he has slightly golden highlights on his body. Arch has defined, muscular abs and lean, strong arms with sculpted shoulders, biceps and forearms. His shoulders are broad, his waist is a bit narrow and he has long, athletic legs built for speed. Arch has a couple different body modifications. He has a septum piercing, and his right ear is pierced from top to bottom with golden rings. On his other ear is only three gold rings, one on his earlobe and two in his cartilage.               On his back, he has two giant jagged scars that come together in a V shape. On his wrists, there is a cross burned into each of them, one of which has been there since birth. On  the back of his left forearm are the Roman numerals XI (11) and XVI (16). On the back of his neck are compass points, with watercolor dripping from the symbol for south (S). A black and white two dimensional moth tattoo resides on his right rib cage, beneath a black crescent moon that turns to face the moth.


Arch has many interests. For starters, he absolutely loves to sing, as he has a voice that damn near breaks your heart. He can play acoustic guitar as well, and he loves to write his own music, he will randomly come up with lyrics on the spot sometimes. Arch loves to fill his mind with imaginary adventures and new information, so of course he loves to read. His room is practically a library- he has books of all genres under his bed, in closets, everywhere. Arch also enjoys writing, although he tends to read more than write. He's absolutely fascinated with visual art, he loves to paint and draw, he has canvases lying around everywhere, and a room dedicated to painting and drawing. He always carries a sketchbook with him. Arch enjoys practicing combat and sparring, as he finds it entertaining. He loves to raise baby animals and care for creatures who have been hurt, he always had a soft spot for them anyway. Finally, Arch enjoys long boarding and cooking.

Image result for willy cartier


-He always wears his Buddha necklace, he thinks it brings him luck-

-He always carries his sketchbook with him-

-He can pole dance like a motherfucker, because he's a sexy bih-

-He adores his lifelong friend/"sister' Mouse-

-He has OCD and Borderline Personality Disorder-

-His favorite words are "profound", "scintilla" and "burgundy"-

-He has many pets, a horse, two dogs, a snake, and a caracal-

Image result for willy cartier and snake


Sirius & Cassiopeia

Arch's two beautiful baby girls by the names Sirius Canaan Versailles, and Cassiopeia Micah Versailles. Their mother is Arch's closest companion, Mouse, and were birthed by accident from a ritual gone wrong. Sirius is the firstborn, named after the brightest star. Cassiopeia is named after Arch and Mouse's favorite constellation, so that they may look up into the sky and remember their daughters. Arch loves them just as much as he loves Mouse, and would lay down his life for the twin girls.

Related image


Magic & Abilities


the ability to utilize magic involving the living, life force and souls

-Weapon Creation-

the ability to create temporary weapons out of thin air, but only he can use them

-Wing Manifestation-

the ability to summon his angelic wings


no matter what, Arch is able to feel other's emotional and physical pain

-Energy Manipulation-

the ability to control energy, absorb it and create barriers of energy

-Wolf Shifting-

the ability to shift into a wolf

-Seven Demons of Sin-

the ability to transform into the seven demons of sin, he can also emphasize the unholy desires of others

-Spirit Physiology-

the ability to create illusions, become intangible, possess other beings, use telekinesis and teleportation


the ability to banish creatures from a place or person

-Death Sense-

the ability to detect how and when someone will die

-Dream Manipulation-

the ability to affect dreams and leap through them


the ability to heal some injuries

-Holy Fire Manipulation-

the ability to manipulate holy fire at will


the ability to save one from sin, consequences and curses

-Spell & Curse Casting-

the ability to cast various spells and curses

-Knowledge & Literary Absorption-

the ability to touch a book and absorb the knowledge, or learn any language at the sound of it


the ability to summon other spirits and beings

-Gold Manipulation-

the ability to manipulate and create things from gold


the ability to turn things and people into stone or pillars of salt

-Portal Creation-

the ability to create portals to other realms-

"Make no mistake, the beast inside is sleeping, not dead." - Viking Proverb

Crow Aralin Blackthorn


Twenty Three


Daughter of Krampus




Crow is a very beautiful woman, but not the typical, conventional kind of beauty. She has large, round hurricane gray eyes lined with thick black lashes that dominate her features. The other captivating attribute about her face is her full, pump, petal lips. Her cheekbones are beautifully arched and hollow, her skin as white as porcelain, flawless as well minus the scars marring her small hands. Crow has a heart shaped face and strong jawline, accompanied by dark, perfectly arched brows. Her white hair is incredibly thick, and reaches down to her small, feminine waist.

Her body is quite feminine, yet strong in appearance. Her shoulders are broad and toned, curved where they meet her long arms, indicating muscle. Her stomach is flat, armed with a small, curvaceous waist and voluptuous hips and rounded thighs. Yet, she is on the thinner side. As far as body modifications, she has a small half sleeve on her right forearm, and three crows flying across her ribcage. Finally, three Scandinavian runes running down her spine in symmetrical order. One of her ears are pierced from top to bottom, and besides that she has no other piercings.

Image result for sarah karda white hair



Crow is...stubborn, for one thing. Headstrong and determined make for a very dominant personality. Yet, she is fairly quiet, not speaking to many unless spoken to. She prefers a small group of friends rather than many acquaintances. She is fiercely loyal and has a strong moral code, perhaps because she feels as though in the past she has broken it many times.

Unlike the popular “tough girl” stereotype, Crow can be quite soft and isn’t afraid of her emotions. She absolutely hates crying in public, however.She is not afraid to admit that she has many flaws and baggage that can drag her down occasionally. Crow isn’t quite a pessimist or an optimist, she just takes life as it comes to her, always prepared for the worst but expects the best.

She has clear set goals in life, and will never let anything stand in her way- hence the stubborn, donkey-like attitude. However, Crow could be described as chill. She’s very down to earth and often avoids conflict as much as she can, after all she only wishes happiness for herself and others around her, especially the ones she loves.

Despite her docile nature, do not think for a second that she will not fight for the ones she loves, what she wants or what she believes in. One of her weaknesses is that she can let things overcome her and become absolutely ruthless. If you earn her loyalty and respect, you’ve got a trustworthy friend for life and will always stand by your side, through harsh and fair weather.



-Demonic Form-

Her true form, which is an eighteen foot tall colossus. It has dark gray, bark-like skin and a torn open ribcage where you can see black bones, and a ball of fire convulsing on the inside. It has long, clawlike hands and a pointed chin, no mouth, and six glowing purple eyes. Four horns protrude from its head, and jagged spikes run down its back. In the center, the spikes form a giant circle, with another ball of fire within.


-Wolf Form-

Her ability to transform into a wolf

-Black Witchcraft-

On account of being a demon and being trained by a Witch of Centuries, she has a mastery over Scandinavian black witchery.


-Shadow Manipulation-

The ability to manipulate, bend and form shadows at her will


-Ink Manipulation-

The ability to manipulate ink

Voka the Crow 

Voka is a pitch black crow who can speak, and is Crow’s best friend. He has been with Crow her whole life, and she is very protective of him. He is smart, witty and oh, so savage. Don’t be afraid to talk to him, however, no one is safe from his insults.

Zalgo and the Quadruplets

Zalgo is Crow’s loving boyfriend who she cares deeply about. They have been together for quite sometime now. They met each other at the Red Sun Inn, and immediately hit it off, liking the devilish challenge they offered each other. And ever since then, they’ve been inseparable. He’s the ice to her fire, and the darkness to her light. She’s always been stoic, and stubborn, but he has taught her to look at life a different way.

Together now, they have four beautiful demon babies; Romus, Cleos, Airis and Kree. Crow loves her family with a fierce passion and would lay down her life for them any day. Cleos is the little daddies girl, Airis is the bookworm, Kree is the bad egg and Romus is the fierce and fiery boy. Crow has a special bond with each of them and is determined to raise them to know what is right

"The heart of another is a dark forest, always, no matter how close it has been to ones own." - Willa Cather

Judah Monroe Price


Centuries Old


Spirit of Forests

Demon and Spirit


Romus Creed

Male Sixteen


Son of the Apocalypse 

Apocalypse Incarnate and Demon


Romus is the son of Zalgo, who is the apocalypse incarnate, and Crow Aralin Blackthorn, who is the daughter of Krampus and granddaughter of Fenrir. He was the firstborn of their quadruplets, and has three sisters; Kree, Airis and Cleos.

Image result for samuele doveri


In actuality, Romus does not look human. But in his “human” form, he is a strikingly handsome young man. He has thick, upright black hair that’s darker than the night itself, and is shaved on one side. Often, his hair is messy and he tends to fuss with it quite a bit. His skin is a beautiful olive ton and is practically flawless. However, he does have a full sleeve tattoo on his right arm, despite his young age.Image result for daniel bederov instagram Romus stands at about 6’3, and has broad shoulders that lead into muscular, lean arms.  His eyes are almond shaped, rimmed with thick lashes, and he can change the color at any time, but preferably, he keeps them dark blue.He has a narrowish heart shaped face, a defined jawline and high, hollow cheekbones. His full lips hide a stunning, straight white smile that could steal anyone’s heart.

Romus has a few body modifications, as he loves tattoos very much. He will be getting more as he grows up, but for now he has a sleeve on his right arm. On the shoulder of Romus’s tattoo is the Viking symbol “Vegvisir,” which is a runic compass that represents never getting lost. Directly below that is the Wolfs Cross, which has a crow on each side, their heads turned towards the cross as they fly. On his elbow is another Scandinavian symbol called “Aegishjaimur” which is for protection an irresistibility in battle. On his bicep beneath the wings of the crow is an ash tree, its roots wrapping around the top of a skull of a ram and the horns. Beside the rams skull is the Scandinavian symbol called “Ginfaxi” for courage, especially in combat. On the flat of his forearm is the Viking symbol for separation. On the other side of that is a barn owl, with stars in its huge, three dimensional eyes. Around his wrist, is Jormungandr, which is the snake that wraps around Midgard (the Middle World), holding it together.


Image result for daniel bederov instagram

True Form


His “true form” looks much different from how he usually looks. He has the same look to him, but his skin is dark gray, like stone, smooth and flawless. His eyes are the deepest amber, where there would be white, there is black. He has huge, ink-hued, spiraling argali ram horns and long claws as fingernails. From his back sprouts four colossal black feathered wings, and his teeth are extremely sharp, and he possesses five tongues, each pierced at the end. His normal tattoos disappear, exchanging for ever-changing black designs, spiraling and writhing in chaos- they are the Signs of the Apocalypse. These marks also lead on to his neck and chest, and begin to produce black fire as he uses his fear and death magic. He has cuts on his hands in distinct designs, seeming to glow with embers and gaping gashes on his ribcage that glow as well, fire burning within, as if to hold Hell inside of him. Finally, he has an excessively long wolfs tail protruding from his rear, which is about four and a half feet long.






-Astral Projection-

the ability to project the consciousness into an astral form outside of the body

-Audible Inundation-

the ability to overwhelm someone's mind with voices


the ability to cast a person or creature from a place or being

-Black Orbing-

a form of teleportation through black orbs

-Blood Boiling-

the ability to bring ones blood to a boiling point


the ability to call inanimate objects to ones hand


the ability to enchant an object or person and produce negative effects


the ability to create conflict between people

-Fear Amplification-

the ability to amplify another beings fear

-Fear Projection-

a powerful ability to project others fear into reality

-Life Draining-

the ability to drain the life force out of a being


the ability to manipulate the dead


the ability to control living beings by entering into their body

-Rage Projection-

the ability to enrage others by amplifying their anger

-Runic Magic-

the ability to use runes and Scandinavian symbols for magic, spells, summoning and battle

-Shadow Manipulation-

the ability to manipulate shadows at will for various effects

-Spirit Absorption-

the ability to feed on the souls of the living for survival

-Wolf Shifting-

the ability to shift into wolf form

 Image result for daniel bederov frank and oak

"And though she be but little, she is fierce." - William Shakespeare

Cleos Aliyaah Creed




Sister of Owls

Apocalypse Incarnate and Demon


Active Role Plays


Ashton Forbes

Casey Elvin (And Many Others)

The Perytral

Kyla Lynch




Chamenos (W.E.I.A)






Sirius Canaan Versailles

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At 2:26pm on May 22, 2017, Casey Evlin (And Many Others) said…
"What do you mean? You're not allowed to clean?" She frowned st the girl, putting her hand on Asa's cheek lightly when she saw how scared the girl looked. But Arch was distracting her. Her head turned to Arch as her eyes narrowed. "And wat do you think you'll do to stop them, huh? If they do just want to take to Ashoka and he kills me? How are you--" She stopped talking when Asa shouted, frowning down at the girl. "Oh, Asa, it's okay--"
Malory watched Arch go to Asa, standing to the side and out of his way. As Arch spoke, she took the time to take a few breaths to calm herself down. This wasn't the time to be shouting at one another. Arch was just as confused as she was. She again went back to the pitcher of alcohol, taking a small drink from it. Malory smiled a little and hugged Asa back quickly after her name was called. "You come back here when you're done, okay? I want to talk to you some more." She watched the girl go, looking back to Arch once he started talking again. She sighed softly, sitting on the bed once again.
"I'm sorry, Arch, I just--" She ran her hand through her hair, pushing it out of her face and tucking it behind her ear. "It wasn't fair if me to say that. I'm kinda an ass when I'm upset...or all the time." She looked back to Arch with a sad smile. "I'm not really good at making friends..."
At 12:32pm on May 22, 2017, Casey Evlin (And Many Others) said…
She narrowed her eyes at Arch. "Wow, you're real helpful, thanks." Malory looked back at the Elser and Silas, but couldn't hear what they were saying, obviously. "So what? I could say the sky is green, but that doesn't make it true." Wow, real enlightening there, Malory. "Train? I'm not going to stay here and train." She was about to suggest that Arch and her leave, but Silas as already beaten her to the punch and said she couldn't leave until...whoever the hell Ashoka was was defeated.
Malory looked at Arch and glared. "You can go, you're not 'the Gryphon Rider.' Not like you care anyways..." She said that last part under her breath as she went over to Asa again. Being in a real bitter mood, Malory wasn't saying the nicest things. But she just wanted to go home--She was upset and confused and couldn't leave. "I'm going to stay here with Asa. I don't care what you do. Maybe go find some other girls to watch having sex." Malory picked the bit of damp cloth back up from the bowl of water, starting to clean the servant girl again. "Is there a bath or something nearby, Asa, where we can get you properly cleaned up? There's only so much a bowl of water can do." Despite what she had just said to Arch, Malory was being kind to Asa. Asa wasn't the ont keeping them trapped in the village. Malory was upset with Silas and Arch, not Asa. She wouldn't take her anger out on the poor girl.
At 12:02pm on May 22, 2017, Casey Evlin (And Many Others) said…
"Yeah, sure you did." Malory glared right back at Arch. God men were real pigs sometimes. She smiled when she heard the slave girl's name. "Asa? That is a lovely name."
Malory frowned at both Arch and Silas, looking between them. "No I--" She stopped herself, finally hearing her own voice as she continued to speak Sesserakt. She put her hand over her mouth and took a step back from the group. She hadn't even noticed she was speaking an entirely different language, one she had never even heard before that day. After a few more moments of silence, Malory took her hand off of her mouth and tried speaking again. This time, she managed to do it in English. "I...I didn't know..." She shook her head quickly again. "Okay, no, you must've done something to me! People can't just automatically know a new language. Right, Arch?" She looked at him for help.
At 11:33am on May 22, 2017, Casey Evlin (And Many Others) said…
"Funny how you didn't tell the woman who tried to get in my pants to leave me alone." Malory said, looking at Arch. Arch had snapped at the man who had looked at Malory like she was a piece of meet before. Malory took a deep breath, running her hand through her hair as Auralen blew her--or Arch--a kiss. Okay then...She was flustered and confused, and maybe a little turned on, but...she needed a drink. As the people left the room, Malory grabbed one of the pitchers of alcohol. She took a whiff of it before taking a sip. Alcohol, on an empty stomach, wasn't a good idea, but Malory really wasn't full of good ideas that morning. She needed a drink to calm her nerves. Upon the slave girl returning, Malory relaxed a little. "Thank you." She took the bowl of water gently and put it on the floor. Then, surprisingly, she took a small knife out of her bag and used it to cut a piece of fabric off of the bottom of her camisole. She dipped it in the water, going back to the servant girl. "What is your name, sweetheart?" She asked with a small, kind smile as she gently started to wipe the dirt from her face. "I'm sure it's a lovely name, to match your lovely face." She didn't want to have a servant/slave girl. The girl looked awful and dirty, Malory didn't feel right making her do things for them. It didn't matter to her that, for the tribe, they had servants and such--people were people, Malory wasn't going to make this unhappy and dirty girl do things for them if she didn't want to. The only reason Malory asked for the water was to help clean this girl up.
During all of this, Byron had been standing toward the back of the room and watching, keeping his distance from Malory for once. Even the gryphon was so confused he didn't know what to do. With most of the people gone, he stepped forward again and stood behind Malory, uttering a soft squawk and pulling on her shirt again. The poor beast didn't know what to do.
"Shh, Byron, we'll figure this out. Go lay down." Byron did as he was told, laying beside the fire pit in the center of the room. Malory looked over at the entrance of the hut as Silas and the old woman entered, standing straight. She looked back to the servant girl for a moment. "You wait here, honey, we'll finish getting you cleaned up once they're gone, okay?" She once again smiled at the girl before going to stand next to Arch, arms crossed, in front of the Elder and Silas. Looks like they were finally going to get some answers. As Malory listened, she tapped her finger against her arm, almost impatiently waiting for them to finish speaking so she could tell them how wrong they were. ", in four generations, no one else in your tribe has been able to take a gryphon? Look--I didn't even take Byron." She gestured towards her gryphon on the ground. "My great, great uncle did. Byron just stayed with me when he died." She took a breath and shook her head. "Listen, I'd love to help, but I'm not the Gryphon Rider."
Funny part was, though, Malory didn't say that last sentence in English. She didn't even notice it, but she said it in the language the Elder had spoken in, the language Silas had spoke when he first encountered Arch and Malory.
At 2:32pm on May 19, 2017,
тнe peryтral

A gentle hum, a small similar harmony. It sounded like the -Do Re Mi Fa So La te Do- song, that kids would sing to learn the pitches and all that. But her humming seemed to only do the first one. The one that talked about how Do is a deer. A female deer. The noise was close to angelic. Soothing, calming, alluring in it's own way. Yet deep down there was a sound of darkness, danger, just the sprinkle of venom. She repeated the tune, over and over, voice wavering at the end to loop the tune almost perfectly.

It showed that the woman had not one tattoo, not one piercing. Her body and skin virgin to the taints of ink and needles. Flawless in every way. Though her humming stopped for a moment as thumbs lifted to adjust that loose black tank top, that, since she was sitting, looked like a normal stop. But it was actually cut in half. A belly shirt if one must call it. Dainty fingers danced along bare thighs before the wind shifted, nostrils flaring as those large eyes flicked over to where the scent was coming from. Already from inhaling the smell she could hear voices  in her head. Her own voice, exclaiming not to hit her, and a recognizable deeper voice sounding confused, telling her it was okay. Immediately, she knew, even before she fully saw him.

He sat not too close, and that helped a good bit, but even then her suspicion was bubbling up like boiling water. Threatening to burn anyone who touched it, or the pot it resided in. His voice reached her ears, however she didn't respond. Not right away. The odd woman would pull her legs in, crossing them as her arms shifted to cross in front of her chest in a slightly defensive manner, though it should be expected by now. "We do." It was a short answer after taking so long, it was almost as if she was about to explode on him for approaching her, but instead she seemed calm. That same Romanian tint laid heavily on her words, tongue flicking out to slide across her lips before looking over his attire, then back to the man himself. "The forest is where my species prefer to thrive. It only makes sense that I familiarize myself here, before anything else." No stutter, no hint of shyness. She seemed like a whole new person almost. "What are you doing here?" Her head would canter to the side, feeling the bark of the tree rubbing against the cloth on her back. If she had to dart, she couldn't do so going backwards. A frown, before looking to her knees. Planning a possible escape route if he was actually hiding that he was a hunter. Seemed only habit.

At 2:02pm on May 19, 2017, Casey Evlin (And Many Others) said…
Malory was too angry to really consider the repercussions of shouting at the man--Silas, in front of them. She just wanted answers. And she still didn't get any. "I will not sit and wait here for 'the Elder.' Who's the gryphon rider?" She started to follow Silas out of the bungalow, but the sergeant girl entered before she could leave. Malory frowned at the girl, looking at the food and such that she believed ugh to. "I-I don't..." She stumbled over her words, not knowing what to say or do. She looked at the women who entered, dancing and hardly clothed.
"I have no idea, Arch..." She said, looking at Arch for a moment. Malory stepped back a bit and sat down on the bed-like thing, just utterly confused. Her gaze again fell to the servant girl. "Wait, wait, could you bring some water, just water, please." She said quickly, before one of the dancers shooed her away and sat beside Malory. "Do I--I don't.." She stammered at the woman's question, her eyes falling to look st her body instead of her face. Bad choice. Malory was actually bisexual, but she usually leaned more toward men. But that didn't mean she didn't like what she saw in front of her. The hand on her leg made her look down, blinking slowly. Arch's voice, however, broke her out of her confused trance. "No--stop!" She stood up quickly and backed away from all the people in the room. "Everyone, get out! I-I need some quiet, please." She needed a minute to think, to get a handle on what was going on. And to get a drink from whatever alcohol was in the jug the servant girl had brought in.
At 12:55pm on May 19, 2017, Casey Evlin (And Many Others) said…
Malory didn't stop struggling angrily, despite her not being able to actually break free of rhe hands holding her. She hated people touching her, and right now she was being dragged around by a group of highly armed people who, as far as she could tell, didn't speak English. "A local tribe? I've never heard of anyone living here." That didn't really comfort her, she didn't know what they wanted to do to her or Arch--or Byron! She was almost more worried about Byron's safety than her own. The beast had basically been a member of the family for years. She couldn't let him get hurt. "Don't hurt him!" She shouted at the tribespeople around Byron, before she was again shocked into silence upon hearing the man with the dreadlocks speak English to Arch. She looked at Arch, eyes wide with confusion and fear, before falling in line and walking where she was being led.
The...village that they were brought to was...well, it was amazing, and Malory would have liked going to see it, if she wasn't being forced. Now, she'd rather be anywhere but here. All sorts of questions were running through her head. What were they going to do to them? Why did they want them? How the hell could at least one of them speak English? And, the big, overarching question--What in the absolute fuck was going on? When the child came up to her, she looked down at them in surprise. Why was she so interesting--ooooh. Took a bit longer than it should have for her to see why the child was interested in her. It did hurt a bit to see the child's mother look at her so fearfully, but it didn't take her as long to realize why. She was new--new things were usually feared at first. And that man--oh did she want to punch him in his throat. She had been looked at like that before, and she knew exactly what he was thinking. She had gone to bars and such before, men had given her the same look numerous times. But that didn't mean she liked it.
Her head tilted back as she looked up at the large structure, and large skull, they were nearing. What the hell kind of creature was that? Good god did she need some answers, and fast. Once they were in the small hut-thing and most of the people were gone, Byron stood in front of Malory protectively again, making a sort of hissing noise at the man with dreadlocks who stayed hopefully explain. When he sunk to his knees, Malory looked at Arch with raised eywbrows.
"Gryphon Rider? You dragged us all the way here because I ride a gryphon?" Malory shook her head quickly. "Okay--what the fuck! What the hell do you want with us!" She was done being patient, she needed answers, and she was gong to get them now. "So what they I ride a gryphon? Don't you?" She really didn't think riding a gryphon was a big deal. Did the people who LIVED IN THE PLANE WHERE GRYPHON COME FROM not ride gryphons?
At 11:16pm on May 18, 2017,
тнe peryтral

=Sorry if it's too long. x-x I was trying to get the setting right.=

She was walking through an umber-brown, ancient forest. It reeked of age. Its woody incense was from centuries of snapping branches crashing to the forest’s floor and rotting silently. The composting, organic smell rose up in waves like a miasma. Every sprawling tree we passed under reminded me of a watchful guardian, a silent sentinel of the groves.

  Deciding to venture deeper into the tangled heart of this primeval forest. She hoped that it would reveal its dark secrets.
The further she went, the more mystical and spellbinding it became. Huge roots spread-eagled the ground, twisting like the great backs of sea dinosaurs. The foliage became thick and lush, forming an arch of fairytale-green above her being. Arthritic boughs, gnarled with age, dripped their bounty of nuts onto the path. Briars, brambles and berry trees flanked the trail, making it impenetrable on either side. Shuffling noises came from deep in the interior, deadened by the cunningly woven web of leaves. A troupe of shambling badgers crossed the winding trail in front of the female at one point. Finishing up their early morning foraging and looked startled to see her.

 She arrived at a wide glade, where the trees fell away, revealing the bespeckled sky. The last of the morning’s stars were glinting like silver pin pricks, luminous and bright. An ore gold moon hung quietly in the distance, casting a honeyed sheen over the trees. Sitting down with her back against a lightning blasted tree trunk and watched it fade away.

The saps sweet fragrance of the forest washed over her and was easily seduced by its comforting goodness. This, This is how the Hellifyno forest looked through the eyes of a woodland mammal. A Perytral to clear things up, and to be even more specific... a Certain Perytral with long mid-back length brown locks that range from a hot cocoa brown, to a light sandy blonde. Her large sea foam green doe like eyes glancing around her surroundings in awe. By now she changed from her closed off outfit, to a loose black tank top and bleaches shorts like before. Olive skin exposed to show off the smooth unhindered nature of her innocence. She wasn't going to stay here for long though, no. She had plans. Plans to explore!


At 6:35pm on May 18, 2017, Casey Evlin (And Many Others) said…
||Yeah, got it right! And that's cool. I'm sorry I can't match the length of your replies, but you're really driving the story at this point. I'll try it write as much as I can without too much rambling.||
At 5:23pm on May 18, 2017, Casey Evlin (And Many Others) said…
||Is it the...Tribe of the Singing Vale that encountered Malory and Arch?||

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